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Christopher 'Chris' Argent is the father of Allison Argent and married to Victoria Argent. Chris is the chief enforcer of the Argents' werewolf hunter family, second to his wife, Victoria. In Season 1 and Season 2, Chris, along with his family hunt supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, including werewolf Derek Hale, a murderous Alpha and a kanima. Chris is vehemently against his daughter's romance with Scott McCall, a newly Bitten werewolf. He becomes conflicted after he helps his wife Victoria kill herself upon her being Bitten to obey the Hunter's Code and Allison falls under the influence of his ruthless father Gerard Argent adopting a killer mindset. After his father betrays their family, Chris completely defects from the hunters' cause, starts to see an ally in Scott and changes his perspective of the supernatural. In Season 3, Chris attempts to have he and Allison start a normal life. Ultimately, during the Alpha Pack and Darach situations, he becomes involved. He is kidnapped by the Darach Jennifer Blake, along with Melissa McCall and Sheriff Noah Stilinski to be sacrificed as guardians then are saved by Scott's Pack. Chris agrees with Allison to change their Hunter's Code into guardians of both humans and supernaturals. He also comes to solve his differences with Derek. Chris is devastated by Allison's untimely heroic death saving her friends' lives. He and Isaac Lahey destroy the Oni, avenging Allison's memory. In Seasons 4 and 5B, Chris remains a solid ally towards Scott, Derek and their allies, helping out with various threats such his resurrected sister Kate, Peter Hale, the Deadpool, later the Dread Doctors and the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan.



Chris Argent is a stoic, strict, no-nonsense man. Having been raised and trained to be a soldier in the hunter's crusade, Chris is strong-willed, fearless and pragmatic. He is overprotective of his daughter Allison to the point of violence, threatening Scott's life upon the revelation the latter being a werewolf.


Despite the shades of gray he and his family live in, Chris is a man of strong morals, restraint and honor. He believes more in protecting innocent people than just slaughtering supernatural beings. Chris is also a dedicated family man, loving of both Allison and his wife Victoria.


After helping his wife kill herself to obey the Hunter's Code (to his utter remorse and devastation) and Allison starts down a dark path, Chris realizes being a hunter for what it is, the murderers his father and sister are and tries to save Allison from becoming a killer. To this end, Chris modifies his negative perception towards supernatural creatures, even coming to solve his differences with Scott and Derek.


Under the influence of Allison, after changing their code as hunters into guardians, Chris becomes a more benevolent, idealistic and approachable man.


Though devastated, broken by his daughter's death, Chris is ever strong-willed able to compartmentalize his emotions and sort through them. He keeps going to aid and protect Scott's Pack, the people who were there for Allison to honor her memory.



Chris was born to Gerard Argent forty or so years prior to the series+. A decade or so later, his sister Kate was born+


Chris grew up owning a lot of dogs. One of them contracted rabies after being bitten by a bat. Gerard shot the dog and professed to Chris: "Anything that dangerous, that out of control, is better off dead"+.


Chris was raised by Gerard to be a hunter. When Chris first learned from Gerard about his family's lineage in hunting the supernatural, he asked his father: "Why us?" Gerard quoted him Winston Churchill: "The price of greatness is responsibility"+.


+Season 1

Wolf Moon

Chris and his family move to Beacon Hills in between semesters of Allison's sophomore year in 2011. It's unclear whether Chris and Victoria previously lived in Beacon Hills, or whether his sister Kate lived there on her own for a time. They moved into town before Laura Hale was killed, making it, apparently, coincidence that they arrived just as a Werewolf problem was developing.


Chris and two hunter goons first appear, attacking Derek and Scott in the woods. Chris shoots a young werewolf in the arm with a bolt from a crossbow, pinning him to a tree, but Derek frees him before the hunters can get any closer. When Chris sees Scott with Allison at school the following day, he does not recognize him as the young beta that he shot.


Second Chance at First Line

The next time they meet, Scott had been up on the root outside Allison's window, watching her while wolfed out. When Scott jumps down off the roof and starts to leave, Chris hits him with his car by accident. Scott goes tumbling over the hood but comes away unscathed. Chris is confused about how this can be and takes the opportunity to invite himself to Scott's lacrosse game that night. 


As the game progresses, Chris keeps an eye on Scott, presumably trying to determine if there's anything weird up with him. He seems to come to the conclusion that Scott must be a werewolf, but he doesn't act of this intuition for a very long time. 


