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"I AM THE DEMON WOLF!!" - Deucalion to Derek Hale.

"Become the alpha you're meant to be. Become a killer." - Deucalion to Scott McCall

"Pain. Life. Power. In that order and only that order." - Deucalion to Theo Raeken


The alpha werewolf called Deucalion, prior to the series, was the lead alpha of his pack, allies with Talia Hale, and Marin Morrell served as his emissary. He once sought peace and a better future between hunters and werecreatures, but was betrayed, then blinded by Gerard Argent. Eventually, he turned power-hungry and ruthless, killing all of his pack, subsuming all their power. Over the years, Deucalion formed a new pack comprised only of alphas for his new cause, including similarly augmented alphas Kali, Ennis, then later the twins. In Season 3, Deucalion is the leader of his Alpha Pack whom are present in Beacon Hills, California targeting the supernatural members supposedly intending to recruit Derek Hale. His actual plan is to acquire Scott McCall, the most unique of canine werecreatures, a True Alpha. To this end, Deucalion employs his alphas to gain leverage on Scott's allies, orchestrates a plan of assault against Derek, while simultaneously manipulating them, betraying and killing Ennis. He and his pack then redirect their attention to the darach, Jennifer Blake whom is committing human sacrifices in a move against him. He finally draws Scott into fighting Jennifer with him as pack members. In the three-way struggle between Deucalion himself, the Darach, and Scott and Derek's allies, he is finally defeated but gains his sight back due to Derek and Jennifer's actions. Deucalion witnesses Scott's rise to True Alpha, is reminded of humanity, aligning with Scott and saving the lives of the Darach's final sacrifices. He is spared by Scott and Derek on the condition he redeem himself. Deucalion honors his reprieve and reforms, paying the mercenary Braeden to rescue Derek from captivity by the Calaveras. In Season 5, Deucalion is tracked down, captured by the chimera Theo Raeken and his pack of chimeras amongst the carnage caused by the Dread Doctors and the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan. He puts himself out as having resumed his villainy and is blinded again, casting a vendetta against Scott. Theo wishes Deucalion teach him how to steal the beast 's power, and in return he'll help him get revenge on Scott. He shows Theo the secret to steal the power from another. It is revealed that Deucalion had in truth sabotaged Theo having been working with Scott all along to chip away Theo's hold over the chimeras and pay off his debt to Scott.



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As the head of his original pack, Deucalion was a capable leader, being decisive, strong-willed and level-headed. He had a believe in pacifistic humanity and diplomacy. He positively believed that the hunter clans and werecreatures could put the past and vendettas behind them, hoping for a better future and could co-exise. He was however, naïve in thinking he could appeal to the dastardly Gerard Argent.


After he was betrayed, framed and suffered the loss of his pack and his sight, he became angry and more vicious. When one of his Betas tried to take his power in liue of his failure, he slowly became corrupt at the realization he could still see with his werewolf vision and that he could subsume his Beta's power. All this took Deucalion down a dark path.


As leader of the Alpha Pack, Deucalion is narcissistic, ruthless, obsessive and power-hungry. He is proud and diabolical to the last detail. Deucalion is a charismatic leader, but also a manipulator skilled in planting hooks into people he covets for his pack then bringing out the darkness in people, turning them into killers. He has an eloquent cutting intelligence as he proves to be a mastermind capable of orchestrating tactical plans of physical and emotional assaults against his enemies. Deucalion will kill anyone in his way, even his own, to further his personal agenda.


After having his sight restored, thanks to Derek outwitting the Darach, and being spared by both Scott and Derek, Deucalion changes has reformed as he pays back both Derek and Scott back by hiring Braeden to rescue Derek from the Calavera hunters and sabotaging Theo Raeken respectively. He remains a masterful actor as he convinces Theo of his apparent returned dastardedness that he wishes to take Scott out, undermines Theo's hold over his pack and successfully convinces Theo that he's rendered helpless whilst being held hostage.


