The Code

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The Hunter's Code is a code of honor and morality that all organized interconnected hunters are to follow when tracking supernatural creatures. Hunters symbolise their dedication to the code by forging a silver bullet.


"Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent."

The hunter's code translates to "We hunt those who hunt us" in English. The rules declared in the code are as follows:


  1. Hunters only to kill shapeshifters whose harm to innocent people has been proven.
  2. Hunters are only to kill adults, never the young ones.
  3. Hunters are not to hunt or kill humans.
  4. Hunters who are Bitten, turning into a shapeshifter, are to take their own life.


Hunters who break the code are designated criminals and are declared enemies to the hunters' cause.


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Kate Argent, a sociopathic murderer, violated the code by setting the Hale House Fire, massacring the Hale Pack of werewolves whom were innocent, benevolent people, including children and members who were human.


She further broke her family's code of honor by attempting to murder Derek Hale and Scott McCall. Finally when Kate inadvertedly transformed into a werejaguar, she as ever defied the Code, refusing to take her own life and became an enemy of the Calaveras and her own brother.


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Gerard Argent, Kate's father, ultimately declares that the Argent hunters will no longer follow the code. He murders a homeless Omega werewolf, by cutting him in half with a broadsword to declare war against the Wolves in Beacon Hills.


Victoria Argent also endorses Gerard's order by torturing high school principal Thomas then later attempts to murder Scott. However, she ultimately recommits to the Code, when she is Bitten by Derek in self-defense to save Scott, and takes her own life to prevent herself becoming a werewolf. Gerard follows up on his threats by taking control of a kanima, then threatening his own family, ultimately planning to be Bitten so to cure himself of terminal cancer.