Pack Mentality 

Largely, his biggest concern is as the father of a teenage daughter who just got her first boyfriend. The night of Allison's bowling date with Scott, Lydia, and Jackson, Chris informs her that she's not allowed to leave the house because of the curfew the police have put in place. He leaves Allison and Lydia to their own devices and doesn't seem to notice when they both leave the house. 


While Allison is at the bowling alley, Chris rounds up some hunter goons and seeks out Derek. They find him at a gas station, where Chris proceeds to threaten him by cleaning the Camaro. He tells Derek that he's very protective of the things he loves and then tests him by prodding him about the deaths of his family. Derek doesn't react violently, so Chris assumes that his point is made. When Derek mouths off, though, Chris allows one of the hunters to break one of the car's windows. The meeting serves to inform Derek that they know who he his, what his history is, and that they can find him if they want to.


Magic Bullet

Chris's sister, Kate, returns to town to help with the hunt for the alpha. She doesn't even make it to their house before she's shooting at Werewolf, and Chris goes out to find her, instead. Allison catches him while he's leaving in the middle of hte night, and he tells her that Kate got a flat. He meets her in the warehouse district and immediately tells her to put her assault rifle away before someone sees them. He orders her to stop trying to kill the betas, because they won't be able to lead them to the alpha if they're dead. Annoyed, he asks her how long the one she shot has to live, and she tells him 48 hours.


Kate and Chris fail to coordinate their stories about what was wrong with her car, giving Allison the first clue that someone is lying to her.


The following day, Scott comes over to study with Allison, which quickly turns into a makeout session. Chris catches them together in the garage and orders Scott to help bring in the groceries and then leave. He doesn't approve of Scott getting intimate with his daughter, but Kate steps in and tells him to chill out. She invites Scott to stay for dinner despite Chris's objections. He spends the dinner grilling Scott, testing him about drugs and alcohol and trying to make him uncomfortable. He's so heavy handed that Allison gets angry, and Scott tries to ease the tension.


Still not satisfied, Chris tries to determine if Scott is a Werewolf by telling him a story about having to put down a rabid dog. "Something that out of control is better off dead." But Scott doesn't give himself way. Later, when Scott is about to leave, Kate accuses him of taking something from her bag. Chris comes to see what they confrontation is over and is distressed to learn that Allison took a condom from Kate's things. 


After dinner, he and Kate discuss their strategy for finding the alpha. Chris thinks that Derek will lead them to him, if they can just be patient and not kill him. He insists that they hunt according to the Code and not just kill every Werewolf for the hell of it. 


The Tell 

Allison's birthday is the same day as the Beacon Hills High School parent-teacher conferences, and the first day Allison has ever skipped class. Chris and Victoria learn about this from her English teacher, and they are livid to learn that they don't have the "open and honest" relationship with their daughter that they thought they had. At least, open and honest from her side. They confront Scott's mom outside the school and accuse her of being a bad parent for letting Scott corrupt their daughter. Before Melissa really has a chance to defend herself, Scott and Allison show up from their day in the Beacon Hills Preserve. The parents start yelling at their kids, but it's quickly apparent that there's something wrong in the school parking lot, because people are running and screaming.


Chris goes to get his pistol from his car and ends up shooting a cougar. 



Following the night at the school with the alpha, Chris becomes even more protective of Allison. He doesn't want to let her go to school the following Monday and checks out the school building warily. Kate ribs him for overreacting, but once Allison is out of the car, he tells her that he's come around to her way of thinking. They should have taken more forceful action against the Werewolf. That night they plan their next move. According to Chris, an alpha is just as out of control on a full moon as any other Werewolf, which should make it easier to catch because it will have a difficult time planning and being focused. 


The Argents end up in the woods watching the police wrap up another murder scene. They spot Stiles there talking to his dad, and they become suspicious that he might be the younger beta


Wolf's Bane 

Chris remains determined to take out Derek now that he's decided that Derek isn't going to lead him to the alpha. While the police are chasing Derek through the ironworks trying to apprehend him for the murders around town, Chris closes in on him. He follows Derek into one of the factories and uses a flash bomb arrow on him to stun him. He misses a few times with his crossbow and then takes out an assault rifle instead. Scott and Stiles pick Derek up in the Camaro before Chris is able to really do any damage, though. 