Powers and abilities

Deucalion speaks with a British accent. He wields a four-section cane that doubles as a dagger and a spear.


Deucalion, the lead alpha werewolf in a pack of alphas has exhibited the pinacle of a werewolf's power. His super-strength, speed, abilities and shapeshifting are unequaled. Though he's blind, Deucalion is actually able to see with his werewolf eyes. His defeat at the end of Season 3A and the loss of his pack severely broke his power, but his eyesight is restored by Jennifer Blake's magic.



Deucalion became an alpha werewolf by 1977. According to Gerard Argent, he had bitten a hunter from the Argent family, Alexander Argent.


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Ten years or so before the series, Deucalion was the alpha of his Pack and his Emissary was Marin Morrell. Deucalion and a delegation of his pack, including a volatile beta Marco, arrived in Beacon Hills at the behest of a neighbouring alpha, Ennis, for aid against the Argent family of hunters. While prepared for the worst, Deucalion reasoned with Ennis for the Argents' killing his beta due to their motive that his wolf savaged and killed two of their people.


Deucalion proposed the idea of a peace proposal with the hunters to the renowned alpha Talia Hale. He urgently pleaded Ennis not to send a message for vendetta, reasoning a war between the two powers will not end "at an eye for an eye", and in the end the packs will end up no better than the hunters. Ennis refused to listen, carving the spiral into the wall of an abandoned distillery, declaring revenge.


Deucalion, wishing to avoid further bloodshed, pushed further for his peace proposal, seeking out Talia and her emissary Alan Deaton's guidance before a meeting with Gerard Argent. Whilst Deaton admired his willingness to extend an olive branch, they both advised him against it, saying Gerard may not be the person to accept it, because of his bloodthirsty nature. They demanded however, he meet the hunters on equal grounds.


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Deucalion arranged the meeting, accompanied by three of his pack, meeting with Gerard and his own men in the distillery. Once both parties met, the meeting commenced. Right then, Gerard betrayed Deucalion, ambushing not just the pack, but also his own hunters, incapacitating everyone with gas. With everyone at his mercy, Gerard revealed a spiked mace. He first beat down his own hunters, slaughtering them. Deucalion is horrified, aghast at Gerard's actions: "(His) own people". Gerard replied they wanted peace too, then framed the alpha for their deaths. Gerard then killed off Deucalion's pack members. The weakened alpha crawled out of the distillery, trying to escape. Gerard came upon him, Deucalion pleaded for mercy, saying he had a vision of peace. Gerard mocked him, then plunged two flashbang arrows into the alpha's eyes, leaving Deucalion screaming in pain.


With Deaton's assistance, Deucalion's eyes healed, but his sight didn't return. The alpha was broken, enraged, demoralized at Gerard's monstrosity and his failure. At that moment, Marco, believing the blinded alpha wasn't fit to lead anymore, and hinted at being furious over their loss, told the older wolf he was alone, moved in to kill him and take over. Deucalion, partially shifting, realized he could still see with his werewolf vision. He reacted quickly, snarling, then viciously mauled and killed his treacherous beta.


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Deucalion later discovered, as a result of killing Marco, the latter's power was added to his own. The entire experience corrupted the alpha, sending him down an dark path. He sought a new way for werewolves to evolve: by establishing absolute dominance, and perfect power.


Along the way, Deucalion went on to murder the rest of his pack, subsuming all of their powers. Deucalion then wished to assemble the "perfect pack", one which consisted of wolves only of alpha status, with himself as leader. Months later, he'd recruited fellow alphas Ennis and Kali to his new violent cause, assembling the Alpha Pack. In order to become one of his pack, they'd had to kill all of their previous pack to absorb their power, as well as their emissary. Overtime this new pack became the most feared and dominant from all around, and Deucalion, for his heinous legacy, came to be known as "the Demon Wolf"+++.


