Matt Daehler
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"This doesn't have anything to do with Allison, does it." - Matt to Jackson Whittemore

"Jackson is my fury." - Matt to Scott McCall


Matthew 'Matt' Daehler is a student at Beacon Hills High School, and a member of the Cyclones lacrosse team. Prior to the series, Matt almost drowned at a pool party held by Mr. Lahey and the beacon Hills high school swim team, to his trauma and humiliation. In Season 2, Matt Daehler is a psychological stalker who fixates on Allison Argent and becomes the master of the kanima, enslaving Jackson Whittemore after the latter transforms into a kanima. He takes command of the shapeshifter, goes on a killing spree, using the shapeshifter to kill Mr. Lahey and all former high school students who were involved in his near drowning and becomes a hidden quarry and foe of Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Allison, Derek's Pack and the Argent family of hunters. Matt is eventually exposed as the kanima's master and the true culprit, but takes Scott, Stiles, Derek Hale, Melissa McCall and Sheriff Noah Stilinski hostage. He menaces them, and confesses everything to Scott, his motive and all his experiences with the kanima. During the skirmish between all parties involved, Matt slips away, but is assaulted then killed by Gerard Argent.



Matt initially appears and presents himself as a confident and friendly everyday high school student and photographer, wanting to make friends and go out to parties with people.


Underneath this image of a well-adjusted teenager however, Matt is in truth callous and mentally unstable. He displayed all the traits of a typical stalker, being obsessive, psychotic and intrusive. He inappropriately pursued Allison by inconspicuously taking photoshots of her from everywhere without her consent. He also photo shopped himself into many of his candid shots of her, deluding himself into thinking he and Allison were in a romantic relationship. When he suspected Jackson was making a sex tape under the misinterpretation that it was for Allison to see, he proved to also be a peeping tom, viewing Jackson's video for himself, then even tried to sabotage Allison's secret affair with Scott in a very perverse manner.


As a result of his childhood trauma and keeping it secret for years, Matt's psyche is extremely compromised to the point of him becoming a murderer. He is self-righteous, impulsive, irrational and demented. He persistently justified his murderous actions that the swim team 'murdered' him, reflecting on his near-death experience, that because of their role in causing his trauma, they were in debt to him. Matt's self-absorbed dementia was so far that he displayed no remorse in taking Scott, Stiles and their parents hostage and terrorizing them.



When Matt was 9 years old, in 2006, he went to the Isaac Lahey's house to make a first edition comic book trade with Isaac. At the time, Mr. Lahey, the high school's swim team coach was having a pool party with his favorites, his elder son Camden Lahey, Bennett, Tucker, Jessica, Sean and Kara to celebrate winning the state championship.


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The teenagers were all drinking alcohol with Lahey's consent and Matt wound up at the middle of the party. Suddenly, a drunken Camden grabbed Matt and was about to throw him in the pool. Terrified, Matt yells out that he can't swim, but everyone was far too imbibed to listen, just having a great time and Camden throws him in.


Matt started to drown, swallowing water. He cried out for help, but everyone just drunkenly laughed. As Matt went under, Sean and Jessica feeling each other up as well as Tucker and Kara. Matt drowned, but then was rescued and resuscitated by Mr. Lahey. The coach berates Matt that his near-death experience was his own fault, because "what little bastard doesn't know how to swim." Lahey demanded that Matt say nothing, that he tell no one about what happened so no one finds out he let teenagers drink alcohol.


Matt obeyed keeping the incident secret. He caused himself trauma in the seven years that followed. He had nightmares where he's drowning and he would wake up gasping for breath. His parents thought Matt was asthmatic and even brought him an inhaler. 

+Season 2


Matt is standing by his locker at Beacon Hills high school. Allison Argent's locker is just a few down from his. Matt compliments Allison on her dress. She compliments his camera in return. He flashes her a smile.


