Kira Yukimura+Season 4


The Dark Moon

Kira accompanies Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia to Mexico. She notices that the hunters in the club have started looking for them and goes to warn Malia. Malia advises her to blend in, and Kira starts dancing very poorly. Distressed, Malia pulls her in close so they grind against one another, and Kira picks up on this quickly. Once the hunters attack, Kira takes one out with some glowing nunchucks. She, Malia, and Scott then head up to Araya's office. Severo releases wolfsbane smoke into the hallway, which disables Scott and Malia. Kira appears to be immune to wolfsbane, but a hunter knocks her out. They're all thrown into a cell. Kira questions Malia's desire to just leave without Lydia and asks about what her coyote instincts would tell her to do. She is not impressed by the answer. When the hunters come to test Scott, they make Kira turn the dial on his electrocution. She resists, but if she doesn't turn it, they'll electrocute Lydia instead. Kira eventually does refuse to put the dial all the way to 10, so Araya does it. Out in the desert, after the Jeep breaks down, Kira tells Scott to be careful and gives him a hug before he goes. She pulls out her katana and stands guard with Malia while Stiles fixes the Jeep. When Malia takes off after the thing stalking them, Kira runs after her. They don't find whatever it is and return to the Jeep once Stiles has it running. 



Mr. Yukimura is teaching about how many great historical leaders have failed spectacularly before succeeding. He lays out the details of one such leader saying he “failed at business, had a nervous breakdown, was defeated for both houses of congress and lost as a candidate for vice president” and then asks if anyone knows who he is describing. While many hands in the classroom go up, he calls on Malia who seems distracted with a highlighter in her mouth like a dog bone while furiously drawing red lines. Scott’s phone rings, and Mr. Yukimura tells him to turn it off. He gives more clues saying “one of our greatest presidents, Gettysburg Address,” but Malia still doesn’t have the answer. Kira is furiously waving her hand at her father.


Later, Lydia and Kira pull up to the same gas station we saw Kate at last night. Kira is concerned about how Scott feels about the whole “dialing up the electricity while he was being tortured” thing, and Lydia assures her that Scott “couldn’t be more into you.” She then tells Kira to grab her Beacon Hills Credit Union credit card from the visor and fill up. Kira notices that the car’s tank is already full and goes to find Lydia. Lydia is around the side of the building staring into the open door of the restroom. She tells Kira not to look, but the advice goes unheeded as Kira looks into the blood soaked room.


After nightfall, Lydia and Kira arrive at the school where Scott and Malia have gone with Peter. Kira runs in and slashes at the berserkers with her sword. She loses focus, looking at Scott, and they disarm her and easily toss her aside.



Kira is slightly freaking out. She found a “For Sale” sign on her house on her way out to go to school. Her mother explains that their stay in Beacon Hills was only temporary and that they are trying to sell the house to move back to New York. Kira makes excuses for them to stay, starting with her father’s “important” job as a high school History teacher. Ken Yukimura  points out that he was a Professor at Columbia University before they moved out west. Noshiko  guesses correctly that Kira is really worried about leaving Scott but she denies this.

Her mom points out that Scott wasn’t Kira’s first boyfriend and he won’t be her last. Kira sighs and says “He’s not my boyfriend.”


Stiles is ready to leave school to go investigate the triple homicide: Sean Walcott and his family. But Scott reminds him that they have Econ in five minutes. Stiles still wants to go, but Scott points out that their parents want them to stay out of it, and Kira similarly suggests they let the adults handle it. Stiles says he’s never heard anything so irresponsible in his life and stalks off.


Scott tells Kira he’ll have time to discuss “that thing you wanted to talk about” after lacrosse tryouts. She says sure, to which Scott responds with a “Great, see you then” and a quick peck of a kiss on the lips. Kira looks stunned. Scott rushes to class, grabs a desk, and sits down. Only then does he realize that he just spontaneously kissed Kira, and he too looks stunned.