Later on, Deucalion came across a set of twins, Ethan and Aiden both of omega status staying with an infamous pack, all of whom were killers. He sought the the twins due to their ability to merge. He taught them how to control the talent, and after the two killed their way up the pack and killed their alpha both rising to alpha status, they joined Deucalion's pack out of repentance+.


Prior to the end Season 2, Deucalion's pack had arrived in Beacon Hills, were contacted overtime by Marin Morrell to serve as their Emissary, and having taken notice of Derek Hale's rise to alpha status. The lead alpha however, took notice of Scott McCall, becoming aware the young beta had the potential to be a True Alpha.


Deucalion's Pack then cornered a lone Erica and Boyd, and captured them to use in their plans for Derek+.


+Season 3


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The Alpha Pack are all present at the hospital where their targets Isaac Lahey, and Braeden have escaped to. Deucalion is aware Scott McCall has arrived to rescue his fellow werewolf. He follows the teenager into the elevator, using his cane to stall the door and masks his scent preventing Scott from identifying him.


He asks Scott to hit the button for the second floor which Scott complies. Afterwards, he asks the young man if he wouldn't mind helping him around as a guide for a while. Scott reluctantly complies with the man placing his hand over the teenage beta.


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The alphas - Ennis, Kali and the twins - have cornered and taken down their target, the mercenary Braeden in the deserted locker room at the high school. Once Deucalion walks forward, they all stand down.


The lead alpha observes his prey with a dangerous smile. He serenely walks over and kneels before the woman. He touches Braeden's face; he compliments her beauty, though he acknowledges her bravery. A bleeding, unflappable Braeden talks back at the depraved werewolf, saying she knows his fear of Scott's potential.


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Deucalion reminiscences his experiences with Gerard Argent.

Deucalion: "I'm aware of a certain potential threat. But then someone once taught me a very smart way to eliminate a threat: "Get someone else to do it for you.""

Braeden: "Derek."

Smirking, the lead Alpha raises his claws then fatally slashes Braeden. It is revealed later that the mercenary had in fact survived with scars from Deucalion's claws+.


Chaos Rising

The Alpha Pack is stationed in the Beacon Hills First National Bank to spring the trap for Derek Hale anticipating he'd rescue his betas. Once Derek and Scott breach the bank's vault's wall, and the full moon-induced-homicidal Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale savage them, Deucalion has Marin Morrell seal the mountain ash barrier on the perimeter of the vault.


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Once the trap is sprung, the lead alpha scolds her for her apparent guilt, knowing she's whom hired Braeden in a move against him.

Deucalion: "Don't kid yourself, Marin. It's not the first time you've gotten your hands dirty."

The head alpha then takes his emissary's arm as she escorts him out of the bank.



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Deucalion has Kali and Ennis break into Derek's loft. After Ennis subdues Cora and Kali impales a pipe through Derek's mid-section, the blind alpha saunters into the loft. Deucalion takes a seat before the restrained Derek as if he's an old friend.

Deucalion: "Everybody done? 'Cause just listening to that was exhausting. So ... let's chat."

Derek gasping in pain, demands Cora be let go. Deucalion motions at Ennis as a gesture of good will. Deucalion scolds Derek for insinuating he's there to kill him, lecturing the younger alpha that he has far more "vision", even for a blind man, making conversation. After Kali suggests that he speed things along, just in case Derek were to die, Deucalion outlines the hazard with being in a pack of only alphas: "Everybody wants to make the decisions."


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The lead alpha then highlights his objective to the dying Derek: being on the lookout for "new talent". Derek talks back, refusing the offer to join the alphas and that Deucalion wants him to kill his own pack as he'd learnt from the trap a few days ago. Deucalion corrects him, that he only wants Derek to kill one of his own.

Deucalion: "Do that and I won't have to ask you to kill the others ... you'll do it on your own.

