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Victoria Argent is Allison Argent's mother and Chris Argent's wife. Victoria is the commanding leader of the Argents' werewolf hunter family while Chris serves as chief enforcer. In Season 2, Victoria delegates leadership to her father-in-law Gerard Argent, becoming far more immoral and lenient with the supernatural hunting operations in Beacon Hills. Victoria attempts to murder Scott McCall so to keep him away from Allison for good, but Derek Hale foils her plan and Bites her. To her devastation, Victoria upholds the Hunter's Code, to prevent herself becoming a werewolf and commits suicide on the full moon.



Victoria Argent presents herself as an attentive housewife and mother. In reality, she is a cold-hearted, vindictive and domineering woman. She is stern, even harsh towards her family, and demands the highest from Allison. Victoria is zealously committed to the hunter's cause, giving supernatural creatures no mercy. 


As much as Victoria loves, respects and is committed to her husband and while she is shown share Chris' restraint, his morals. Victoria uses torture to get what she wants as she electrocuted the school principal to get him to resign and endorsed, supported Gerard Argent's more bloodthirsty approach. Like Chris, Victoria is overprotective of Allison and is more lenient about it,proven when she fully intended to murder Scott to keep her daughter away from a werewolf while Chris kept in mind that Allison would be devastated and always had a sense of restraint. Her husband cared more for her than the code they'd committed ther lives to as Victoria allowed no skirts for committing suicide to prevent herself from becoming a werewolf.


In her final moments, Victoria is remorseful over her final moments with her daughter, finally showing emotion from underneath her steely exterior, crying as she dies.



According to Allison, Victoria was a buyer for a fashion boutique in San Francisco.+. Victoria also once taught for years at an all-boys school+.


+Season 1

Wolf Moon 

On the night of the first full moon after Scott was bitten, Stiles goes to the Argents' house looking for Allison. Derek Hale had supposedly taken her home from Lydia's party, but neither Stiles nor Scott knew if they could trust him. Victoria answers the door and is met by Stiles's rambling. She cuts him off and tells Allison that a friend is there to see her.


Magic Bullet

The first time Victoria meets Scott is when Allison brings him over for dinner. They get caught making out, but Kate Argent insists that Scott stay for dinner so the family can get to know him.


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At dinner, Victoria is more polite to Scott than Chris. She asks Scott if he'd like anything other than water to drink. Her husband asks him if he'd like some beer or tequila, and Scott stares at him. Allison tries to get her father to stop. Scott says he doesn't drink because he's not old enough. "That doesn't seem to stop many teenagers," Victoria says. "No, but it should," Scott replies. The conversation remains tense, mostly due to Chris's grilling.


While having dessert, Victoria asks Scott what he thinks of the animal attacks around town. He deflects her question by explaining that all he sees at the animal clinic are cats and dogs, so he's not familiar with anything vicious.


Kate and Chris complete the awkward dinner without more input from Victoria.


The Tell

Chris and Victoria attend the parent-teacher's conference. Both of them are disappointed to learn Allison skipped school that day to spend it with Scott.



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After the incident at the school, where Allison was in danger of attack by the Alpha, the Argents are gearing up personally.


On the day of the next full moon, the family and their associates get together to plan their next move in trying to capture the Alpha werewolf that they now know has been killing people around town.


Whilst Chris and Kate are discussing Derek, after the murders are pinned on him, Victoria enters the garage.


She mercilessly tells her fellow hunters that if Derek is out on the night of the full moon, they are to find him, kill him and cut him in half. She then offers them a plate of cookies.


Code Breaker

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After Allison finds out that Scott is a werewolf, her parents insists that she and Kate now have to leave town. Victoria goes through Allison's closet to help her pack. A silent Allison brings up the fact that she saw her boyfriend turn into a werewolf. Victoria is amused, but says she'll grab somethings herself.


Allison asks her mom what they're going to do to Scott. Victoria shortly answers hunters have a moral code to follow, especially when werewolves are young. Allison demands to know more, and her mother sharply tells her that what she wants doesn't matter. She tells her daughter, what she needs is to stay quiet. She tells her that she's seeing something she's not ready for and there are others who are not ready for her to see it either.


