Ken Yukimura

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Ken Yukimura is Kira Yukimura's father and the husband of kitsune Noshiko Yukimura. In Season 3B, Ken is a history teacher at Beacon Hills High School after he and his family move to Beacon Hills, California. Ken is aware of the supernatural, being a secret keeper of his wife's kitsune lineage, and works to assist her during her mission to combat the Dark Kitsune. After Kira learns of her own kitsune nature, throughout Seasons 4 and 5, Ken, as well as Noshiko serve as Kira's mentors, to protect and help their daughter understand and adjust to being a kitsune.



Ken is an approachable, intelligent, jolly and sometimes overly enthusiastic man and a loving, endearing though sometimes oblivious husband and father to his family.


Despite his usually perky demeanour, Ken proves to be alert, brave and shows determination and resourcefulness in times of danger and need. He shows great understanding and conviction when dealing with the supernatural, doing his best to support his wife, protect and mentor Kira and do what's in her best interest. Ken shows to be more empathic and down-to-earth in contrast to Noshiko's more blunt and straightforward persona.



Ken Yukimura is Korean, but he took his wife's name when they got married in Japan. He's the family cook. He is 43.


He's currently a history teacher at Beacon Hills High School, teaching 20th Century American History.