Memory Erasure

Memory erasure is the psychic talent to erase, suppress, or wipe memories from the target's mind. This talent can be accessed through telepathy.


The Master of the Kanima possesses this power over his/her Kanima servant through the bond they share. Throughout Season 2, Matt Daehler erased Jackson Whittemore's memories of himself whenever he shapeshifted into a kanima, including the murders he committed under Matt's control and getting rid of evidence, such as the blood on his hands.


A werewolf can perform this ability with a mind meld. In Season 3, Isaac Lahey had his memories of his encounter with the the Alpha Pack stolen from him. In 3x02 - Chaos Rising, Peter Hale was able to the implement the process the opposite way to recovering Isaac's wiped memories, but only partially. Isaac fully recovered his memories using therapeutic hypnosis via an ice bath.


The pseudo-supernaturals, the The Dread Doctors are able to perform this ability to massive proportions through their use of electromagnetism. While experimenting on Kira Yukimura, they were able to induce memory loss of their prescence upon Kira herself, Kira's parents and an entire road full of people.