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Matt follows Allison to the funeral where the media is hounding the service. He sneaks underneath the barricade keeping the reporters outside, and takes photos of the event, mostly taking shots of Allison. He starts when Mr. Lahey gets in one of the shots. Remembering his near-drownng at Lahey's house seven years ago, Matt looks down the lense of his camera at the photo of Lahey. Suddenly Matt feels an intense, unbelievable rage towards Lahey inside him+

Matt: (thinking) "I WANT TO SEE HIM DEAD."

Gerard Argent then appears behind Matt and accosts him, snatching the camera from Matt. Matt warns the elderly man the camera cost $900. Gerard takes out the SD card and snidely asks how much the card was worth and snaps it in half. Matt, pissed, leaves the funeral.


The next day, Matt is amazed, astonished when he finds out Lahey is dead+.



At lacrosse practise a few days later, Jackson Whittemore asks Matt to lend him a digital video camera one that works well in low light and would record all night long. Matt is suspicious as to why Jackson needs a camera. He asks Jackson does he have a $100. Jackson smugly replies he drives a Porsche.


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At night, Matt shows up at Jackson's house on the night of the full moon. He's a little nervous about letting Jackson use his camera equipment. Jackson persists, shoving the money into his pocket.


Matt thinks Jackson using the camera to make a sex tape and asks is it about Allison as he say the two of them at the school formal a couple of weeks ago, thinking he's making a sex tape for Allison to see. Jackson teases Matt realising he has a crush on Allison and is insulted that Matt thinks he'd do anything so ordinary as making a sex tape. Jackson sharply replies he's documenting "(his) history" which puts Matt off. Jackson brusquely takes the camera from Matt saying he'll get it back tomorrow. Matt relents and walks down the lane from Jackson's house. He sees flashlights in the coronered off Lahey house across the street.


Returning to his car, Matt takes out his phone and pulls up an app that remotely accesses the video camera he just lent Jackson. Matt spies on Jackson as the camera films the latter just lying in bed. He curses Jackson and continues to spy. As the time goes by, Matt starts to fall asleep. He jerks awake. Going back to look at his phone, Matt sees Jackson fast asleep. He then perks up, curious when Jackson wakes up, but rises from his bed as if he's possessed.

Matt: "What the hell??"

Matt then freaks out as he sees Jackson transforming, his eyes glowing yellow, then his shape twisting and morphing, transforming into a shapeshifter. He is overwhelmed with disbelief and horror seeing Jackson as a serpentine-like monster.


Suddenly, Matt feels a change within him. He starts to sense the creature he's seeing on his video camera app leave the Whittemore house and then approaches him from within his car. He then begins to feel empowered; he feels instinctively drawn towards the monster as if it's the most natural thing in the world. Matt then sees the creature in his side view mirror. He sheds a tear in confusion, but instead of feeling afraid, he's continually drawn towards the shapeshifter as it walks up to his car's left side door.


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The creature reaches it's scaled claws up towards Matt. He gives into the feeling he's experiencing, simultaneously lifting his hand to mimic the monster's gesture. Their palms touch together through the car's window glass. Matt suddenly sees a vision: it's Mr. Lahey. The man Matt has hated all his life is running in fear from the creature Matt is seeing. The vision continues with the creature chasing Lahey into his car, the creature ripping off the front door and savaging Lahey, clawing him apart inside the car, killing him.


Matt snaps out of the vision. He realizes the creature is Jackson, that the vision he saw was the creature's memory and it had killed Lahey for Matt himself. He feels avenged for the emotional turmoil Lahey caused him.


Matt realizes that some supernatural bond has been forged between himself and the creature. He becomes aware of the control he has over the creature. He instinctively starts to develop this new power the creature has given him. He is able to control, command it and he can meld his mind with the very creature+++. After forging it's bond with Matt, the shapeshifter breaks into Isaac's house for Matt to investigate the flashlights Matt saw earlier. Matt is aware as the creature menaces a shapeshifted Scott McCall and Allison inside.


