5x01 - Creatures of the Night

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A raven caws and lands on the iron gates of Eichen House. The scene cuts to an institutional shower, where Lydia stands under a steaming stream of water. There is a bruise on her left side. A female orderly, Nurse Cross, tells her that she's had long enough and orders her to leave. Lydia does not respond. "I'm not buying the catatonic act, so don't think that I'm gonna drop by guard," the nurse says. When Lydia still doesn't answer, she goes over and grabs her face. Lydia's eyes remain staring into space. 


66304 medium
After the shower, Nurse Cross and a male orderly, Schrader, walk Lydia back to her room. Nurse Cross tells him that the catatonia is all an act. They get Lydia into bed, and the Schrader is supposed to give her 3 mils of medicine that will truly make her catatonic. He apologizes for the woman's terrible bedside manner and goes about giving her an injection. "But I can be gentle," he says. It's intentionally violating and sexual the way he touches her arm and inserts the needle not once, but twice. When he still doesn't seem to have found a vein, he grabs the needle like a knife and turns her head to go for her neck.


66305 medium
Suddenly, Lydia screams, and it's a banshee wail. The lights explode, and Schrader is thrown back. Fully cognizant now, Lydia runs from the room. Orderlies block the hallway on both sides, so she takes them on. Lydia has had some combat training, and easily knocks the much bigger men down. She uses her scream as a weapon with concussive force that throws a man across the hallway.


Lydia rushes out into the rain where more security surround her. They have electrical batons, but Lydia is able to take all three of them down using her force scream. She's about to get away when someone walks up the steps toward her.


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It's Aiden. "Sorry Lydia, but your treatment's not done. Not yet."


The distraction gives the guards time to recover, and they zap her with their batons. Lydia begs, "Please, I have to tell them. They're going to die. My friends. They're all going to die."




It's a full moon.


66307 medium
Scott is sitting on the hood of the Jeep at the Lookout, watching the sky. Stiles has a map of San Francisco open and reports that he's found some cool two bedrooms in the Mission District, but they're pretty expensive. He's also looked in Haight and Asbury, which are also expensive. Scott asks about Berkeley. "Yeah, we could try Nob Hill," Stiles offers and makes more marks on his map, "but the Jeep would probably burn through a lot of clutches." 


"You're bringing the Jeep?" Scott asks. Stiles is annoyed and reiterates that that's the Plan. "No one gets left behind. That's the plan. Lydia's not going to have a problem getting into Stanford. Kira's thinking USF. Malia's, uh, gonna, she'll figure something out. Okay. The Plan is perfect." Scott smiles and suggests they wait until they get into college before trying to figure out where to live. Stiles insists that he has a beautiful vision and asks that Scott not ruin it. Stiles then goes back to his map and suggests looking in East Bay and Oakland.


66308 medium
Scott is too busy looking up at the full moon. Stiles asks him if he's okay and if he's starting to feel the moon's effects. Scott replies that he's just thinking about senior year. "Senior year. C'mon, that's, that's nothing. That's going to be easy." Scott replies that his concern is more about something that Deaton told him once in The Divine Move, about regression to the mean. He explains to Stiles that it means that life can't ever be all bad or all good. Eventually things have to come back to the middle. 


"Think about the last few months. Things have been good, right, but not amazing." "Yeah, but no one's tried to kill us in six months either." That's Scott's point. They've been in the middle for a while. So either things are going to get really good . . . or really bad.


A storm quickly gathers overhead, and lightning arcs through the sky.


"Think it's been long enough?" Stiles asks.


66309 medium
"Yes!" Liam calls. Scott and Stiles look over to where they have Liam chained to a tree. "Hey! Trying to have an adult conversation over here!" Stiles yells to him. Liam rolls his eyes. Scott comes over with the key to the locks. He says that it's not that he doesn't trust Liam--Stiles interrupts to say that he doesn't trust him.


66310 medium
Last full moon Liam had a "slip up" where they Sheriff's Dept got a dozen calls about a "monstrous dog-boy running around the streets of Beacon Hills naked." Scott asks Liam why he was naked. Liam shrugs. "It was really hot out that night, okay?" He begs to be let go. Scott asks if he's sure he's okay, and Liam promises that it won't happen again. He's in complete and total control. They take off the chains and Scott and Stiles walk away. Once he's alone, Liam opens his hands to reveal cuts in him palms from his claws.