The sociopathic Deucalion gives a speech explaining the Alpha Pack's rule of entry. He bring up the everyday rule that a pack is only as strong as its members, unfolding and flexing out his four-section cane. He recalls a time that after he lost his eyes, a beta of his tried to usurp his position as alpha, assumed he was unfit to be the alpha anymore and so Deucalion killed him, folding one section of his cane. 


218879 medium
After doing so, he realized his beta's power was added to his. He tested the ritual to subsume a beta's power by killing another one, folding another section. The alphas' leader then lets Derek know he went on to kill off everyone else in his previous pack, as did Ennis and Kali, to augment his alpha powers to the maximum, fully flexing out his cane again.

Deucalion: "I took the individual parts and became a greater individual whole."

Deucalion then touches and examines Derek's face. He remarks his resemblance to his mother, then tells Derek they'll get to know each other as he did with her.


77823 medium
Derek, painfully, talks back he knows who Deucalion is, branding the alpha pack leader a fanatic. This gets under Deucalion's skin, his strength rising in his alpha's voice.

Deucalion: "Know me? You've never seen anything like me. I am the alpha of alphas. I am the apex of apex predators. I am DEATH, DESTROYER OF WORLDS. I - AM - THE DEMON WOLF."

His roar has shattered the lenses of his glasses, remarking he hates when that happens. Having handed their proposition, Derek is freed, and Deucalion and his subordinates walk with confidence out of the loft, with Kali guiding Deucalion.


221063 medium
Deucalion shows up at the high school where the twins have Merged in the high school, about to beat up Isaac and Scott.


The alphas' leader silently walks up to them. The Merged werewolf is immediately submissive. He dissolves, separating back into the individual twins. Deucalion sharply slashes their faces with the concealed dagger in his cane for their breaking rank. They follow him out of the high school.



Scott is at the building housing the Argents' apartment after visiting Allison Argent. He heads into the elevator, and just as the doors close he sees that Deucalion is in the elevator with him.


94125 medium
Scott goes on the defensive, unsheathing his claws.

Deucalion: "Come on, Scott. Put those away. I'd have to be blind, deaf and quadriplegic for you to be an actual threat."

The blind alpha offhandedly studies the teenage beta and puts him through a test. He hears Scott's steady heartbeat, noting although Scott is afraid of him, he's controlling the fear. He then plays with Scott that maybe the beta should "rise to the occassion", kill an alpha and become one. Scott replies that he's not a killer, that he doesn't have to kill people. Deucalion answers while he doesn't now, situations where the only way to save one's life is to take another.


221540 medium
Scott assumes Deucalion is there to threaten him. The alpha answers no, he's there because he lives there, remarking that he appreciates the accommodation and the friendly neighbors.

Scott: "What do you want?"

Deucalion: "I want to see what you're made of."

The elevator stops and residents walk in while Scott quickly slips out. Deucalion nonchalantly asks for someone to hit the button for the penthouse where he and his pack are living.


Deucalion is eventually contacted by Scott who tries to diffuse the bad blood between the two packs. He arranges for he and the lead alpha to meet and talk at an abandoned superstore.


221557 medium
Deucalion is at the superstore on an escalator when Scott and Isaac arrive. The blind alpha points out to an oblivious Scott that he didn't come alone, meaning that he doesn't just mean Isaac. Derek, Cora and Boyd come out of the shadows. They had followed Scott, Derek having predicted the lone beta would typically attempt to broker peace.

Derek: "Him. Just him."

Deucalion: "Just me? Now, how does a blind man find his way into a place like this? All on his own? 

After Deucalion speaks, the rest of the alphas come out of their hiding places and converge upon the smaller betas. Deucalion broke the rules of his meeting with Scott as well.


The atmosphere is tense and quiet for moments. An obstinate Derek makes the first move, targeting Deucalion, but Kali swiftly knocks him back. A full-on fight erupts between the two packs while Deucalion, serene as ever, observes from the escalator. The super-powered alphas make quick work of Derek and his betas.