Malia and Kira are in the stands watching the lacrosse tryouts. Kira has a lacrosse stick and toys with it while watching the boys. Malia points out that Kira smells stressed saying she “reeks of anxiety and it is distracting.” Kira explains quickly that she is worried that her relationship with Scott was “never much of a thing” and she wants it to be more.


Malia makes a bet with Coach, and when he loses he picks up a ball and throws it toward the stands. It flies straight at Malia’s head, but Kira leans the stick over and catches it just before it strikes. Coach yells for her to “throw it back” and she does, hitting him in the chest and knocking the wind out of him. He is impressed and asks if she’s ever played lacrosse.


Later, Scott runs out of the locker room to explain to Kira that he has to take Liam to the hospital. Kira says they can talk later. Scott tries to apologize for the “thing” he did in the hallway. He says he didn’t want to make it awkward or weird and apologizes again. He then dashes back into the locker room leaving Kira looking unhappy. Scott comes back out of the locker room and rushes to her saying he’s not sorry. He grabs her and kisses her deeply and passionately.


That evening, Ken Yukimura comes in the house carrying the pieces of what was the “For Sale” sign. Kira has apparently sliced it up. Kira is in her room practicing with a lacrosse stick, spinning it like her sword when her mother shouts her name. She smiles and spins around bringing the stick down with a “whoosh.”


The Benefactor

During class, Lydia has her math notes on her laptop. Kira says it doesn’t look like math, and Lydia agrees that it looks more like code which she has no memory of writing. She points out that, since her drawing a tree led to the nemeton she should probably figure out what the code means “before it tries to kill us.” Kira says it might be like the Enigma Code the Allies used in World War II. She reminds Lydia that her father studied the war and her mom “was in it."


Sometime later at school, Lydia, Scott, Kira, Stiles, and Malia are discussing what to do with Liam. Malia says she won’t share “her” basement. Lydia points out that it is her basement and that her mother knows how Malia tore it up “last time.” Scott says they’ll use the boat house for Liam. It has support beams to which they can chain him.


Lydia suggests they tell Liam there is a party and invite him. She wants to seduce or trick Liam into coming to the lake house but she says she is “done with teenage boys” and suggests they use the trickster to play a trick on him. When Kira is reluctant, Lydia reminds her that female foxes are called “vixen.”


Liam catches site of Kira coming down the stairs in the hallway and is smitten. In slow motion, Kira sexily descends the stairs but trips on the last one and falls on her face. Liam rushes to help her and she asks him to go to a party with her. That night, Kira drives Liam through the woods. The full moon is out. Liam’s hearing becomes very sensitive and while her car stereo is playing low, he hears a cacophony. Kira explains that they’re going to Lydia’s lake house but that it actually belongs to Lydia’s dead grandmother.


Liam gets a text from his best friend Mason Hewitt saying "Where are you?" Liam begans to wonder who is coming. After Kira explains that “everyone” is coming to the party, Liam responds to the text. As they get closer to the lake house, Liam’s breathing becomes labored, and Kira looks worried. Once they arrive, he seems fine but he is suspicious that there aren’t more vehicles there. Inside, Stiles, Scott, Malia and Lydia are waiting. Stiles says to think of it as an intervention.


The others have apparently tried to fill Liam in on the supernatural situation. He repeats each one’s designation “Werewolf, werecoyote, banshee, Fox.” Kira supplies the word kitsune. Liam turns to Stiles, “What are you?” to which Stiles replies “For a little while I was possessed by an evil spirit. It was very evil.” Liam asks again, “What are you now?” Stiles replies, “Better?”


Lydia’s lake house sits on a hill above the lake, but a small boat house sits on the water. Inside, Scott tries to hold a snarling Liam back while Kira fastens the chains to one of the buildings support beams. Liam breaks free and lands on top of Scott who manages to hold him off until Kira smacks him in the head with a nearby boat paddle. Liam is knocked cold.