66311 medium
At the Beacon Hills Sheriff Station, Parrish is answering phones while the power flickers on and off. He tells the caller that they're having power trouble too. Sheriff Stilinski tells Parrish to check the back-up generator and make sure it has fuel. "And Parrish, answer the phone!" he adds, even though that's all Parrish has been doing. 


66312 medium
Annoyed, Parrish confronts the Sheriff in his office. "Six months. Six months of directing traffic, doing courthouse security, serving subpoenas, and today I finished a total organizational overhaul of evidence lock-up. Now I'm stuck behind the front desk while there's downed power-lines, a jack-knifed tractor-trailer, and reports of gunshots downtown. I don't know what I did to lose your trust, but you need every available deputy out there." The Sheriff doesn't explain why he's put Parrish on desk duty, but in response to this outburst, he gives him a noise complaint to look into. 


Parrish goes to 2216 Astoria Lane, which is a vacant house. The complaint said a woman heard loud hammering coming from inside the building but she hasn't seen anyone leave or enter the building. The home has been vacant for months, but there's a pending sale.


66313 medium
The house isn't locked, and Parrish opens the front door without effort. He calls into the darkness as he looks around with a flashlight. There's a chandelier sitting on the floor. He heads down into the basement. Once down there, Parrish hears a thud behind a wall. He calls out and hears a few more thuds behind a cement block wall. Parrish yells back that he's coming right back. He runs back outside to his truck and comes back with a combination pry bar and pick axe. He hacks at the wall, chipping out a few pieces, and then the wall starts to bleed. 


66314 medium
He gets sprayed on the face with some black ooze, and the trapped person busts out of the wall. He grabs Parrish by the throat and growls at him. The creature has werewolf fangs and blue eyes. The claws on one hand look like a kanima, though. He stabs Parrish in the gut, and Parrish's eyes start to glow orange. The creature's eyes glow the same orange in return. Belasko tilts his head at Parrish. "Not a werewolf, but you're something. Now you're no ordinary creature, Deputy. But then neither am I. Not tonight." Parrish is on the ground and Belasko holds up his claws, which are now glowing blue. He tells Parrish that he'll let him live if he tells him where Scott is. "Never heard of him," Parrish replies, and Belasko slashes him. 


66315 medium
Scott, Stiles, and Liam are driving back from Lookout Point. Liam is trying to find out what the big event is. He asks if it's a party. They tell him it isn't. He asks what's at midnight. "Your bedtime," Stiles replies. Liam asks why the girls aren't going. "They're meeting us there, okay? And just stop asking questions, all right?" Stiles tells him it's a senior thing and he'll find out when he's a senior.


66316 medium
Scott asks them if they're having trouble with their phones. Just then the Jeep splutters and dies. Liam asks if they ran out of gas, but Stiles says it's electrical. He and Scott get out to check under the hood. Scott comments on how much duct tape is being used to hold the Jeep together, which is a sore spot for Stiles. Stiles is annoyed because it's the last night of summer and he wanted to be sure everyone was there. Scott asks if they have any tools, and Stiles holds up the roll of duct tape. 


The storm continues to get worse, and bolt of lightning strikes behind the Jeep. A second bolt strikes closer, and Liam starts to panic. He calls out to Stiles and Scott, but they tell him to wait and stay in the car. When a bolt of lightning strikes by the front of the Jeep, Scott and Stiles finally see what's going on. The Jeep suddenly starts, and they hurry to get in.