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Two hours later, Matt has cemented his bond with the shapeshifter. Like the rage he felt towards Lahey, he feels similarly vengeful towards the swim team members who he saw having fun in the party, fooling around, drinking while he was drowning. He decides to kill them all to get back at the team's members. Matt knows now that Jackson will kill for him again.


Once the shapeshifter transforms back into Jackson. Matt arranges to have Jackson back into his bed to make it appear that nothing out of the ordinary happened. Donning gloves, he modifies the video on the video camera to remove the two hours of footage where Jackson had shapeshifted and was missing from his room.


Ice Pick

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A couple of nights later, Allison is at a gas station to fill up her car. Matt is stalking her from a distance, unseen. Matt notices the only other occupant at the station, and recognizes him as Bennett, a member of the swim team he remembers at the party. Feeling similarly vengeful as he felt towards Lahey for the incident at the party, Matt snaps a picture of him. Some time later, Bennett later turns up dead, killed by Jackson in his monster form+.


At the end of the week, Jackson returns the camera, but it has a cracked lens. Matt yells at him for it in biology, but Jackson ignores him in favor of watching the video on immunity, snapping at Matt to send him a bill.



Matt, knowing that both Lahey and Bennett are now dead, fanatically wants more vengeance. He goes to Tucker Cornish's garage for his car. He pays Tucker for an oil change. He is insulted that Tucker doesn't know who he is. In Tucker's blind spot, Matt snaps a picture. Later that night, Matt finds out Tucker is dead, knowing Jackson has once again become the creature and had killed Tucker. By now, Matt has figured out the rules concerning his bond with the creature: all he has to do is take his victim's picture, then Jackson will take their life+.


Matt begins to use Jackson to not only spy on Allison, but also Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski to find out what they know, fully aware they are involved and that Scott is also a creature. He hears them talk of the bestiary at some point+


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Jackson ends up giving the video he took of himself to Danny Mahealani to enhance to try and locate any problems, and Danny goes to Matt for assistance. At the lacrosse game, Matt and Danny inform Jackson concerning his video that there's two hours of footage missing from the tape.


Matt continues to photograph the game. He sees Allison across the field and takes a shot. Melissa McCall notices him taking pictures and asks if he's the yearbook photographer.

Matt: "No. I ... I just take pictures."

Melissa: "Just lacrosse or other things?"

Matt: (Gazing fondly at a shot of Allison) "Anything that catches my eye."

After the game, Matt has Jackson transform and follow Stiles to the school's pool. Again, using his psychic bond with Jackson to command the shapeshifter, Matt has Jackson menace, then attack Stiles, Derek Hale and the latter's Beta. When Stiles and Derek become stranded in the pool, the shapeshifter inherits Matt's aquaphobia. Once the incident at the pool passes, Matt has Jackson's memory modified so to have him remember that he went home right after the game.



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Matt meets with Danny and Jackson in the library during free period. The three talk about who could have broken into Jackson's house and edited the tape. It have to have been someone who had both access to Jackson's house and technical knowledge. Matt jokes that he could have edited the tape since it's his camera. He gets up to leave for his next class.


Matt meets with Danny again during break. He scrolls through the photos in his camera and sees that all the shots of Scott have bad lens flare, to his confusion. He knows it's because Scott is different as part of the monster business he's now involved. Suddenly, Isaac Lahey and Erica Reyes appear beside them. Isaac grabs Matt by the shoulder demanding to knoow where Lydia is, to Matt's confusion


When Matt runs into Scott in the hallway, he calls his name to make Scott turn and snaps another up close photo of him, which has the same problem centred around his eyes. Matt stares after Scott in curiosity.


