Mind Control

Mind control is the supernatural ability for one to psychically exert mental control over another's mind, to brainwash the victim and bend their beliefs, affiliations or actions to the user's will.


Alpha shapeshifters are capable of casting this power over the Betas they create. A practioning Druid using the power of human and animal sacrifices can bestow this power upon themselves.


In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Jennifer Blake, a corrupted Druid exhibited the most impressive display of mind control; she realized a group mind over the entire school's orchestra to play the darach chanting.


This ability comes naturally for some species. The werejaguar naturally has this talent over the demons known as the berserkers, the one who's designated as master of the kanima for the kanima, and the will of Oni is that of whomever summons them.


A kitsune is immune to mind control, because their supernatural rules as the intelligent, mischievous Tricksters leaves them freedom minded.