94314 medium
Deucalion orders Derek to kill Boyd and the others can go free. Kali questions the lead Alpha about his choice of Derek, an Alpha to a bunch of useless teenagers. Deucalion steals a look at Scott, saying "some have more promise than others." Kali acquices, threatening Cora's life to pressure Derek.


Arrows, flashbangs, suddenly rain down on all around the assembled werewolves. Deucalion orders his Alphas to cover their eyes. As both Packs recover, a standoff occurs between Scott and Ennis. Both Wolves ram into each other - Scott matches Ennis' charge with equal super-strength and afterwards he briefly sports the red eye color of an Alpha which Deucalion catches.


With Derek and Ennis falling off the edge of the floor to their apparent deaths two floors below, the battle ends with Packs dispersing. Ennis is alive and has been brought to Alan Deaton's animal clinic for treatment.


94129 medium
Deucalion enters. He asks the defensive Dr. Deaton for Ennis' condition and his prognosis. Deaton replies that Ennis is going to make it. Deucalion walks over to a barely cognizant Ennis. In an act of repentance, the lead Alpha bends over his subordinate Alpha and kisses both of Ennis' cheeks. He then bears his claws, grabs Ennis' skull and simply crushes Ennis, killing him. Deucalion tells a repulsed Deaton he may have overestimated "(Ennis') odds." Having killed Ennis, Deucalion subsumes Ennis' power.


Deucalion then lies to Kali and the twins, telling them that Ennis died from his injuries. His goal is now to enforce his Pack's own code: Derek has to join their Pack in repentance for Ennis' death or he must die+. To this end, he entices a vengeful Kali to push Derek into this corner.



In Beacon Hills high school, Deucalion is in the music room. By tapping his cane against the teacher's desk in a fixed rhythm, he discretely sends a message to Scott, luring him to the music room. He knows Deaton has been abducted by the Darach. He compares Scott's situation with a tempo being set, but a metronome is missing thus the rhythm is not steady. He offers to help Scott recover his "metronome" - helping Scott find Deaton.


94473 medium
Scott reacts with his heartbeat spiking and Deucalion senses his anger. The Alpha Pack leader presumes Scott is thinking that Deucalion has something to do with Deaton's disappearance. He proposes that if Scott is able to take his cane away from him, he'll tell Scott exactly where to find Deaton.


Scott leaps at the Alpha taking him on. He tries multiple acrobatic feats against the older werewolf, but Deucalion outmaneuvers and outmatches him at every turn. Deucalion then takes out the dagger in his cane and stabs Scott.


Deucalion commends Scott on his abilities, but reminds Scott that Deucalion isn't the one who's kidnapping and sacrificing innocent people. But his Pack does want Derek dead however, reminding Scott of Kali's vendetta. He lets Scott know the chances are that someone is going to die. Unafraid, Scott demands that Deucalion tell him where Deaton is. Amused, Deucalion tells him a very important clue instead: "Let the current guide you."


The Overlooked

94561 medium
The Darach has recently been identified as the teacher Jennifer Blake. Deucalion has his Pack infiltrate the hospital to ambush Derek's pack and allies who have also identified Jennifer. Having sent the twins ahead, Deucalion and Kali arrive at the premises which is evacuating due to the big storm. They track down Jennifer who's exiting the elevator. The Alpha Pack leader takes the first strike, throwing his cane dagger at the Dark druid - which misses her head by inches and escapes in an elevator.


Deucalion and Kali come upon Melissa McCall who curiously pulls the former's cane out of the wall. From behind, he takes the cane out of her hand and gives her his thanks. Melissa nervously realizes she's talking to the bad guy. The Alpha humors her, saying she has no idea of how much of a bad guy he is. He takes her hostage.


94751 medium
Deucalion has Melissa send a message to Derek's Pack over the intercom. They are to deliver Jennifer to the ER reception in ten minutes, then everyone else can leave.