66317 medium
Elsewhere, Henry Tate is organizing a team of people to lift a fallen tree off the road. He tells them all to make sure they lift with their legs because that's where their power is. Everyone starts to lift and then suddenly the tree starts moving easily, right out of their hands. They all turn to look at Malia, who is lifting the whole tree with one hand. Her dad is staring at her. "Strong legs," she says. It's unclear if he's aware that she's a werecoyote. After they clear the road, Malia asks her dad if his phone is working. He thinks the storm took the cell tower out. Malia is waiting for an email. He tells "it's going to be OK". He asks her if she needs a ride to the school just as Stiles pulls up in the Jeep


66318 medium
Malia jogs over to the Jeep and kisses Stiles as he apologizes for being late. Liam leans forward from the back seat and claims that he's sorry too, clearly trying to snag a kiss. Henry warns them all that he owns a gun and then leaves. Once Malia is in the Jeep, Scott and Stiles turn to look at her. They want to know if she's found out yet. Liam asks if it's about summer school, and Malia is not happy to find out that Stiles told Liam that she was waiting to see if she needed to attend summer school because her test scores weren't good enough and she might have to repeat junior year.


Stiles stares at Liam, annoyed. "We should've left him chained to the tree."


66319 medium
At Scott's house, Melissa arrives home from work and calls out to let him know she's there but has to head back in immediately. She digs some laundry out of the dryer and tells Scott to find dinner in the fridge. But when she looks in the fridge, there's nothing, so she tells him she'll leave him money to eat out. Only when she checks her wallet, there's no money either, so she asks Scott to pay for his own and she'll pay him back. Then she realizes that no one has answered her and Scott isn't even home. 


66320 medium
Lightning flashes outside, illuminating the arm of Belasko as he waits in the darkened living room. Melissa doesn't notice him. She remembers that everyone is at the high school and heads out again. Belasko grabs a note off the fridge that says "Senior Scribe back by 1:30."


66321 medium
On route 115, Kira stands up on top of the car trying to get a cell signal. There's nothing but a parking lot of cars as far as she can see. She has a picture of Scott as her phone wallpaper. Noshiko finally leans out the window and asks Kira to get back in the car. She spots a teenage boy a few cars away. He tells her he isn't getting any signal either.


Kira gets back in the car and complains that they haven't moved in 15 minutes so she's going to be late. Her parents don't know what Senior Scribe is and she's not supposed to tell them. Noshiko thinks it sounds like vandalism. Kira claims that it isn't, at least she doesn't think so. Tired or waiting, Kira decides she's going to walk, but the sky suddenly opens up.


66322 medium
Stiles and Scott brought Liam to the hospital, since his dad works there. Liam complains that his dad is going to be in surgery for hours, so he either has to hang out there or go with them. Scott turns around and asks Liam to show him his hands. Liam looks guilty but does. "Okay, so I'm still having trouble." "No. You're still learning. What do you do to stay focused on not changing?" Liam indicates his headphones and apologizes that it isn't working. Scott replies that it's working enough. Derek told him that Liam was one of the strongest Werewolf he'd ever seen at his age. Scott thinks that maybe that means it'll take him a little longer to have full control. "But it also means something else, doesn't it?" "That I'm really strong?" Liam guesses. "Hell, yeah," Scott replies, and Liam is proud at that.


66342 medium
Scott meets up with Stiles on a different floor and complains that he can't reach Kira. Stiles asks him if he reminded her, which he did. Scott admits that Kira only texted him once this week, which prompts Stiles to ask how they left things when she went away to New York. Scott told her, "Don't worry about anything, just go and have fun." Stiles is horrified. "No, you told her to go have fun?" Scott doesn't see the problem, but Stiles tells him that could be an invitation to date other guys. They catch up with Malia and Stiles poses the situation to her. "If you were going away and I told you 'Don't worry, go have fun.' What would you think I was talking about?" Malia replies, "Fun like bowling? Or sex with other guys?"


Scott is suddenly a lot more worried. 


They notice all the people being brought in the ER and ask Melissa about it. She tells them about the jackknifed tractor-trailer on 115. They realize that Kira is never going to make it to Senior Scribe because 115 is the only way back from the airport. Scott declares that he's going to get her. Stiles asks how he's going to get her in the middle of a traffic jam, but Scott just insists that he can do it. 


66324 medium
At the Sheriff Station, two deputies, Deputies Cordova and Clark struggle to bring in a teenager. He tells them they're making a big mistake. The Sheriff comes out to see what the commotion is. "Donovan, you forgot what the judge said, didn't you? Next time is jail time." Donovan starts to beg, and the Sheriff asks what they caught him doing. He was breaking and entering and carrying a .38. The Sheriff tells them to book him, and Donovan starts screaming that the Sheriff is a dead man. 


