Garrett Douglas

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"I'm relatively new here. But I'm pretty sure breaking into someone else's locker is against the rules." - Garrett to Scott McCall

"Good guy, bad guy. Since when has anything ever been so black and white." - Garrett to Malia Tate


Garrett Douglas, also known as Hauptmann (German for 'Captain') or Der Soldat ('The Soldier') is an alpha Lowenmensch, was a Nazi soldier during World War II and sought to control the Wild Hunt. Hauptmann was wounded by a Ghost Rider though he survived. He was captured then held captive by the Dread Doctors, the soldier becoming imbued with a Ghost Rider's power in the process then being used for the Doctors' own ends over the next seventy years. In Season 5, Theo Raeken, the Doctors' minion, uses him to resurrect the chimeras, Hayden Romero, Corey Bryant, Tracy Stewart and Josh Diaz to form his pack. After the deaths of the Dread Doctors and the Beast of Gévaudan, Hauptmann escapes his vat prison. In Season 6, Garrett Douglas poses as a teacher at Beacon Hills high school and moonlights as a serial killer, murdering people in Beacon Hills to devour their pineal glands to amplify his powers. When the Ghost Riders come to Beacon Hills, Douglas spies on Scott's Pack as they attempt to fight back against the Hunt. He reveals his identity, then kills a Ghost Rider, the Outlaw devouring the pineal gland, gaining the full power of a Ghost Rider, then erases Corey Bryant, Chris Argent and Melissa McCall from existence, then enslaves hellhound Deputy Jordan Parrish to open a rift to the Hunt's limbo. Douglas then uses Corey's chameleon status to merge the two realms together, to fully unleash the Wild Hunt.  Douglas takes up the fight with Scott and his allies, but they manage to defeat him and divert the Hunt. Douglas attempts to re-establish command of the Ghost Riders, but he is instead taken to join the Hunt becoming a Ghost Rider enslaved to ride the Hunt forever.




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+Season 6

Memory Lost

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In the physics classroom, Mr. Douglas is holding his sophomore class which includes Liam Dunbar and his classmates. Mr. Douglas has drawn a diagram of Schrodinger's Cat on the board. The majority of the class, the female and gay male in particular are captivated by him.

Garrett Douglas: "I see I have impressed you all with my artistic abilities."

Douglas then explains the concept of Schrodinger's cat where the cat is put in a box filled with poisonous food, now the cat is now considered both alive and dead. Hayden Romero eagerly answers his question about its relation to physics saying it illustrates the concept of quantum superposition: that a light is both a particle and a wave until observation. He praises her answer and that the subject of the lab is does observing something change its behavior or alter its outcome. He instructs the class to divide into groups of four to work on the lab.


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Later, Douglas has murdered a man named Nick Mazzara who was involved in the helium theft from the hospital. Douglas takes the helium so to repair his impaired healing ability and leaves Mazarra's body in the school's boiler room.


Later Liam, Mason Hewitt and Hayden are searching the school having picked up the smell of blood from Mazarra's body. As they enter the boiler room, Douglas watches from above, having been gleaning much information about Scott McCall's pack.