When they don't comply, Deucalion's Pack track Jennifer throughout the building. Kali gives chase on Jennifer and Derek. They escape into the elevator. Deucalion, however is prepared for this as he turns off the power generator, leaving the elevator stuck in the shafts.


He thanks Melissa for her cooperation. Melissa asks him what does he want with her now. Deucalion answers she's his gesture of good will and lets her go, telling her to go find Scott and advises her to be careful, to her confusion.


Kali mocks Deucalion that he has a soft spot for Scott. Deucalion answers her the young Beta is an investment he's trying to mature. He tells Kali while they're talking about the soft spots, he requests they talk about Jennifer Blake. He's aware Kali has recognized Jennifer is actually her former emissary Julia Baccari.


94730 medium
They argue over Kali's decision to let Julia Baccari die peacefully because she was harmless when Kali was to kill off her entire Pack to be a part of the Alpha Pack. Kalia insists Julia was harmless, but she tried to ill her anyway, because Deucalion wanted her to. Deucalion corrects her she joined the Pack to be with Ennis.


The lead Alpha goes on to cajole her on how harmless Julia looks now. Kali arrogantly admits there might have been a moment of when she was sure Julia was still fighting for life that she could have finished her off or just walked away and let someone she loved die in peace. Deucalion mockingly tells Kali his heart bleeds for her, but scolds her that Julia's could have bled a little more.


Deucalion listens to Scott's allies as they plan how to get Jennifer and Cora out of the hospital right out from under his Pack's noses.


94766 medium
Biding his time, the lead Alpha lets Kali and the twins fall for the bait as Allison impersonates Jennifer and lures his three subordinates out of the hospital and stands by as Jennifer makes her double-cross, kidnapping Melissa to use for the Guardian sacrifice.


Up on the hospital roof, a terrified Scott calls out for his mother. Deucalion arrives, telling Scott Jennifer took his mother, because as a parent, Melissa is a Guardian. The Alpha tells him he could have told him what 'Guardians' meant. Deucalion makes his terms clear: Scott joins his Pack and help him catch Jennifer; he'll help Scott rescue his mother and Stiles' father. 


With a heavy-heart, Scott complies, ignoring Stiles' protests. Scott follows Deucalion into the night. Later on, Deucalion lets out a howl to tell the others to retreat.


Alpha Pact

Deucalion's Pack are tracking Marin Morrell as they know she is the same as Jennifer, a Druid Emissary. Deucalion, with Scott in tow, follow upon them.


94944 medium
In the woods, Deucalion notices a firefly. He notes it's unusual for a bioluminescent firefly to be in California. Scott realizes and answers the firefly and all the odd animal behavior from the start of the school year has been because of Jennifer and her actions. Deucalion replies it's said that animals can sense natural disasters before they occur. Perhaps the same can be said for supernatural disasters as well. Scott asks his new leader does Jennifer scare him. Deucalion answers she 'concerns' him if she's willing to murder that many innocent people for her cause. Scott then asks is he willing to kill innocent people. The blind Alpha answers he'll kill any living thing who gets in his way.


Kali and the twins have cornered Morrell who's cast a mountain ash circle. Deucalion interrogates Morrell how she knew the Pack would come for her. Morrell tells her former Alpha she was aware that he's always been suspicious of what druids could do and that their reliance on her has been questionable because they know she hired the female warrior (Braeden) who rescued Isaac from them. The Alphas want her for information on Jennifer. Morrell replies she knows nothing more than they know.


94946 medium
Morrell talks to Scott saying being wth Deucalion isn't who he is. Deucalion retorts that Scott can decide for himself. Morell attempts to tell Scott and the other Alphas that Deucalion has been manipulating them. All the bodies Deucalion has piled up in his effort to form his 'perfect Pack', including Ennis. She tells them that Ennis was alive when Deucalion went in to see him, as well as Deucalion's plan for Derek to join the Pack because that paves the way for Scott. Scott and the Alphas halt momentarily.