Victoria orders Allison to say she understands why she has to be quiet. Allison nervously says she does.


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After the Alpha, (Peter Hale) is killed and the surrounding events draw to a close, the Argents deal with the fallout of Kate's actions, her breaking the Code and killing Derek's family and having to blame the recent murders on her. The Argents are expecting company, Victoria telling Chris their guests will arrive shortly.


Chris is frustrated over the recent revelations. Victoria responds the police would have picked up Kate's trail eventually. She declares that the now deceased Kate has by no means avoided the consequences for actions she didn't commit.


In the aftermath, now aware that he is a werewolf, Chris and Victoria vehemently declare Allison is to never see Scott again+, but for her sake, agree to keep him off of others' radar. Chris assures Victoria, he's not the only one Scott has to worry about now.

+Season 2

Scott and Allison are still dating, even though Allison's parents disapprove. Chris threatened to shoot Scott until Allison promised never to see him again. Victoria seems to know that something is still happening, though. She comes into Allison's room one night to find Allison reading her textbook but goes to look outside the window anyway to see if someone is there.


A few days later, Victoria attends Kate's funeral and greets her father-in-law, Gerard Argent.


The day after the funeral, the Argents start to make some changes at the Beacon Hills High School. Chris abducts Principal Thomas from outside the school and puts him in a car with Victoria. She explains how the parents are very concerned about his job performance and electrocutes him with a taser. Gerard is installed as the school principal.


While Allison is at school a couple of days later, Victoria starts going through her daughter's things. She finds a “Because I love you” note from Scott and gives herself a cut to the arm to get into the hospital and talk to Melissa McCall. Melissa says that he doesn’t seem as heartbroken as she’d expect.


The following day, Gerard brings Scott home after a winning lacrosse game to have dinner with the family. Victoria and Chris are livid, and the dinner is almost as awkard as the last time Scott was over.


A couple of days later, while Stiles and Scott have Jackson locked up in the police transport van because they've figured out he's the kanima, Victoria takes a job as a substitute teacher in Allison's English class. She keeps Allison and Scott from talking. As English ends, Victoria asks Allison why she's been calling Stiles. Allison tells her that if she's going to keep an eye on Lydia as she's been asked, then she's going to have to talk to Stiles since he's had a crush on her since 3rd grade. Victoria tells Allison that she knows it's hard to be in class with Scott trying not to look at him but to focus on how strong it will make her, especially compared to the other girls who spend their whole high school career focused on whether a boy will take them to senior prom. "Can't I be strong and go to prom?" Allison asks. Victoria laughs and tells her yes, just with someone else. "Remember, so long as you stay strong, we won't have to kill a 16-year-old boy." Allison is sure her mother is terrifying and twisted and rushes to get away from her.


The following week, Victoria appears to have taken over as the school secretary. When Melissa McCall finds a mostly empty  box of condoms in Scott's room, she goes to the school to talk with Victoria.


Victoria tells Melissa that she thought their kids were no longer dating. "Me too. But it looks like they are. And more. A lot more." Victoria asks how Melissa knows it's not some other girl were severely low standards. Melissa replies that Allison is the only girl Scott has ever talked about. Melissa says she wants them to be safe. Victoria agrees. She then calls Scott away from detention to the principal's office to have a talk.


Scott goes into the principal's office to find Victoria angrily sharpening a pencil. She tells him that she's concerned how Allison ended up mixed up in detention with Scott and Stiles. "A sink was ripped off the wall. You're lucky I'm here to explain that to people somehow. You realize that?" Scott says that he does now. Victoria then asks him if he's having sex with Allison and shoves the pencil into the sharpener again. She sharpens the pencil down to a nub, and Scott says that he isn't.