The following day, Scott went into Allison's room to steal her necklace. Chris finds him outside just as he was leaving and invites Scott in for a talk. He offers Scott a beer, and Scott again refuses, telling him that he can stop testing him because he and Allison are broken up. Chris instead asks him about Derek. Scott gets defensive and claims not to understand why it feels like he's in trouble. Chris confides that he's only worried about Allison's safety, and Scott claims that that's all he ever thinks about as well. Chris lets Scott leave so he isn't late for his game. 


Chris, Kate, and Allison attend Scott's game, and Kate notices the scratches on Jackson's neck. She asks Chris if someone can be turned by a scratch instead of a bite. He allows that a deep enough scratch might do it, and they now suspect Jackson of being the second beta.



In order to test their theory, Chris puts a device in Jackson's car that makes his engine stall. He follows him into the warehouse district and then pulls up to offer assistance when Jackson's car dies. Chris insists that he's good with machines and that they might be able to figure out what's wrong if they just look under the hood. He leads Jackson around to the back of the Porsche and pops the hood. When he gets Jackson to lean in for a look, Chris checks out the wounds on the back of his neck.


Scott and Stiles pull up before Chris has a chance to do anything else. When no one is looking, he grabs his device back and starts the car. Chris leaves before anything starts to seem too suspicious. 



The night of the dance, Chris, Tyhurst, and a red shirt are in the woods by the school looking for Werewolf. They find Jackson instead, and Jackson tells them that Scott is the second beta. The hunters corner Scott outside in the parking lot, trapping him between some buses and their cars. They try to crush him, but Scott jumps up and lands on the hood of the SUV instead. Chris yells at him to move, and Scott runs for it. Allison saw the whole thing, so Chris backs up his truck so she can get out of the bus and then catches her in his arms before she collapses to the ground in shock and tears.


Code Breaker 

He takes her home, and it's clear from some conversation they have that Allison is aware of werewolves thanks to Kate. Chris rages at his sister. She made sure that Allison would learn the truth about Werewolf and their family, despite Chris's desire to keep her in the dark awhile longer. He orders Allison and Kate to go to a house they have in Washington.


After they leave, Chris, Tyhurst, and the red shirt go to the hospital to find Stiles in the hopes that it will help him find Scott. Stiles is snarky and unhelpful, but he does accuse the Argents of having burned down the Hale House. When Chris denies any involvement because it would break the Code, Stiles asks him what happens when someone doesn't follow the Code. He tells him that Kate burned the house, and Chris believes him. He heads to the Hale House in search of his sister.


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At the house, Chris finds Kate ready to execute Scott, having already shot (though not killed) Derek. Chris orders Kate to lower her gun. Stern, he tells his ruthless sister, he knows she orchestrated the Hale Fire, killing innocent people and children in the process. He cannot allow her to continue hurting people.

Chris: "We go by the Code. Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent."

Chris orders his Kate to put down her gun or he'll put her down. A disbelieving Kate complies.


Peter Hale shows up at the house, as well, and knocks Chris out of the fight early. He doesn't come to until Kate is already dead and Peter is burned and nearly dead also. As he watches, Allison kisses Scott despite now knowing he's a werewolf. He is exasperated at this, but witnesses Derek Hale kill the Alpha, Peter Hale afterward.


The Argent set up the crime scene depicting that Kate really was responsible for the Hale House fire. Once the story hits the Beacon Hills Chronicle, Victoria reminds her husband that Katelivid that she should take the fall for something she didn't do. Chris is more concerned that their reputation in the town will be ruined and whether Allison can handle everything now.


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Chris and Victoria demand that Allison is to never see Scott again, forbidding the couple from ever seeing each other again+. He promises his wife that with their company arriving shortly, Scott doesn't have to worry about just Chris himself now.


A few days after everything goes down, Chris catches Scott and Allison at one of their rendezvous. Furious, he holds Scott at gunpoint, with his sidearm in the young man's face, threatening to shoot him right there and then. Terrified, Allison hurriedly and tearfully begs her father to spare Scott, that she'll do whatever he wants her to do, swears she'll never see Scott again, and pleads repeatedly. Chris relents, letting Scott go. He strictly emphasis: "Never again."


Chris also gives his word,he will keep Scott's name away from anyone dangerous, but solely for Allison's sake.


+Season 2


Despite seeming to accept that Scott and Allison are still dating at the end of the previous season, Chris is decidedly against it now. He appears at one of their rendesvous and threatens to shoot Scott right there. Allison begs for his life on the promise that they won't see each other anymore. Chris tells her "never again," and lets Scott go. From that point on, Scott and Allison meet in secret. 