The Sheriff then angrily asks why Parrish isn't back yet.


66325 medium
Scott goes home to get his motorcycle and notices the note about Senior Scribe on the floor. While he's looking at it, all the magnets drop off the fridge. Scott picks one up and tries to make it stick, but it doesn't. Then he looks at the clock, which is jumping back and forth. The magnets then all impossibly revert to their previous positions on the fridge. The whole house starts shaking, like it's a earthquake.


66326 medium
Back in the basement on Astoria Lane, Parrish crawls up to sitting. He tries to call dispatch, but all he gets is static. Deep gashes across his chest are bleeding badly. Suddenly he hears Lydia saying his name. She's wearing a red sweater with white lace embroidering. She kneels next to him and touches his wounds. "Stay with me," she says, and she leans in close to kiss him.


66327 medium
Before they kiss, the Sheriff's voice is heard calling Parrish's name. And then Parrish passes out. The Sheriff brings him to Melissa at the hospital. They lay him on a table, and Melissa admonishes the Sheriff, "You said you were gonna keep him on desk duty." "Yeah, it was just a minor noise complaint," he replies, whispering. They look at the wound on his chest, which is smoking. Melissa asks if he's on fire. "Not that I know," the Sheriff answers. Melissa suggests that it could be part of his healing process.


66328 medium
Parrish suddenly sits bolt upright, his eyes glowing fiery orange. He turns, and the Sheriff is pointing a gun at him. Parrish's eyes return to normal and Melissa pulls the Sheriff's gun arm down. When he looks down, his wounds are all gone. He touches his chest and then declares that they need to find Scott.


Back on route 155, Ken Yukimura starts telling Kira about a legend for a storm like this. Kira begs him not to turn a traffic jam into an educational experience. "He's talking about The Wild Hunt," Noshiko says. She explains about the phantom hunters who would appear out of storm clouds just like these riding black horses with blood-red eyes and wolves and hounds at their sides. "What were they hunting?" Kira asks. "Souls," Noshiko says. 


66329 medium
Noshiko and then Kira hear the approaching sound of a motorcycle engine. Kira gets out of the car into the rain to see Scott driving up the road between the cars. He stops a ways from her car, and they run to meet each other. They don't hug, though. They stop and Scott asks her if she had fun in New York. "Not really." "Good." And then they kiss. 


Back at the hospital, Parrish tells Melissa and the Sheriff that Belasko's claws were twice the size of Scott's, more like talons. Parrish explains that the claws felt as though his life was being drawn out of him through them. Parrish says that the rule is that you have to kill an alpha to steal their power, but the Sheriff points out that you can't steal a True Alpha's power. Parrish thinks "this guy can can." 


66330 medium
Outside the room, Liam is listening in. He takes off running to warn Scott. 


Kira and Scott run under the overpass at the school to get out of the rain. Kira asks if they're late. Scott confirms that everyone else is on their way. They smile at one another and kiss more. They stop when Scott hears a growl. It's Belasko. 


66331 medium
Malia and Stiles haven't gotten any messages from anyone. "And I still don't know if I passed," Malia says. Stiles looks forlornly at the school and doesn't notice that she's upset by this. She says she doesn't want to do Senior Scribe unless she's actually a senior. Stiles responds vaguely and isn't really listening. He's watching all the groups of friends arriving at the school. Malia creeps up on him and sniffs him, and Stiles turns around, startled. "What's wrong with you? You smell terrible." Stiles says that she should be used to the smell of anxiety from him by now. 


66332 medium
She asks him why this event is so important to him, and Stiles admits that he was talking to his dad and learned that his dad doesn't talk to a single friend he had in high school. "What if Scott's my best friend now, but he's not my best friend for life?" Malia suggests that that happens sometimes, but Stiles doesn't want it to. He doesn't know why he should expect that they separate instead of keeping the best people in his life around. Malia thought that that was his plan. His dream. "The vision. And don't mock the vision." "I like the vision. Especially if I'm part of it." Stiles sort of looks away when she says this. Malia concludes that this is why Stiles has been so insistent on getting everyone together for the event. "Because you don't want to lose all your friends after senior year." "And I hope they don't want to lose me either."


