Healing Factor

Many supernatural creatures have an advanced healing factor. Most beings have the ability to heal their bodies naturally, such as shapeshifters, like the werewolf, the kanima or the werejaguar. Others, like the Animal Spirit the kitsune or a druid practising human sacrifices have to learn how to activate and bestow healing abilities upon themselves.


Creatures with such a regenerative factor can heal from injuries at a superhuman rate and are able to sustain much more extensive physical injuries - broken bones, gashes, gunshot wounds, etc without danger of dying. They are immune to everyday diseases like asthma, pneumonia, as well as the after effects of alcohol and drugs.


Beings with a healing factor with enough capacity to mask their healing, will be able to consciously control their healing, be able to turn it on, lessen it's effectiveness or off.


Healing factors can be hindered by supernatural weapons like an alpha's claws or fangs, an Oni's blade or being poisoned by a preternatural plant like wolfsbane or mistletoe or through psychological causes (somatomorphises or psychosomatises).


With the aid of an supplemented source of power, particular beings are even capable of being resurrected, to be brought back to life.


+Healing Power

A different more advanced form of healing is for someone to actually perform bestowed healing abilities upon another. Two beings that have displayed the capability of healing another include an Alpha werewolf and a practising druid. This form of healing comes with a price as it requires then takes enormous power.


In Alpha Pact, Derek Hale learns he can willingly perform healing on others through taking their pain and then some. By maxing out his pain siphon, Derek fully heals Cora of her mistletoe poisoning. In Lunar Ellipse, Jennifer Blake, a darach or corrupted druid performed healing on the blind werewolf Deucalion and his vision was restored.


+Pain Siphon

Another ability related to being able to heal is to siphon from someone else. A supernatural's veins will fill with black liquid when they activate and utilize this power. The being siphoning the pain will absorb, relieve the pain present in the victim's body, but not the cause of the pain.


Two creatures known to have this power are the werewolf and a kitsune of the type void. An Alpha is able to use this ability, with a cost, to bestow healing.