After Lydia disappears from the hospital, Chris organizes a team of hunters to search for her. They are acting more like a hunting party than search and rescue, and Allison is concerned that they're going to hurt her friend. Chris and his hunters run into Allison, Scott, and Stiles in the woods by the Hale House. Scott gets caught in a tree snare, and Chris decides to have a little talk with him. He threatens Scott but doesn't hurt him and then continues on his way.


The next day, Chris and Victoria attend Kate's funeral. It's a circus, and it's brought Chris's father, Gerard, to town. Chris hugs his father, though he calls him by his first name. Gerard introduces himself to Allison and asks whether or not she remembers him. He doesn't expect her to call him Grandpa, though. That night, Chris, Gerard, and some other hunters go looking for an omega Werewolf that's turned up in town. Gerard cuts the omega in half while Chris watches. Chris asks him about the Code, but Gerard declares that they are at war.


Shape Shifted

A couple of days later, the Argents start making some changes around town. Chris catches Principal Thomas outside of the school and forces him into a car. There, he an Victoria give the principal a performance review and shock him with a taser. They force him to leave so that Gerard can take his place.


The next evening Chris and Gerard discuss whether or not to kill Isaac. Chris doesn't think they have sufficient proof that he's a Werewolf, but Gerard wants to be sure they eliminate the threat. When they catch Allison listening, Chris closes the door to the study.


Ice Pick 

The Argents decide to intensify Allison's training. She's kidnapped one evening from a gas station and wakes up to see Chris bound and gagged. Someone is narrating what happens when a hunter gets bitten by a Werewolf. Chris struggles and eventually gets free, and then takes an iPhone from one of the other hunters, which has been broadcasting the speech. It's clear that it was all a setup. Chris explains that Argent women are raised to be leaders and then gives her an arrow to use to break herself out. He leaves her to fend for herself.


The following day, Allison and Lydia are in Allison's room studying, and Chris pulls Allison aside. He asks her to keep an eye on Lydia, because they are still concerned about the alpha bite she received. Allison agrees. The next evening, Chris and his hunters go to the Hale House either looking for Derek or looking for clues as to what happened to Bennett. Jackson bursts in on them, and they have an awkward conversation.



Chris takes Bennett's body to the Animal Clinic and asks Deaton to evaluate what happened to him. Chris leaves him to his work for a while and comes back a few hours later with Gerard to hear Deaton's conclusions. Deaton tells them that the creature has a venom that can paralyze its victims and very sharp claws which it used to slash through the lungs. 


The next day is a lacrosse match, and Gerard and Allison bring Scott home following the game. Chris and Victoria are incensed. There is tense silence and very little conversation. Chris eventually asks Scott to help get dessert, and he very angrily carries a platter back into the dining room.



Chris and Gerard have been hunting Derek moreso than the kanima, but they encounter both as Derek chases the kanima from Scott's house into the warehouse district. Derek fights with the kanima first and gets blinded when it rips out some electrical wires. Chris then shoots the kanima with a full clip. It appears to go down, and Chris looks around for Derek, who has vanished. The kanima isn't dead, though, and gets up, attacking Chris from behind. It throws him into a pillar, and he gets dazed. Through his blurry vision, he sees the kanima approach Gerard but not attack him. 


They follow Scott and the kanima to the Jungle, but don't go inside. Instead they wait, and eventually the kanima causes enough trouble that the cops and EMTs are called in. Chris overhears the police talking and reports to Gerard that they're calling it drug-related. He then asks Gerard why he just stood there while the kanima confronted him. Gerard tells him that he knew what the creature was and what its rules were. He knew he wasn't in any danger. Chris asks if they should stop hunting Derek and start hunting the kanima. Gerard thinks one can take care of the other.


Gerard is sure that Allison knows more about the kanima than she's let on.



Chris brings her into the morgue to show her the kanima's two latest kills. He tells her that their knowledge about the supernatural makes them responsible for protecting people. It makes her responsible for those deaths. He frightens her into telling him what she knows. They develop a plan to catch Jackson at the rave on Friday night. As they prepare that evening, Chris tells his hunters that he wants no collateral damage from this mission. Allison is going to signal them when Jackson is away from people, and they will move in. Chris tells her to go get ready to leave, and Gerard comments that Allison doesn't seem to know this is a kill mission. Chris says she doesn't need to.