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Matt is nearby during the confrontation between Scott's friends and Derek's Pack at Scott's house. He's arrived in Mr. Harris' stolen car and taking care of his fingerprints by wearing gloves. He has Jackson transform. He then calls the shapeshifter to him. Jackson, in his shapeshifted form, walks up to Matt in Harris' car. They implement their psychic bond again with their touched palms. Matt, knowing that Danny has restored the footage of Jackson's video, orders Jackson to kill Danny in case he saw anything on the tape he shouldn't have seen. Jackson races away from the car to locate Danny.



As a shapeshifted Jackson races throughout Beacon Hills for Danny, Matt keeps to shadows as his servant is being pursued by Derek Hale, Scott and the Argent hunters. When Jackson is disabled by Derek at Jungle, then captured and held hostage by Scott and Stiles in a stolen prison transport van, Matt locates the restored video in the back of Danny's car and recovers it, while continuing to spy on Scott and everyone around.


The following night, Matt has tracked down two more members of the swim team he remembers, Sean and Jessica who are living together outside of town in a trailer. He has Jackson transform again and has him escape the prison van+.



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Matt takes Jackson deep into the preserve, once again stealing Harris' car to try and frame the chemistry teacher. He drives up to the trailer where his next two victims live. Matt dons his gear, including his hoodie and gloves, and spies on Sean and Jessica, snapping a picture of the two of them to have Jackson kill them++. The trailer suffers an electrical breakdown and Sean comes out to repair the generator. Matt takes the opportunity to walk right up to Sean getting in his face. Sean talks back to the teenager. But Matt points his finger up to above the two of them. Up in the trees, Jackson attacks wrapping his reptilian tail around Sean's neck and lifts the young man right into the air and strangles him.


Satisfied, Matt then directs the shapeshifter towards the trailer where Jessica is staring in horror, ordering her to be killed next. The shapeshifter tosses Sean's corpse through the trailer's window to terrify Jessica. Jackson then moves in to kill the woman, until he sees that she is heavily pregnant. Matt and Jackson leave, sparing Jessica for the time being.


The next day at school, Matt continues to spy on Scott's friends. Matt runs into Allison as she's trying to find Jackson in the boys locker room. He notices that she's walking around without her high heels on and cracks a joke about how his heels hurt his feet too. He then asks her if she'd like to go to a rave party for the Underground Shell on Friday with him, and a distracted Allison offhandedly agrees. Matt's excited that he's getting to take Allison out on a date.


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Matt keeps close as Allison looks for Jackson. Opening up his psychic link to the other boy, Matt then speaks to Allison through Jackson after she unintentionally comes up upon Jackson taking a shower. A naked Jackson then advances on Allison, following Matt's commands.

Matt: (Psychically controlling Jackson and speaking through his mouth)

Allison: (nervously) "I - I - I have to get to class."

Matt: (laughing) "No. No. No. You don't. Not when you have perfect grades. You can skip one class."

Matt then insults her, Scott and their secret "Romeo-And-Juliet" relationship, attempting to force Allison to break up with Scott, his words coming through an unaware Jackson's mouth. Allison snaps and fights back against Jackson. Matt's link to Jackson is broken, and the latter then returns to his normal self.


Matt then comes back to the boys' locker, just in time to see Scott and Jackson fighting. Matt sees Allison's tablet with the pages from the bestiary and emails himself a copy without anyone noticing. Matt then ends up getting sent to detention along with everyone else. At detention, he sits next to Allison and keeps muttering "kanima" to himself as he reads Lydia Martin's translation of the text. Matt realizes Jackson is what Scott's friends are calling a 'kanima' and Matt himself is his master.


Mr. Harris then tells them that they have to put away all the library books before they can leave, while he goes home himself. Matt is in the same aisle as Jackson while they work. As they put away books, Matt has Jackson shapeshift into the kanima. He slices Matt on the back of the neck, paralyzing him, to throw suspicion off of him and then Jackson destroys the library.


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Jackson then menaces Scott, Stiles, Erica and Allison, giving them a message by using Jackson as a puppet:

 Matt: "Stay out of my way, or I'll kill all of you."