66333 medium
Malia smiles and kisses Stiles. She pulls away and says that someone's coming, someone fast. Malia spins and slams Liam to the ground. "Scott's in trouble!" he says.


66334 medium
Under the overpass, Belasko is beating up on Scott. Kira unhooks her belt, which turns into a sword. She attacks with the belt sword, but Belasko knocks her aside. "True Alpha? Where's your power, Scott?" Belasko taunts. Scott asks him who he is. "A devoted fan. Show me the man who took down Deucalion and broke the Argents. I came for that alpha. Come on!" Scott tries to attack but does a poor job of it. Belasko shoves Scott against the wall, and then Kira attacks again. 


66335 medium
Belasko lights up his claws to steal Scott's power, but a newcomer drops down from the overpass. The new Werewolf gets in a few hits, giving Scott time to get to his feet. Scott does a poor job of dodging and Belasko grabs him by the throat. He shoves his claws into Scott and starts sucking out his power. Scott's red eyes lose their color. 


66336 medium
Stiles, Liam, and Malia arrive, while the other werewolf and Kira get to their feet. Scott looks like he's about to pass out, but then his eyes blaze red again and he grabs Belasko's arm. He breaks it and pulls the busted claws out of his chest. Scott gives Belasko a choice, he can stay and Scott will break something else, or he can run. Stiles suggests to the guy that he run. 


66337 medium
Scott's pack gathers together to face the newcomer. "You don't remember me, do you?" he asks. "I guess I look a little difference since the 4th grade." Then Scott realizes that he's Theo Raeken, an old friend from gradeschool. Theo says that he heard a few months ago of a new alpha in Beacon Hills and when he heard it was Scott McCall, he couldn't believe it. He's come back because he wants to be a part of Scott's pack.


As they head into the school, Stiles tells Scott that he finds it highly suspicious that Theo has returned after so many years. Scott is more concerned about the guy who just tried to kill him. Just then Malia gets an email telling her she's going to be a senior. Stiles hugs her, and Lydia finds them all in the hallway. They all head to the library.


Inside the library, everyone is emptying books off the shelves, revealing initials written on the shelf space. 


66338 medium
Stiles goes to sign his initials first and spots initials on a different shelf. D.H. He gives the letters a long look and then signs his own. Lydia is up next. Then Kira, who checks to make sure this isn't vandalism. Malia signs her name, pausing before putting T as her last initial. Then Scott. After he puts his initials, he signs for Allison as well. Stiles says, "She would have been with us." An arm around Kira, Scott says "Yeah. Lydia adds, "She still is."


They all head out of the library together.


66339 medium
Belasko enters a run down place made up as a medical facility. "Give me another chance! A little more power." He turns to look into the lab, where a body floats in a tube of liquid. People approach, the Dread Doctors, dressed in long coats and steampunk gear. They all have masks, and one has a sword. Belasko begs them to wait. One of the doctors says, "Your condition worsens." The Surgeon says he was supposed to be remove the obstacles. "Our time is limited." Belasko tells them that whatever they're there to do, he can help. The Doctors pronounce, "No second chances." 


The Surgeon stabs Belasko once through the chest, killing him. He falls down and then ravens claw their way out of his corpse.



66340 medium
Aiden asks Lydia if anyone saw him again. She says no.  He asks her what happened next after the start of senior year. Lydia is strapped to a gurney and in tears. She says she knows that Aiden isn't really there and who she's talking to. His face becomes that of Valack, although without the trepanation hole in his head. He asks her again what happened to her friends. She says she doesn't remember. 


66341 medium
There are flashbacks of Scott fighting with Liam. Melissa slapping Sheriff Stilinski. Kira getting into her parents' car and looking back at Scott. Parrish walking out of a flaming forest, his eyes glowing. "And Malia. What happened when the Desert Wolf finally found her." Malia is on the ground, cowering into a rock wall as a shadow advances on her. Stiles is in a car crash, half out of the window while the Jeep is on its roof, surrounded by fire.


Lydia says again that she can't remember, but Valack says it's okay because there are other ways to get to the details. He shows her a drill meant for trepanation, one that seems likely to have made the same hole in his head that he used to have. Valack powers up the drill and comes at her.