Kira and Scott then watch over Liam who is still out cold. Kira says he looks young, and Scott points out that he is just 15. Scott says they will help Liam and seems certain that the boy will want their help. In the boat house, Scott can hear the music from the house, but Kira cannot. He says they’re playing “Electronic.” Kira says she wished they played slow songs at parties because she was better at slow dancing.


Scott pulls up some music on his phone and they dance. Kira questions Scott on how he maintains control on the full moon. Scott says it comes down to keeping his pulse rate down and concentration. Kira then sets out to distract him. He says he is “in-distractable.” She kisses him a couple of times and his eyes begin to glow. She says she heard him growl too, but Scott realizes it wasn’t him – it was Liam.


While Scott takes care of Liam, Kira finds Lydia still listening to the white noise upstairs. Lydia says she’s got the key to break the code.



Mr. Yukimura says he needs to talk to her. She thinks it’s about all the recent murders and her name being on the list but he doesn’t know anything about it. He simply wants to discuss her joining the lacrosse team without telling him.


Kira, Scott and Stiles pull apart all the team's lacrosse sticks looking for the weapon, which Scott eventually says is pointless since most of the team plays with their own gear. Kira suggests they should get the game canceled but Scott believes their best chance to find the assassin will be during the game. He says he's not afraid, Kira says she's not either, and Scott looks at her with pride.


Kira plays the game but towards the end of the game, she shoots a winning shot and Coach calls her over and benches her for the whole game. She asks why and Coach answers, "We have to work together."





Scott, Kira, Malia, and Stiles are at school for the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test). Lydia apparently took the test when she was a freshman. Malia is reluctant to take the exam, but Scott says she studied harder than any of them and adds that “while we’re trying not to die, we still need to live.” He says if he survives high school he would like to go to college, “a good college.” Kira points out that the test only takes three hours to complete and “we can survive three hours.”


After the outbreak, Stiles tells Malia and Kira that he heard the CDC thinks it is smallpox. “The Chemist,” who is eavesdropping, says that is not likely because smallpox is one of two viruses that have been completely eradicated from the planet. He says the other extinct disease is Rinderpest.


The CDC is taking blood from each student. In line for their turn, Malia asks Kira if she ever gets the feeling Scott and Stiles aren’t telling her everything. She’s talking about what Scott has hidden in a bag under his bed. Kira is quick to point out that she’s never been under or in Scott’s bed. She says she’s been on it “wearing clothes.”


When it’s Kira’s turn to get her blood drawn, lightening shoots up the needle and burns the CDC worker’s hazmat suit. Other workers rush her outside, checking for a hole in the suit, but she says it just scorched the top layer. She brushes it off as “static electricity.” Malia rushes Kira away from the other students.


Using a set of blueprints of the school, they figure out where the vault must be in relation to the rest of the school. Mr. Yukimura suggests it would probably be accessible from the basement. Stiles collapses. He has developed signs of infection on his hand. Mr. Yukimura says they’re all getting sick. Kira says she doesn’t feel sick but he says it is affecting her neurologically. He shows her the answer sheet from the test and it looks like she tried to fill in the bubbles but kept missing them. Her marks are all over the page.


In the vault, Malia lays in Stiles arms. Kira paces while Scott sits quietly. Kira notices a jar on a shelf and picks it up. They discuss how to changed bearer bonds into cash saying that type of currency is almost obsolete so getting money for them would require a bank.

In the vault, Scott is listening at the door. He says “they’re looking for us” and decides that someone will have to go outside. He looks to Kira and Malia who are huddled together on the floor. Scott says they need to tell Malia the truth about Peter being her father. Stiles balks and points out that Peter’s name is not on the list. This makes him “either incredibly lucky or The Benefactor.”

Kira has now gone blind as well. Scott is struggling to stand.


Stiles is outside the vault yelling for Scott to open the door and explaining how the mushrooms are inside in a jar on one of the shelves. Kira says she saw the mushrooms. Scott manages to stand and using his enhanced vision sees the mushrooms glowing brightly. He stumbles and crawls over to the shelf and manages to knock the jar off. It shatters on the floor and the mushroom spores fill the air.