The kanima then escapes out the window, Allison leans over Matt and says she has to get him to the hospital.


Matt is taken then to the hospital. He knows Jessica is also at the hospital, her having given birth to her baby. 


He runs into Melissa McCall who complains about the dirt his footprints are leaving+. Matt finds Jessica, entering her hospital room. He dons his perp gloves and as Jessica wakes up, he grabs her over her mouth and smothers her to death, murdering her. Following his plan to frame Adrian Harris, he again leaves tire tracks from Harris' car closeto the crime scene+.


While spying on Scott and continuing to stalk Allison, Matt photographs Allison relenetlessly, and starts photoshopping himself into his shots. In his forged photos, he and Allison are depicted as a couple with them kissing or holding hands+.



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Matt goes to a makeshift ticket stand in the warehouse district to buy tickets for the rave. Kara Simmons is the ticket seller. To have Jackson kill her too, he snaps a photo of her+. He summons Jackson to the stand, but Scott is discretely following Jackson.


Matt puts on an act, nervously asks if Jackson is going to hit him again. He lets Jackson cut in line, even though Jackson hasn't said anything. Scott then shows up and asks Matt how much tickets are. Matt tells him $75, and Scott asks to borrow $75. Matt gives Scott a look like he's crazy. He ends up not able to buy any tickets because the seller gets freaked out and leaves.


At the end of the week, Matt asks Scott and Stiles why no one is getting in trouble for what happened in the library. Stiles tells him that nobody got hurt, but Matt points out that he was in the ER with a concussion. Stiles doesn't care at all, but Scott asks if Matt's okay. They then talk about that night's rave. Matt was able to get tickets online and encourages them to keep trying.


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Allison and Matt go to the rave together. Allison didn't expect Scott to be there and leaves Matt to go talk with him. Matt looks obsessively on as the two talk intently with each other. Allison returns upset and distracted. Matt however, also keeps tabs an eye on his servant so to have him kill Kara . He gets wind of the plan by Derek's Pack to capture Jackson. He has Jackson stab Isaac and Erica when they move in to distract Jackson then drug him speaking through his servant's mouth again warning them "(Jackson) belongs to me."


However, as Jackson is again moving in towards Kara Simmons, with pluck, the werewolves manage to subdue Jackson. A distracted Matt tries to get her to have a good time and asks if she'd like to move closer to the DJ. She follows him, and they bump into Mr. Harris, who is out with a much younger date. Eventually, they take a seat off the dance floor.


Isaac, Erica and Stiles hold a subdued Jackson in a separate room. Stiles hopes that Jackson's puppeteer decided not to show up, but Matt then fully possesses his servant and snaps at Stiles he's right in there with them.


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Curious, Stiles inspects Jackson who he learns he's not talking to. Stiles asks is he the one killing people. Matt snaps at him he and Jackson (referring to them as "they") are the ones killing murderers referencing the kanima myth.

Stiles: "Well who did they murder?"

Matt: "Me. ... They murdered me. They murdered me!"

Matt then has Jackson begin to shift. The ketamine they drugged him with is wearing off. He then diverts his attention to Allison. Matt asks Allison if she's okay, since he can tell she isn't having a good time. She admits to feeling like she makes one mistake after another. He kisses her, then realizes that wasn't a good idea. She tries to tell him that it's okay, but it isn't. Meanwhile, Jackson then fully shapeshifts into the kanima, and locates Kara Simmons and slits her throat.


Party Guessed

At some point, Allison goes back for Matt and drives him home. He apologizes for kissing her, and she tells him not to worry about it. He asks her if she and Scott are still together. She asks if he'd understand if she said it was complicated, and he replies, "Not really." Matt responds he hates "Not reallys", but they both laugh it off. He reassuringly touches her hand and then gets out of the car.