The lead Alpha remarks "the lies people will tell when begging for their life". He then uncaps his cane and throws it into Morrell's shoulder knocking her over her circle.


The Alphas advance on Morrell, but Scott intervenes, tells his new Pack members no and to back off. In the end, Morrell's life is spared.


Lunar Ellipse

95436 medium
Scott plans on facing Jennifer with Deucalion, due to the deal he made with the Alpha Pack leader: fight with Deucalion as Pack members, but simultaneously planning to use the sinister werewolf to his advantage against the Darach, so to rescue the kidnapped parents before Jennifer can sacrifice them.


Deucalion meets with Scott atop Lookout Point at the night of the full moon and the lunar eclipse as Jennifer plans to kill all the Alpha Pack when werewolves everywhere are simultaneously powerless and she has already killed Kali and the twins are dying. Scott comes up with a plan. He leads Deucalion to the same abandoned building where Ennis declared vengeance. Scott sends a MMS video to Jennifer of the spiral carved into the wall knowing it's her true intent.


Scott and Deucalion wait. Jennifer arrives, along with a pressured Derek in tow. Jennifer had promised him the kidnapped parents if he would be her Guardian. Deucalion amusedly calls the standoff "brother against brother".


95060 medium
The lead Alpha then mocks Jennifer asking her is she ready, as he folds up his cane and removes his jacket:

"Did you gather your herbs? Pray to your ancient gods and your oak trees? Slit a baby's throat, perhaps? Should we show them why you needed to sacrifice twelve innocent people just to face me? Or is it fifteen, now?"

The Demon Wolf then advances on Jennifer and shapeshifts into an ominous-looking demonic werewolf shape. Scott, Derek and Jennifer are terrified at this display.


Derek makes the first move, shifting and roaring. The newly regressed Beta werewolf attacks Deucalion, but the Alpha swiftly blocks Derek's strike and left hand, being easily outmatched, and the Demon Wolf knows it.


Jennifer moves in and directs a telepathic blow at Deucalion. He easily resists and shakes the blast off. Cackling, the Demon Wolf then, in the blink of an eye, catches both she and Derek by the throats and lifts them both up. He knocks Jennifer down and duels with Derek again. Derek is overpowered and the Alpha easily flings him aside.


Jennifer advances again, but she's thrashed twice by Deucalion, and is then incapacitated. Scott has been motionless the entire time.


95184 medium
Deucalion holds a beaten Jennifer hostage. The Demon Wolf orders Scott to kill her. Scott hesitates. Deucalion Roars, forcing tbe beta to unwillingly shapeshift, then repeats the order. He tells Scott the storm is what's she's using to kill the parents, from her link to the telluric currents. He incessantly demands Scott kill Jennifer to prevent Melissa and the other parents from dying. Scott stalls, knowing if he complies with Deucalion, then he's falling right into the Alpha's hands. Scott answers they're not dead yet, declaring his friends, his Pack will save them.


Deucalion runs out of patience and rushes over to Scott, grabs him and forcefully walks him over to Jennifer, saying maybe Scott just needs a little guidance. Scott tells Deucalion to wait, that he forgot to tell Deucalion something he learned from Gerard: "Deucalion is not always blind."


Scott sneaks three flashbangs out of his pocket, and throws them against the floor, setting them off. Able to see in his werewolf form, Deucalion is now truely blinded by the devices. His new disability lasts until the lunar eclipse arrives.


Deucalion panics when the eclipse arrives, knowing he's lost his advantage. Jennifer has disappeared. She later reappears in her actual form, the Darach.


Jennifer has the power now and ruthlessly attacks, pummels and thrashes Deucalion, who's unable to do anything. He lays on the floor barely cognizant from his head injury. Jennifer prepares to give the Demon Wolf the final blow, but Derek stalls her by telling Jennifer that Deucalion doesn't know the price she paid from his bringing Kali into his Pack. Jennifer acquises, playing into Derek's trick to have Deucalion actually see what happened to her.


