Beacon Hills Preserve+Wildlife

Aside from werewolves, the Preserve is also known to have the following animals:



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Mountain Lion

Everyone was told that the Werewolf attacks were from a mountain lion. This was speculation but accepted as true when Chris Argent shot an actual mountain lion in the parking lot of Beacon Hills High School.



Coyotes are one of the few  predators to have expanded their range since humans started inhabiting North America. They are scavengers and looks like scrappy wild dogs. Their coats range from grayish-brown to yellowish-gray. The forelegs, sides of the head, muzzle and paws are reddish-brown. The back has tawny-colored underfur and long, black-tipped guard hairs that form a black dorsal stripe and a dark cross on the shoulder area. 

In areas where wolves have been eliminated by humans, coyotes tend to flourish. They more easily live alongside humans and are able to fill the same ecological gap as the wolves.