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Matt left his bag in Allison's car, while Allison inspects the camera. She sees that Matt has a lot of candids of her. There are even photos of her at home in her bed reading through her window. Allison realizes that Matt's been stalking her. Matt sees this and taps on her car door when he comes back to retrieve his bag. Allison quickly puts his camera down. He tries to open the door, but it's locked, so he silently asks her to open the window. She does, and he says that he forgot his bag. Then he asks her if she liked the photos, and she tells him that the lacrosse ones are really good. He says there's a good candid one of her and he could show her some of them on his computer if she wanted. Disturbed at his incessant behavior, she tries to put him off to another night, but he asks for a few minutes. She tries, "It's getting kind of late" but Matt just laughs and tells her it's the weekend. He also claims that it's spring break and asks if she has anything going on on Saturday. She again tells him that she wants to leave, and this time he leans back out of the window and lets her go.


On Wednesday, Matt goes to Lydia's birthday party. Lydia gives a glass of punch to Matt, and then Allison and Matt see each other. She ignores him, and Matt tosses out his drink.


Matt asks Allison for a chance to talk, so she gives him two minutes. He tries to close the door to the bedroom they're in, but she tells him no. He explains that he took some pictures that he probably should have told her about but asks if it's that bad that he thinks she's beautiful. Allison confronts him that she doesn't know how he took some of his photos of her. He responds "tele-photo lens."

Matt: "Come on, Allison. Photographers call them candids."

Allison: "Well police officers call it stalking."

Matt gets angry that she thinks he's the kind of guy who's gonna say something like, "Well if I can't have her, no one can"? He says that another pretty girl will walk through the room in five minutes, so she says he's in luck that he'll only have to wait another three. When she tries to leave, he grabs her arm, and she judo-flips him to the ground.


103895 large
As the party goes on, everyone starts freaking out from the wolfsbane in the punch. Someone grabs Matt and makes to throw him into the pool.

Matt: "No, no, no!! Don't! I can't swim! I can't-!"

Matt is then thrown into the pool, and he starts panicking and flailing. Jackson immediately pulls him out of the water and helps Matt to his feet. Gasping, he glares at everyone in embarrassment and fury. He sees Scott and Stiles staring at him. Matt, knowing that they've made him as the kanima's master, glares at the two of them and leaves the party.


The cops arrive and everyone takes off. Matt completely loses all sense of restraint. He faces Scott from across the street fuming, with a fully transformed Jackson by his side. They then disappear into the crowd.



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Matt tracks Scott and Stiles to the Sheriff's station after they inform Sheriff that Matt is the killer and has Jackson slaughter all the deputies on the night shift. He takes the sidearm from the murdered deputy at the front desk.  Matt jumps Stiles then holds the gun to his head. Matt marches Stiles to the back where Scott tells the Sheriff that his mom is on her way, and then the Sheriff sees Matt leading Stiles back in at gun point.

Stilinski: "Matt? It's Matt, right? Matt, whatever's going on, I can guarantee you there's a solution that doesn't invole a gun.

Matt: (sarcastically)  "You know, it's funny you say that because I don't think you're aware of just how right you are. ... Actually I want to hurt a lot of people."

Off his rocker, Matt offhandedly remarks the three of them weren't on his list, but he can add them. He orders them to all put their phones on the desk. Then he has Stiles cuff the Sheriff onto one of the benches by the cells. Matt leads Scott and Stiles away. He has the two destroy all the evidence that points to him. A car pulls up, and Matt marches the two of them to the front door and has Scott open it, thinking it's Melissa. 


104107 large
It's Derek. But Matt already has a fully shapeshifted Jackson toss the already paralyzed Derek onto the floor. Matt leans over the Alpha werewolf with confidence.

Derek: "This is the one controlling (Jackson). This kid?"

Matt: "Well, Derek, not everyone's lucky enough to be a big, bad werewolf."