At the rave, Chris and his hunters encounter Derek and Boyd. Chris tells Derek to stand down, and Derek just mocks him. Chris tries his threat a second time, this time with more guns. Boyd gets nervous, and the Werewolf end up running for cover behind a Dumpster. Chris and his hunters waste lots of bullets, and eventually Derek and Boyd come out and fight. The other hunters get knocked out, but Chris is still okay by the end of the fight. Somehow Derek escapes from Chris, and Chris isn't seen again until Victoria comes stumbling toward him with a werewolf bite on her shoulder.


Party Guessed 

Chris rushes his wife home and frantically cleans out her wound. He keeps trying to tell her that it will be okay and she may not have been bitten badly enough to turn her. No one else believes it, and it turns out not to be true anyway. Gerard insists that Chris has to man up and help Victoria commit suicide with dignity. Chris doesn't know how he's going to explain this to Allison so soon after her losing Kate. Gerard reminds him that there's never a good time to lose a loved one. They wait a few days, until the night of the full moon. 


Statistically, women more often kill themselves with drugs, so Chris offers Victoria some prescription medications. She's insulted and picks up a knife instead. They go up to Allison's room, where Victoria can feel closer to her daughter. She tells him that she's not sure she can do this on her own and may need his help. Chris promises to tell Allison the truth about her, that she didn't have depression and she wasn't weak. Victoria holds the knife to her chest, but she can't push it in. As she feels the transformation happening, Chris pushes the knife in for her and cries. 


He takes Victoria to the hospital and then calls Allison. Allison is in tears when she shows up, and she demands to know if this is another one of his hunter tests. They hug as Allison bawls. 



Following Victoria's death, Chris watches helplessly as Gerard twists Allison into a killing machine. He turns her sorrow into violence and fury against all Werewolf. When they learn that the kanima's master has Derek at the sheriff's station, Gerard asks Allison what she wants to do. She wants Derek as top priority. They can kill any other Werewolf that get in their way. Chris asks about Scott to remind Allison that there are some good Werewolf, and she agrees that Scott can live. Gerard is pleased about Allison's cold efficiency, but Chris is not.


They head to the sheriff's station, and Chris and Allison work as a team, clearing hallways and having each other's back. The kanima gets the drop on Chris, and Allison shoots it in the head. Much to her surprise, it simply pulls the arrow out. Now that she has its attention, she runs and resorts to her ring daggers as weapons. The kanima catches her and paralyzes her, and Matt comes over to gloat. Chris makes noise in the evidence room to distract him and then picks up Allison and gets her out of there. 



Since they missed killing Derek, Chris and Allison decide to get to him through his betas. They drive through the woods on ATVs playing recordings of wolf howls. Boyd and Erica hear this and fall for it. They think there's another werewolf pack out there. They decide that they're going to run away.


The night of their escape, Allison and Chris are again out on the ATVs. They manage to chase Boyd and Erica into a clearing, and Allison starts shooting arrows into everyone. Chris eventually shoots the bow in her hand to stop her from killing them. He's clearly upset with how much she's willing to hurt fellow teenagers. Allison shushs his concerns in order to call Gerard and report that they've captured the betas. She calls him Grandpa, which Chris notes with displeasure.


They take Boyd and Erica back to their house and string them up in the basement. 


Master Plan 

Chris doesn't seem aware of Gerard kidnapping and beating up Stiles. He listens to Gerard tell Allison to get some rest because the final showdown is coming and then asks Allison to sit it out. She refuses and tells him that she's finally becoming what he wanted. He denies that. He says she's turning into what Gerard wants. He cuts the string on her crossbow to try to keep her out of the coming fight.


Allison's change in attitude has Chris upset, and his loyalties shift. He goes down to the basement to talk to Boyd and Erica. He's really talking to himself, convincing himself that Gerard is the biggest enemy here. Chris decides to help Scott. He finds Scott and Isaac at the hospital trying to move Jackson in a body bag. Scott thinks he's there to get in the way, but Chris offers to drive them to the warehouse district to meet Derek and Peter.


Derek isn't particularly thrilled to see Scott and Isaac with Chris, but they get Jackson inside anyway. Scott had thought that Stiles and Lydia would be there so they could try to save Jackson. Derek tells him to wisen up. Gerard is controlling Jackson and trying to turn him into something even worse, so they have no choice but to kill him. This is the first Chris has heard this accusation, and he objects strongly ot the idea that his father would have anything to do with something like this. 