95186 medium
Barely conscious from his unhealing injuries Jennifer has afflicted upon him, Deucalion is almost non-responsive. The Darach lays her hands over the depowered werewolf's blinded eyes. She then channels her magic. The Alpha screams in pain.


When Jennifer removes her hands, Deucalion blinks and is astonished, surprised, shocked that he can see again with human eyesight.


Jennifer then demands that Deucalion look at her to see the result of his crimes, before she kills him. The depowered Alpha looks at her scarred, depraved, dehumanized face, to his horror. Jennifer however has been rendered weak by her healing him, as Derek had intended.


When the lunar eclipse passes, and Jennifer recovers her power, she casts a mountain ash circle. Soon her quintuple sacrifice will be complete, and then she won't need a lunar eclipse to kill even Deucalion. Scott however takes action and forcefully pushes against the mountain ash, fully determined to stop Jennifer. Scott keeps pushing on and on, breaking the suprnatural barrier. A newly empowered Deucalion watches in awe, inspired at this display and witnesses as Scott fully awakens his True Alpha status, fully overcoming Jennifer's barrier.


Scott seriously says he's now an alpha and demands Jennifer stop the storm or he'll kill her himself.


Reminded of his humanity and truthfulness, Deucalion steps in, saying killing her won't change his werewolf eyes. So the alpha decides to prevent Scott from becoming a killer, and does it himself, slashing Jennifer's throat, mortally wounding her. Jennifer falls back, incapacitated, as her true form. The storm stops with Jennifer's threat put to an end.


Melissa, Stilinski, Chris Argent, Isaac, Stiles and Alllison are saved.


95395 medium
Scott and Derek face the newly humanized but silent, broken Deucalion. With the Alpha Pack decimated, two of them dead, the twins' having survived but lost their Alpha status and the recent struggle with Jennifer, Deucalion's power has been severely cut down. The two werewolves keep in mind of the monster he was and the monstrosity he inspired and committed. However, because of new developments and the his recent actions having saved multiple lives, Derek mentions Talia said Deucalion was a man of vision once. They are letting Deucalion live, because they hope he can be that man again. Scott warns him however, if they are wrong and he committs something they don't like, it won't matter if he can see again, because he'll never see them coming.


The two Wolves then leave a solemn Deucalion alone.


More Bad than Good

Deucalion becomes aware the Calavera family of hunters have captured Derek. Having also found out the mercenary Braeden survived his attempt to kill her, he hires her to rescue Derek from the Calaveras. Braeden accepts his job, heading to Mexico to save Derek.


+Season 5


Theo and his Pack start tracking down Deucalion, which Scott finds out through Mason, via Corey.


Scott finds Deucalion first and puts two and two together that Theo wants to learn from Deucalion how to steal the power from the Beast of Gevaudan. To repay Scott for sparing him months last year, the True Alpha alerts the Deucalion of this, then enlists him to undermine Theo. Deucalion accepts and presents himself to be blind again+ .


The Sword and the Spirit

Theo's Pack, Tracy, Corey and Josh find Deucalion and after great strife and pain on their part, they bring him to the The Dread Doctors' operating theatre. Deucalion is hooked up to a contraption injecting the trapped Alpha with wolfsbane to weaken him.


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Theo arrives at the operating theatre and looks upon the injuries his Pack have sustained, from taking down "one blind werewolf." Deucalion snarks at the lead Chimera that he's only recently blinded again. He recalls that his eyes' healing at the Darach's hands was proven only temporary. He then snarls: "A parting gift from my time with Scott McCall."


The blind Alpha tells Theo he knows about the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan and that he wants Deucalion will show him how to steal its power. Theo, pleased, thinks Deucalion wants to make a deal. He invites the trapped Alpha to just tell him what he wants.

Deucalion: "I want his eyes. On the tips of my claws. I want the eyes of Scott McCall."



Lie Ability


The Beast of Beacon Hills