Time Of Death

Scott,Kira,Liam, and Stiles are gathered in Scott's kitchen.They have three Apple laptops which are apparently part of a plan of some sort. Stiles describes what they’re doing as “incredibly dangerous and borderline idiotic.” Scott gives Liam the option to not take part but Liam says he's not scared.


Earlier in the afternoon, we see that Scott, Liam, Kira and Noshiko were gathered around Scott’s bed. Liam is nervous about what they’re planning and Kira seeks reassurance from Scott who says it’s going to be alright. Liam asks Noshiko if she’s done this before she says she’s “seen it done.” She says it’s a terrible idea but when Kira threatens to do it without her mother’s help, Noshiko acquiesces.

She instructs Kira to place her hand over Scott’s heart but Scott stops her. He wants to know what will happen while he’s out. Noshiko explains that it will feel like he’s dreaming. Scott wants to know if the dreams will be good or bad but she says that depends on him. Kira places her hand over Scott’s heart and releases foxfire which causes him to seize and gasp.


Back at the hospital, Melissa has regained her composure. She enters the morgue where Scott's body lies. She tells Stiles, Kira, Noshiko and Liam how much she hates the plan. She says it’s “pretty significantly terrifying” because Scott looks dead. Noshiko takes her hand and places over Scott’s heart. She holds it there until Melissa feels a single beat. She questions if that is enough to keep a werewolf alive and Noshiko says it is for an Alpha.


Noshiko explains that they have 45 minutes for Kira to bring him back with another foxfire shock. If she can’t do it before time runs out, Scott will be dead.


On the roof of the Hospital, Chris Argent attaches a device that taps the building’s internal security cameras. He calls Stiles on his SAMSUNG Gear 2 wrist device to ask him if they are ready downstairs. Stiles, Kira and Liam have set up the laptops in one of the empty patient rooms. With a single keystroke, all three light up with multiple images from the hospital’s security cameras.

The camera feed from the roof goes out and Liam and Kira decide to investigate. Kira takes her sword in case it is more than a malfunction.


On the hospital roof, a transformer begins sparking and surging. Liam says he thinks someone did something to it. They hear a growl. He and Kira turns to see a Berserker walking toward them. Kira whips out her sword and takes a defensive stance.

On the roof, Kira and Liam take their shot at the berserker. Liam is picked up and tossed away while Kira manages to get some hits in with her sword before she too is taken out with a right hook to the jaw.


While she struggles to remain conscious, Kira remembers discussing the plan with Scott earlier in the day. The couple lay face to face on his bed reassuring each other that theirs is a good plan. They decide they should go on a real date after they get through the latest supernatural threat. They settle on seeing a movie and kiss.


Liam struggles to wake Kira, pulling her to her feet and retreating back from the berserker.


Chris demands that Kate back off explaining that they have a plan. She misunderstands and thinks their plan included really killing Scott. She says she is there because she is on the Dead Pool. She notices the countdown on his Gear 2 which reads “03:04” and eases her grip on him. He urges her to take the Berserkers and go. Liam is battered and bleeding. Kira tells him to run but instead he rises for another attack, jumping on top of a transformer bank and diving at the Berserker. Scott wakes up. He is inside one of the refrigerated vaults at the hospital’s morgue. When he looks behind him, the square chamber seems to go on forever. He crawls through and emerges from a locker in the darkened hallway of Beacon Hills High School. Liam yells “catch” and Scott catches a bloody tomahawk as it wizzes at his head.

Suddenly Scott is back in the real morgue and he’s screaming. Kira kisses him. He wants to know if it worked but they shake their heads "no." Liam runs in and says Kira’s mother is hurt. Melissa holds Noshiko as she bleeds profusely from a wound in her side. Liam’s dad arrives and helps Melissa get the injured woman to her feet.


Scott says the fact that the plan didn’t draw the Benefactor to the hospital implies they must have some other way of verifying that someone from the list is dead. Kira says “a banshee.”