Banshee+Death Harbinger

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Banshees cannot only predict death, they can identify where death occured, and sense someone's death becoming aware of their passing away just by 'feeling' it.


During Season 2, Lydia would experience fugue states, after her powers were activated, though she didn't understand why they were happening. One fugue state occured in Omega and she was confirmed to be present to sites linked to death: the Hale House, where the Hale Pack was killed and Beacon Hills Cemetery. She would also be drawn to dead bodies, murder scenes, and receive visions or noises indicating how, where or when someone would die.


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Lydia's harbinger of death status visually manifests for the first time in 3x06 - Motel California, at the infamous Glen Capri, notorious for its reputation in guests' suicides, Lydia hears the final moments of two such cases: a couples' suicide pact and a woman drowning a baby, presumably from when they happened in the past. She enters the room where the said couple committed suicide. She then hears faint whispers and is able to distinguish ghostly faces screaming upon the wood of the room's wall.


In 3x23 - Insatiable, Lydia heard noises at Camp Oak Creek that were much louder than normal due to the multiple deaths that occured during the massacre and the Nogitsune's reign of terror in 1943.


At the end of Season 3, Lydia feels the deaths of Allison and Aiden, just as they're passing away.


In 4x03 - Muted, Lydia was drawn to the Walcotts' family house, not only because of the family being murdered, but because the Walcotts were wendigos and fed on rationed dead bodies. Just like at the Glen Capri she makes out the same human faces upon the wood of the family's secret panel leading to their 'game' locker.