A supernatural being with enhanced senses is able to use one, any or all of their different senses (hearing, scent, vision, touch, taste) to a degree beyond regular human capabilities.


This ability is commonly possessed, and used, by shapeshifters. For a supernatural creature, the enhanced senses manifest and appear more permanent than the shifts in morphology. Eventually, one will be able to control their supernatural senses and mask them, be able to turn them on and off.



The hearing of a supernatural creature is far more acute than that of a human's both in frequency range and distance.


A werecreature will be able to listen to conversations, and pick up sounds several yards away from their position, they can hear through walls, and track movement. Beings seen to possess hearing include the werewolf, the werecoyote and the kanima.


Normally when a newly-turned werecreature discovers this ability, one will feel uncomfortable, just picking up the most random sounds in their vicinity and in some cases be overwhelmed by all the different noises.


Eventually when they learn to control and mask this talent, they can simply hone in and listen to one single sound they'd like. Using their hearing, one will be able to search an area, or a crowd of voices to discern a particular object of their interest. One downside of this concentration is that one will be harmed by a loud sound just close to the individual.


Because they can hear someone's heart, an individual with supernatural hearing will be able to discern when one could be lying because of the jump in said person's heartbeat that bolsters the deception.


Another supernatural with a related sense of enhanced hearing is the banshee, which ''hears'' on a frequency only they can receive.



There are both internal and external changes to the eyes of a supernatural creature. Initially, the eyes will glow in response to emotion. Supernaturals will often identify themselves by flashing their eye color.


A supernatural creature with enhanced vision will more acute than a human's, and in more ways than one, including binocular vision or infrared. Said beings with a supernatural eyesight will possess glowing eyes that is reflective of their species.


Also, supernatural eyesight will reflect the light like eyeshine. Because of this, photographing, or filming such a person with an enhanced eyesight will be rather difficult, unless the being knows how to mask their vision.


Shapeshifters, or were-creatures such as canines, the werewolf, or the feline werejaguar will have night vision like most predators, being able to see well in low light as well as binocular vision. While provoked into a state of aggression, or in a state of bloodlust, a were-creature's vision will be internally depicted as red.



The supernatural sense of smell of a particular being is far more keener than that of a human's. This ability is exclusive to the canine were-creatures, the werewolf and the werecoyote.


A supernatural sense of smell seems to be as more keen by an order of magnitude, similar to a dog. Canine shapeshifters can track individuals via their scent, much like a bloodhound, and so they are effective trackers. They can also smell illness.


Their sense of smell can be so refined they are able to detect emotions - anger or fear. They do this by picking up chemosignals - chemical signals that communicate emotion, which an individual can give off via their scent, allowing them to identify the hormonal changes that person exhibits, or has exhibited at specific locations in the past.


+Extrasensory Perception

A being with supernatural senses commonly uses their senses simultaneously, or in tandem with their subconscious, giving them a degree of extrasensory perception. This "super-sense" commonly allows them to detect or identify other supernaturals.


The sensory tactic allows particular beings with said senses to recall repressed memories that could be lost during a fugue state. This phenomenon has been likened by Lydia Martin as similar to muscle memory being utilized by a hand-to-hand combatant in Required Reading. Derek Hale outlines this technique in detail in Pack Mentality


By visiting a particular location they don't remember being present at, or touching a physical object they don't remember doing so, their senses of touch, sight, smell can allow for said being to trigger the memory senses, to remember those missing recollections.