Gerard appears and declares that something so dangerous should be killed. Derek tries, but Jackson transforms into the kanima and fights back. The fighting comes to a sudden stop when Gerard has the kanima grab Allison by the throat. Scott explains what's going on. He says that Gerard has cancer and that all along he's been trying to get the Bite so that he'll live. Chris is horrified, particularly because Gerard insisted that Victoria had to kill herself when she got the Bite. Chris asks if Gerard would really kill his own granddaughter. Gerard replies that he would kill his own son to survive.


They watch Gerard get the bite and start bleeding black blood. Then watch Lydia save Jackson. Allison notes that Gerard has gotten away, but Chris says that he can't be far. They also stand back and watch Jackson finally become a werewolf. 


Later, Allison breaks up with Scott, and Chris goes to her room to comfort her.

+Season 3

After the disaster that was sophmore year, Chris takes Allison to France for the summer to get away from everyone and everything. They sell the house that they lived in and move into an apartment building on Commerce Way.



Chris checks in on Allison the morning after Lydia's car was hit by a deer. He offers to let her skip class, but she promised to drive Lydia in. Later, after the English class is attacked by birds, Chris goes to the school to check up on her. Sheriff Stilinski asks him if he has any insight about what's going on because "he's a hunter," but Chris replies that he stopped hunting.



Chris has been staying true to his commitment to stay out of supernatural affairs. However, after Boyd and Cora escape and are mad with bloodlust, Scott decides that they need Chris's help in tracking them down. He confronts Chris in a supermarket parking lot. Scott asks for his help, but he initially refuses. In order to get him to agree, Scott asks him to take him to the pool, where he knows that they'll see a dead body. The ploy works, and Chris agrees to help them find the betas. He gives out infrared vision goggles and they decide to trap the betas in the school in the boiler room. They use sonic emitters to corral them in the right direction. They plan works, but not without a little help from Allison.



Despite what happened with Boyd and Cora, Chris still believes that he and Allison should stay out of Werewolf business. She disagrees and thinks staying on the sidelines is just saving their own asses. 


Motel California

Chris goes to the abanoned mall where the alpha pack and Derek's Pack fought. He recreates the battle through footprints and claw marks. Later, Allison calls him to tell him that they're staying at the Motel Glen Capri. Chris recognizes the name and says that he'll come get them, but Allison doesn't think it's necessary. He's suspicious because he knows she's been hunting. The next day, Chris goes to see his father and finds out that Deucalion bit his uncle.



Chris starts to get more involved in the Werewolf business in town. He watches Deucalion and one of the twins conferring outside the hospital where Dr. Hilyard's empty car was found. 


He has started investigating the sacrifices around town on his own. Allison found a black light and map that he's been using. She was about to show Scott when Chris came home. Chris checks a point on his map and nods, confirming some suspicion he has. He quickly leaves again and doesn't come back until after Allison has had a chance to show Scott the map. 


He goes back to Gerard and demands to know the truth about Deucalion.



Eight years ago, Gerard and Chris were in Beacon Hills hunting Werewolf. A Werewolf killed one of theirs, so they killed the werewolf in revenge. They nearly shot Derek. Chris orders some of his men to find Derek and bring him back alive. Derek and Peter hid under the nemeton and avoided being found. Eventually the hunters do find the root cellar. They see the five-fold knot on the nemeton and realize that this is no ordinary root cellar.


The Girl Who Knew Too Much

The morning after they find another dead body, Chris asks Allison if she wants to go to the recital honoring all the people that have been killed. She plays dejected until he goes away. Allison and Isaac follow Chris's map to where they think Mr. Westover will be killed. Chris comes out, guns blazing, but doesn't kill the Darach. He's angry that the kids got in the way. Allison's angry at him for not revealing what he's been doing. He doesn't think she's one to talk. 


The three of them head to the school, since they've figured out that the current sacrifices are teachers, but they are unable to stop the third sacrifice.


The Overlooked

Chris ends up taking Allison and Isaac to the hospital because Isaac doesn't want to abandon Cora if no one is there to make sure she gets evacuated. They arrive when the evacuation is mostly complete. They eventually meet up with Scott and Melissa and come up with a plan to get Derek and Jennifer out of the elevator they're trapped in. They use Allison as a decoy and get the alphas outside the hospital so they can attack. 


