Peter Hale

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"My mind ... my personality ... were literally ... burned out of me."  - Peter to Derek Hale

"I heard there was a party. Don't worry. I invited myself." - Peter to Derek and Lydia Martin


Peter Hale is a born werewolf from the Hale Family whom lived in Beacon Hills, California, the younger brother of the late Talia Hale and Derek Hale's uncle. During the Hale House Fire, six years before the series, Peter had survived but was rendered comatose at Beacon Memorial. In Season 1, Peter is revealed to be the alpha werewolf who bit Scott McCall. Peter's nurse had lured Laura Hale back to Beacon Hills and used Peter to kill her, making Peter an alpha and helping him heal. He kills all the criminals involved in his family's massacre, bites Lydia Martin and finally, seemingly kills Kate Argent, the perpetrator of the arson. He is defeated by Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, and Jackson Whittemore using Lydia's Molotov cocktails and is then killed by Derek. In Season 2, Peter haunts Lydia as his bite awakened her latent banshee powers. He possesses her in order to orchestrate his resurrection, coming back to life as an omega. Peter provides the necessary information to turn Jackson from a kanima into a werewolf in exchange for being in Derek's Pack. In Season 3, he provides information against threats to the pack and helps to eliminate them, most notably making sure Jennifer Blake was really dead so she would not come back to wipe out the pack. He also killed The Mute who attempted to kill him and threatened to kill Derek. In the process of helping to separate the Nogitsune from Stiles, he made a deal with Lydia to find out what memories had been stolen from him by Talia and learns he'd fathered a daughter, Malia Tate, with the werecoyote assassin the Desert Wolf. In Season 4 Peter makes a deal with Kate, now a resurrected werejaguar, intending to double-cross her. His goal is to test if Scott is a worthy alpha who would kill in order to defend his pack from a threat. When this fails, Peter challenges Scott directly to see if Scott would be willing to kill him instead. However, Scott defeats him without killing (again failing the test) and incarcerates him in Eichen House. It is revealed that during Season 5, that Peter escaped Eichen House during Scott's Pack's attempt to rescue Lydia, but he is taken by the Wild Hunt. In Season 6 he is woken up by Stiles and risks his life to help Stiles get back to his family and friends. He is burned alive for the third time in the process of returning to the real world and is later healed. At the end of the series Scott recognizes Peter as a protector of Beacon Hills.



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Peter is outwardly charming, polite, sarcastic and witty. He is highly intelligent and a master manipulator with a knack for reading people and getting under their skin to have them see things his way and be in agreement with him.

"No one would ban me from anywhere. I'm too good-looking." - Peter to Derek Hale

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Peter is not a good person, but he does tend to work for the good of the pack - although how he defines that differs from those around him. Peter cares more about the survival of the pack as an entity than about the survival of its individual members, as revealed in 3x02 - Chaos Rising when he tried to convince Derek that it was too risky to rescue Erica and Boyd and that they could always bite new betas. However, he does care for and is protective of his remaining family and a select few people he finds valuable, shown by his interactions with Derek, Cora, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia.


Peter places an extremely high importance on protecting his pack from threats and doesn't care if he has to take the less moral road to achieve that. He judges an alpha's worth by their willingness to kill threats to the pack before the threat is able to act on them and has found both Scott and his sister Talia lacking in this respect.

 "You. ... All for power."

"For my family's power. To be rightfully inherited by me. Not some teenage idiot, so incorruptible, he wouldn't shed the blood of his enemies even when justified. You don't deserve your power. Not power like this."


Peter is well-versed and has vast knowledge and experience regarding the supernatural world. While he was an alpha, he could transform into a monstrously strong wolf beast, with enhanced speed and strength. He is a master at mind-melding and was able to come back from the dead by possessing Lydia in order to perform a ritual.



Peter is a hereditary werewolf born into the Hale Family, a prominent pack of werewolves. His older sister Talia was the alpha for their family+. Peter became uncle to her children, Laura, Derek and Cora Hale++.


He saw his sister's belief in humanity, and peace-orientated mindset as a weakness++ as she did not take out the threat of the Argents before they decimated the Hale pack.


At some point, Peter fathered a child with an assassin, "The Desert Wolf". The woman gave birth, but Talia wiped Peter's memories of his fathering the child and those of Desert Wolf, and snatched the as-of-yet unnamed child+++.


Peter has blue eyes, meaning he has taken an innocent life and feels guilt over it. It is currently unknown how he earned his blue eyes+, but it would fit if it was from killing Laura.


In Derek's youth, Peter looked out for him when the Argent werewolf hunters arrived in town, the same time as a congregation of packs were arriving for a meeting with Talia. Peter was proven to be a terrible influence over Derek. He was a schemer and manipulator. He tried to talk Derek into the idea of turning Paige to remove any inhibitions between him and her and set Paige up to be bitten by Ennis without her consent. The bite failed, leaving her in such extreme pain that she asked Derek to mercy kill her to spare her any additional suffering +. Following Paige's death, Peter advised Derek to use anger, emotion, rage as an anchor to control his shifts, further shaping Derek into who he'd become by seasons 1 and 2 +.


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During the Hale House Fire, Peter was badly burned, but survived witnessing the mass murder of his family+. He was rendered comatose, spending six years recovering at Beacon Hills Hospital+. During his coma, he subconsciously rambled about how he knew Talia's leadership made their family vulnerable, that enemies, particularly the Argents, would strike. Being proved right about the Argents only fueled his madness and desire for revenge. In his dementia, he'd ranted and raged about how he'd remake the supernatural of Beacon Hills and make them powerful, under his leadership, after irrationally planning how he'd kill off all the "weak" supernaturals in order to spread fear so others would leave his pack alone. Though he had no memory of any of it later, Peter had unintentionally concocted the Benefactor plan+. Meredith Walker, who had been placed next to him, listened to his thoughts and would later enact the plan without Peter's knowledge.


After six years, on the night of a full moon, his nurse, Jennifer, orchestrated for a catatonic Peter to kill his niece, Laura, in order to heal him with the aid of Laura's alpha spark. As Peter healed and slowly gained back his sanity, he used the list Laura had made to track down all the people who'd set the fire to carry out his revenge++.


Becoming an alpha and his experience as a werewolf allowed Peter to shapeshift into a hulking, overlarge wolf-beast. Peter then sought out someone new to bite and transform so he could rally a new pack to further implement his plan for revenge.


One night, Peter came across Scott McCall+.


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