Satomi's pack

Satomi Ito

122096 original

During WWII, Satomi Ito was a Japanese immigrant stationed at Oak Creek when President Roosevelt declared all Japanese-American immigrants be detained in American labour camps. At one point, Satomi was Bitten by an Alpha, becoming a new werewolf. Satomi  met the kitsune Noshiko Yukimura


She spends most of her time playing Go in order to control her anger. Noshiko has no idea that Satomi is a Werewolf until Merrick pistol-whips her, causing her anger to flare and her eyes to glow.


Satomi throws the molotov that burns and eventually kills Rhys. She also helps Noshiko stop the nogitsune by attacking it from behind so Noshiko can stab him.


Satomi has been living in or around Beacon Hills for some time. Since her time at Oak Creek, she's become an alpha and maintained a pack of her own. She used to visit Talia and bring her reishi tea, which Derek thought smelled terrible. 


When the rest of her pack got sick, she didn't because of her tea ritual. 


She is incredibly fast, able to dodge bullets Matrix-style. She killed an assassin by shoving a throwing spike through her neck.


Demarco Montana

Omega (or possibly beta) werewolf who delivered beer to Lydia's lake house for the impromtu party. Garrett's girlfriend murdered him in the parking lot with a magical garrote. His odds were 250 in the dead pool.


Demarco's Mantra

“Three things cannot be hidden, the sun, the moon, the truth.”


A paraphrase from “The Book of the Threes” :  


Monks, there are these three things which shine forth for all to see, which are not hidden. Which three?


The disc of the moon shines for all to see; it is not hidden. The disc of the sun does likewise. The Dhamma-Discipline [dhamma-vinaya] of a Tathagata [Buddha] shines for all to see; it is not hidden. These are the three things.


F. L. Woodward and F. M. Hare, Tr. Gradual Sayings (Anguttara Nikaaya). Pali Text Society. Volume 1. 

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Carrie Hudson

A member of Demarco's pack who is hunted and killed by Violet. Violet cut her hand off with the Thermo-cut Wire Necklace before killing her. Carrie repeats the mantra: the sun, the moon, the truth.

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Brett Talbot

122098 original


Brett Talbot is a student and a lacrosse player at Devenfort Prep, the ward of the Alpha werewolf Satomi Ito along with his sister Lori Talbot, as well as a Beta in her Pack. In Season 4, Brett and his team are against the Beacon Hills' Cyclone lacrosse team where he antagonises Liam Dunbar with whom he has a negative history. It turns out that Brett is a werewolf and a member of Satomi's pack. Garrett attacks him on the field and stabs him with his Garrett's weaponized lacrosse stick, which is dipped in special wolfsbane.


Stiles and Derek rush Brett to Deaton's office to try to save him. Deaton is able to do so once Peter knocks Brett out.


He was worth $1m in the deadpool.


Brett and his sister are born wolves whose parents died in a fire. Satomi took them in after that. Mason and Liam spot Brett at a mostly gay club, where he's dancing with a man and a woman, implying that Brett is bi. He helps save Mason from Lucas but gets slashed across the stomach in the process. 


In Season 6, Brett and his sister Lorilee Rohr were hit by a car and killed under Gerard's orders trying to flee from Tamora Monroe and the other hunters trying to kill them.