Alpha Pact

Chris and Allison meet Derek and Isaac at a rally point. They ask about Scott and Melissa, while Derek gets Cora out of Chris's car. Stiles meets up with them at their apartment. Chris doesn't act like he's in much danger, even though his name was left written on the elevator doors in the hospital. He doesn't think the Sheriff and Melissa are dead yet. Isaac shows up to help, and they head to the bank where Deaton's sacrifice failed.


Rather than fight, Chris electrocutes Isaac, chains Allison to the vault, and goes willingly with the Darach. He had planned to get the Sheriff and Melissa out from the inside, but Jennifer was thorough about taking all of his weapons. The parents all talk and listen to the Sheriff talk about the night his wife died. Chris finds one thing that Jennifer didn't take: a small sonic emitter. He turns it on in the hopes a Werewolf will hear it.


Lunar Ellipse

 Chris checks that the sonic emitter is still on. Isaac and Allison find the root cellar, but as they go in, it starts to collapse. The stairs collapse and the ceiling starts to cave in. Isaac holds the ceiling up as long as he can, and eveyone starts to help. Stiles saves them all by jumping down into the cellar with a bat to hold up the beam. 


After they're safely back home, Allison tells Chris that she's changing the Argent Code: We protect hose who cannot protect themselves.



On Halloween, Chris catches Allison and Isaac playing a game of chicken with who will take more of their clothes off. He threatens Isaac and shouts as Allison for dating another Werewolf. While they are out of the room, Oni appear in Allison's room. They slam the door shut and attack Isaac.



Chris and Allison find Isaac on the floor, shaking and freezing.  He slaps him to try to trigger his healing. He knows the creatures that came after Isaac and thinks they they're after him. Chris has a shattered Oni mask in his office. He asks Allison and Isaac to give him some time before telling Scott about the Oni. That night he comes home beaten and passes out in the front hallway.



Allison and Isaac have told Scott about the Oni, so Scott goes to Chris to find out what he knows. Chris saw them before during his first gun deal. A yakuza boss was possessed by some creature Chris didn't recognize and the Oni showed up to kill him. He believes a man named Katashi might be able to help them, since he was there that night also. He believes Katashi will let them get close if he puts an expensive antique gun up for sale. Allison and Isaac aren't going to let him go alone. 


At the meeting place, Chris is told that Katashi won't meet in person. His plan B is to send Isaac in as the seller while he and Allison fight their way to Katashi's office. It more or less works. Once Chris shows him the broken mask, he agrees to talk. They learn about the nogitsune and that the only thing they can do is let the Oni perform their test. 


Letharia Vulpina

Chris arrives home to find his apartment door ajar. He draws a gun and looks around, finding a sonic emitter jammed into his desk. Derek asks him if he lost something. They get into a scuffle but quickly realize that they've both been set up. Derek asks Chris what he plans to do if he finds Stiles. Chris says it depends on which Stiles he finds. 


He then sees that the cabinet in his office is open. Inside, they find the briefcase full of money that Katashi was going to pay for the gun. Rafael McCall shows up and arrests both Chris and Derek for murder. They get taken to the station and sit on a bench talking. Derek claims he didn't think Stiles was smart enough to frame him for murder, but Chris isn't convinced that Katashi's murder is why they're really there. He asks Derek to trust him to buy some time. Derek agrees although clarifies that he won't risk his life for him.


He's quickly proved a liar. When everyone starts evacuating the sheriff station because of a bomb threat, Derek can hear the bomb about to go off. He throws himself over Chris to protect him from the blast. In the aftermath, Derek can barely stand, and Chris holds him up. He's stunned that Derek saved his life. They don't attempt to escape in the chaos, though.


Echo House

Chris calls Deaton from a pay phone in the sheriff station to ask how things went in Japan in obtaining the letharia vulpina. That part went fine, but he didn't get any information about the shugendo scroll that would help them get rid of the nogitsune. Allison thinks it's hidden in Katashi's silver finger. 


The police put Chris and Derek in adjoining cells. Derek is listening to the deputies talking to see if there's any useful information. He learns they will be moving all the evidence, which includes the silver finger. They talk about how similar the situation with Stiles is with Jackson. Chris tells Derek about berserkers and how he had to kill a teenager because he was too far gone. Derek asks if Chris would feel any remorse if he killed Stiles. He agrees that he would, but not in killing a nogitsune


Chris gets called to an interrogation room to see his "lawyer." It turns out to be Araya Calavera, the hunter who tortured Derek. She says some cryptic things about his family and the Code and then leaves.