On the day of the rave where both the Argents and the Werewolf have a plan to catch Jackson, Victoria spies on Allison and Scott. They are in the Chemistry lab; Scott tells Allison about the interrogation her mom gave him, and she tells him that she accidentally agreed to a date with Matt. They kiss, and Victoria knows for sure that they've been seeing each other this whole time.


That night, Victoria goes on her own to the warehouse where the rave is being held. She runs into Scott with her car as he comes out of the building. She brings him to a small room. She has a vaporizer and complains about how kids these days get them free with their medicinal marijuana cards. She sniffs some wolfsbane and claims it's one of her favorites. Scott asks her what she's doing. "Isn't it obvious. I'm killing you."


Victoria wafts the wolfsbane toward Scott explaining that it will look like he died of an asthma attack. Scott wolfs out and coughs, but he has no strength to save himself.


Victoria monologues at Scott, telling him that omegas never survive. "I've heard the cry of an omega. It's a miserable sound." Scott forces out the words "I'm not alone." He manages to howl, and Derek hears him. Derek tells Stiles to break the mountain ash barrier, and Stiles refuses at first. Derek insists that Scott is dying, and Stiles asks him how he knows. Panicked, Derek orders him to break the barrier. Stiles kneels down and flicks a gap in the ash.


Scott asks Victoria to tell Allison that he's sorry.


Derek bursts into the room with Scott and is disoriented by the wolfsbane in the air. Victoria stabs him in the back. They grapple, and she manages to throw him across the room. She runs away. Derek hauls Scott up and out of the room.


Victoria finds Chris outside the warehouse and falls into his arms. Derek bit her during the fight. They both know that it means she's dead.


Back home,  Chris frantically cleans out Victoria's bite. He tells her that it's not that deep, hoping it will mean that she isn't going to turn. Gerard comes down the steps to the basement to watch them. Victoria puts her hand on Chris's and tells him that it's all right. Chris tries to argue with Gerard that they can't know if the bite is enough to turn her. Gerard responds that he's the cold-hearted patriarch holding the family to its commitments. Chris asks how he's supposed to get Allison through losing her mother when they just buried her aunt. Gerard asks him when he thinks Allison would ever be prepared to handle the death of her mother. Gerard tells him that "That thing over there is just a cocoon waiting to hatch."


The Wednesday following her Bite is Lydia's party and the Worm Moon. Victoria comes into Allison's room to ask Allison if they can talk. Allison puts her off, and Victoria tells her that sooner would be better than later. Allison doesn't give her a solid reply, and Victoria leaves without being sure they will have a chance to talk privately.


That evening, Chris opens up a case of drugs and needles. Victoria is insulted that he thought she would commit suicide with prescription drugs. He tells her that gender statistics most women-- She picks up a kitchen knife instead. "But you're not most women," Chris says. Victoria goes upstairs to write a letter to Allison. Chris sits down, and Gerard advises him to not hesitate because of Allison. She will feel the ground shift beneath her feet many times during her life, so she'd better get used to it. Gerard tells Chris to go help Victoria die with dignity.



Victoria sits in Allison's room looking at some photographs. She says she never got a chance to talk to her before Allison left for the party. She wants to kill herself in Allison's room so she can feel close to her, but she's going to need Chris's help.


Victoria holds the knife to her chest and tries to shove it in. She says she can feel the change happening. She makes Chris promise to tell people that she had a history of depression. He promises. Allison will have to keep up the lie too, but Chris won't let her believe it. He promises that Allison will know it was the hardest thing she ever did and that she did it for her family not to them. She holds the knife to her chest but she can't do it herself and asks him to help her. She leans back into his arms, and they both hold onto the knife together. Her eyes go gold, and she tells him to do it.


They shove the knife in, and Chris cries.


Victoria's suicide deeply affects Allison and makes her vulnerable to Gerard's manipulations. He gives her a letter that Victoria wrote just for her, urging Allison toward vengeance once she reads the contents.



+Season 3

Victoria appears as a vision to Allison when she's trying to stitch up Scott's wounds, when he isn't healing in 3x05 - Frayed. Allison can hear her mother's voice telling her how to control herself in order to threat the needle properly.