Noshiko Yukimura

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Noshiko Yukimura is a 900-year-old kitsune, Ken Yukimura's wife and the mother of Thunder kitsune Kira Yukimura. In 1943, Noshiko summoned and unleashed a powerful, malevolent Dark kitsune out of survival and vengeance for her late love Rhys, but when the Nogitsune unleashed his chaos, Noshiko sought to rectify the catastrophe she brought upon, defeated her enemy and imprisoned the Nogitsune beneath the Nemeton. In Season 3, after the Nogitsune has been released from its prison, the Yukimuras move to Beacon Hills, California. Noshiko summons the demons known as the Oni, commanding them to find and kill the Void kitsune's host. Her mission to stop total chaos culminates in Kira learning of their supernatural lineage and meeting, working with Scott's Pack to imprison the Dark Kitsune. In Seasons 4 and 5, Noshiko, alongside Ken, serves as Kira's mentor in being a kitsune as well as a secret keeper for Scott's Pack.



As a result of her centuries' long life and kitsune nature, Noshiko Yukimura is an immensely wise, unflappable and ultimately formidable woman who has committed, and witnessed her own fair share of the world.


Noshiko is a pragmatist: she is astute, stoic and obtrusive. Earlier in her life, in a younger incarnation, she was passionate, mischievous and down-to-earth as well as more impulsive as she ultimately summoned the Nogitsune to simultaneously survive and get vengeance for her murdered lover Rhys. She has a sense of responsibility, integrity as she was totally resolved to defeat the Nogitsune to rectify her mistake, as well as pursue to put him away seventy years later. She was willing to have the Dark kitsune's host, Stiles killed to put down her enemy to prevent total chaos before a third option presented itself.


Despite her supernatural status, Noshiko is a loving, domesticated, caring parent to Kira as well as happily married, committed to Ken. Noshiko will do what she deems necessary to protect her family, but is ultimately protective of and wants the best for them.



Kira Yukimura's mother, Noshiko is part of a highly respected, important Japanese family.


Noshiko is a 900-year-old kitsune. The first indication of this was when she bled energy into a lightbulb when she touched it. She is the nogitsune's enemy and can summon Oni to help her. Oni are summoned by sacrificing one of her tails, which appear in the form of small knives. Breaking the knives releases her power.


She was in the Oak Creek Japanese internment camp during World War II. Her boyfriend was a soldier name Rhys, who was badly burned by a werewolf during a riot and died screaming.


Noshiko nearly died in the riot as well, and in order to get revenge she called on her ancestors to possess her with the spirit of a nogitsune. But instead of possessing her, it possessed Rhys.