The Fox and the Wolf

The charges against Chris and Derek are dropped, and Deputy Jordan Parrish is supposed to return all of Chris's weapons. He balks at giving him back his baton. Chris claims he only uses it for hunting, which earns him an epic bitch face from Derek. The Sheriff orders Parrish to return it, though, and then asks both Chris and Derek for their help in finding Stiles. He shows them that the brain scans they have on Stiles match 100% with his mother's, which is impossible, so it's all a trick.


Chris, Derek, Allison, and Sheriff Stilinski gather in the Argents' apartment to get non-lethal supplies. They start to divide up the places to look for Stiles, but Derek points out that they've already done this. They don't have a better plan, though, so they go with it. Derek and Chris and supposed to go to Eichen House but they end up all meeting at the Sheriff's house because the nogitsune showed up on the security cameras. They find a chessboard arranged in such a way that it leads them to Derek's loft. Chris thinks it's a trap but goes along with it anyway.



It was indeed a trap, of sorts. The nogitsune wanted Derek, Chris, Allison, and the Sheriff to protect him from the Oni that he knew were coming. Chris threatens to shoot the nogitsune but ends up not doing it because the Sheriff pulls a gun on him instead. The nogitsune is particularly pleased with the strife he's created. After the nogitsune vanishes, Chris and Allison head home. Allisons wants to know if he'd really have shot Stiles, and Chris isn't sure, so it's a good thing Allison took the firing pin out of his gun.


The next day Derek shows up at the apartment. He shows him Talia's claws and starts talking about how Chris's family killed his. Chris knows something is wrong, but Derek is too quick. He ties Chris into a chair and douses him with lighter fluid. When Derek waves a lighter in his face, Chris blows it out, making Derek angry. Derek threatens to kill him while making Allison watch. When Derek starts to fight with himself over what he's doing, Chris takes the opportunity to break out of the chair. He grabs a gun from under his desk and ends up shoving it under Derek's chin. He asks Derek not to make him pull the trigger. 



Derek's leaving after recovering from the infection of the nogitsune fly. He asks Chris why he didn't kill him when he had the chance. Chris insists that he's not Derek's enemy. Derek wonders why they aren't trying to hunt the nogitsune down, but Chris says that if it's that powerful he expect the nogitsune will be coming for them.


Chris finds Allison in the basement trying to align the sight on her crossbow but too upset at Lydia's disappearance to do it. He decides to have her go through the silver bullet ritual to mark her passage into being a hunter. He shows her some bullets but advises against using them at long range because silver isn't as accurate as lead. Allison thinks she should make an arrowhead instead. He kisses her on the forehead. She wants to tell him how she feels, but he tries to stop her. Allison insists on saying that she loves him and that she's proud of him. Moved, he kisses her on the forehead again and lets her finish casting. 


At some point during the day Chris gets a call from Derek and ends up helping him bring the twins back to Derek's loft. Derek shows him shotgun shell casings he found in the woods. Chris is stunned. Before he can tell Derek who they belong to, his phone rings with a call from Allison saying that she's going to Oak Creek to find Lydia.


Chris arrives at Oak Creek just in time to see Allison die in Scott's arms.


The Divine Move

Chris explains to Scott how he has to talk to the police about Allison's death. The scenario is that she was shot by hijackers. Scott can't believe he's so calm, but Chris just tells him that this is what hunters do. After Isaac gives his statement to the police, Chris takes him back home with him. Isaac wants to know how he's handling it so well. Chris starts to explain about compartmentalization, but Isaac can't do that. They hug, and for a moment Chris looks murderous. 


They sit in Allison's room. Isaac plays with one of the ring daggers, and Chris warns him that they're dangerous and it took Allison a long time to get good at them. Isaac tells him that Allison's last words were to tell her dad something. He's sure that it was "I love you." Chris tries to keep from crying. He tells Isaac about the silver arrowheads that Allison had made, and Isaac realizes that the arrow Allison used to kill an Oni must have had one. They go down to the basement to look and confirm that one is missing.


Armed with the arrowheads, Chris and Isaac rush to meet up with Derek and the twins at the high school, where they're fighting the nogitsune. Derek and the twins are slowly losing until Chris starts killing Oni. Aiden ends up getting stabbed, and Chris gathers around to watch his last moments. 


After the nogitsune is defeated, Chris and Isaac leave the country for France.