Matt lets everyone know with glee he's learned all the supernatural phenomenon that's around. Knowing Scott's mom is on her way to make a statement, he has Jackson paralyze Stiles. Matt tells Scott that if he does what he tells him to do neither he nor Jackson will hurt his mother, persuading him by stamping on Stiles' throat. Scott complies.


104109 large
Matt holds Scott at gun point in front of Melissa, who freezes. Matt said he wouldn't hurt her, but not Scott and then shoots Scott in the gut, to Melissa's horror. Melissa screams, but Matt orders Melissa back, also starting to spiral.


Matt then locks a horrified Melissa in a cell. He insults Scott over the fact she and Stilinski don't know he's a werewolf.


Matt orders Scott to go back to the front of the station, and there he demands the bestiary. Scott tells him that Gerard is the one who has it. Matt states he needs answers and shows them the skin of his torso, which is beginning to turn into the kanima's hide. He orders Scott to send a message to the Argents. Unbeknownst to Matt, Derek realizes Matt is now transforming into a kanima, because he broke the rules of the being the shapeshifter's master, by murdering innocent people and taking lives himself.


Matt gets Scott alone after Scott heals. Matt comments that Scott's now thinking he'll have to explain how his bullet wound has healed but he doesn't realize how lucky he is that he's healing. Scott asks him if he drowned which gets to Matt.


104215 large
Matt decompensates. He relays everything to Scott from seven years ago the incident Mr. Lahey's house, how he was thrown in, and he was drowning, but all the swim team members were instead having fun, laughing and Mr. Lahey shouted at him to keep quiet about what happened. Matt says he kept the secret but every time he closed his eyes, he was drowning. He then relays the Argents' funeral, he took the unintentional shot he took of Mr. Lahey. When Matt saw the photo, he was filled with rage. He wanted to see Lahey dead. And the next day Matt releases he learned Lahey was dead, then when he saw Jackson later as the kanima and their bond cemented, and how he exacted his vengeance on all the other members of the swim team, by discovering his power as the kanima's master.

Matt: "You know Eienstein was right. "Imagination is more important than knowledge." It was like something out of Greek mythology. Like the Furies coming dowm to punish Orestes. ... Jackson is my fury

Suddenly, the lights all go off. The Argent hunters open fire on the building, setting off smoke bombs and storm the sheriff station looking for Derek, Jackson and Matt. In the ensuing skirmish, Derek recovers from the kanima's venom, faces off against the kanima. Matt takes cover and hides, using Jackson to fight off the opposing foes.


104312 large
Jackson soon ends up fighting Allison after the kanima knocks out her father, while Matt takes cover. In the end, it manages to catches her after withstanding two stabs from her. Matt orders his servant to paralyze her. Jackson leaves Allison helpless on the floor.


Matt kneels next to Allison ordering his servant to hold. He ashamedly tells her she should have given him a chance and again incessantly insists he's not a stalker, one of those guys who says "If I can't have her, no one can"."

Matt: "It's not totally true because ... Allison, ... if I can't have you, NO ONE CAN!"

Before Matt can kill Allison, there's a noise in the distance, and Matt goes to investigate. While he's gone, Chris slips himself and Allison to safety.


Matt angrily knocks out an escaped Stilinski before he can intervene. He menaces Melissa again but a shapeshifted Derek comes up from behind him. Matt just summons Jackson to fight off the werewolf and takes cover again.


104310 large
After all the conjoined forces fall back, Matt escapes out the back of the station, discarding his gun.


Matt runs on to a bridge at the river, the kanima following him. He runs straight into Gerard Argent. The elderly hunter intercepts Matt, throwing him off the bridge, then into the river.


Gerard stands over Matt and holds him down under. Matt struggles, squirms to escape from underneath the psycopath to no use. Soon he's drowning again. Matt desperately looks up in terror, agony at Gerard standing over him, painfully having flashbacks to the party seven years ago including seeing Lahey standing over him, and drowns again. Matt, losing his mastership of Jackson, dies.