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On Teen Wolf, the werejaguar is a species of feline shapeshifters, and subspecies of werecreatures, like the werewolf, werecoyote and lowenmensch. They are also known as the Nagual.



In Mesoamerican mythology, werejaguars were worshipped as gods by the ancient Aztecs. They referred to them as the "Nagual".


The single werejaguar seen is Kate Argent. In Season 1, Kate was killed by Peter Hale, then an alpha, ripping out her throat with his claws. The transformation took place, and Kate's body began to heal, then she revived as a new werejaguar instead of a werewolf presumably because of her sadistic personality.


In Season 5, Hayden Romero is changed into a chimera with traits from both a werejaguar and a wolf. She was drawn to and able to sense another Chimera with berserker traits. Hayden loses her jaguar traits after she is bitten by Scott McCall, becoming a full werewolf.


Supernatural Rules

A werejaguar can be a former human transformed using an alpha's claws, fangs, or other means. Like other shapeshifters, they can presumably be born as well.


Their eyes glow green.


A werejaguar shares a supernatural connection with the supernatural demons, the berserkers, being able to track and sense them. They are also able to enslave and command a berserkers to do their bidding.


Physical Transformations

A werejaguars transformations can come in any combination, with practice. The enhanced senses are more permanent than the physical shifts in morphology, but even those can be controlled to some extent. Scott often has to concentrate to hear something at great distance, for instance. 


The various transformations can be triggered by strong emotions, like anger, and a rapid heart rate.


Supernatural Abilities

+Berserker Control

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Werejaguars have the innate ability to command the Berserker. The demon Animal Spirits are seen to be naturally obedient, protective of and subservient towards the feline shapeshifter. Furthermore the werejaguar can curse innocent victims to create new Berserkers.


Kate Argent, newly transformed as a nagual, acquired two Berserkers. They naturally came to serve her, helped her survive, did her bidding. She used them as bodyguards and man power. Kate could issue direct commands to them by roaring. When a berserker was about to kill Chris Argent, she gave out a roar and the demon spared her brother's life.


Kate used a captive Scott McCall as a human vessel for a new Berserker. She did this by the following ritual: she outfitted Scott with an animal bear's skull, while apparently falling into a trance. Scott then underwent a transformation, the Animal spirit of the demon being summoned, possessing Scott, taking over the personality of its human vessel. Afterwards, Scott was completely submissive and loyal to Kate, following her order to attack and attempt to kill his friends.



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   La Iglesia


The werejaguar is a sufficient castor of magic.


The werejaguar of myth, the Nagual-jaguar god, Tezcatlipoca was worshipped at such a location by the ancient Aztecs, La Iglesia. Though Kate Argent was a newly transformed werejaguar, she was drawn to the temple of La iglesia by instinct. It was there she discovered and found two Berserkers, which became her servants due to her status as a Nagual.


In Season 4, Kate cast a spell over Derek Hale. She took Derek to La Iglesia, deep into the catacombs. Sealing him in a tomb, Derek was placed under the magic of Tezcatlipoca.


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Derek was then afterwards, regressed in age, status, body and mind to his sixteen-year-old self as per Kate's requirements. He possessed no memories of his present time self, having no knowledge of Kate's sociopathy and her murdering his family.


The nagual-spell cast upon Derek was broken, wore off when Derek threw himself into battle to protect Scott's Pack from Berserkers, shapeshifting to his werewolf shape; he returned to his natural age and mental growth. The nagual spell also served to trigger a Wolf Evolution in Derek.