4x09 - Perishable

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Someone splashes gasoline over the outside of a sheriff's department cruiser. Deputy Parrish wakes up and finds himself tied to the steering wheel while Deputy Haigh continues to douse the vehicle. Haigh tells him that he's a good guy but he's worth $5 million. Parrish pretends that he doesn't know what he's talking about and claims that he only makes $40k a year. Haigh only makes $36k and throws gas on Parrish directly. 


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Parrish starts to ask if Haigh has money problems. "You're worth 5 million dead, Parrish. Sounds like you've got the problem." Parrish begs Haigh to stop. "Please, you're just going to stand there? You're just going to listen to a fellow deputy burn to death?" Haigh puts in headphones, and Parrish struggles harder to get free. Haigh lights a lighter and tosses it in Parrish's lap.


Parrish screams as the car is quickly engulfed.


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At the sheriff station, Stiles and Lydia go into Sheriff Stilinski's office. They explain that it's not just that Lorraine Martin could still be alive but that she would have had to fake her death. The Sheriff asks what story they have to back up this claim. "She might be helping the Benefactor," Lydia says. Stiles offers that she might be the Benefactor. The Sheriff closes the door to his office so they can continue telling their story.


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Haigh is out in the bull pen contacting the Benefactor about his payment. The Sheriff leans out his door and asks if anyone's seen Parrish. Haigh claims he hasn't seen him.


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Parrish then comes walking into the station, naked except for the soot covering his body. Some of his skin looks ravaged or maybe covered in the remnants of burnt clothes, but he's very much alive. Haigh sees him and starts to draw his gun, but Parrish attacks. Haigh shoots a couple of wild shots inside the station and is stunned that Parrish is alive. 


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The Sheriff comes out with his gun drawn. Parrish punches Haigh, which causes him to shoot the Sheriff in the shoulder. He keeps punching him until Haigh is knocked out. On Haigh's computer the Benefactor writes: Kill Not Confirmed.


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Later, Parrish, Scott, and Lydia go to Derek's loft. Derek examines Parrish's hands and asks if Haigh covered him in gasoline. Lydia points out that Parrish's hair and nails should be gone because those parts are essentially dead. On a Werewolf, they wouldn't have grown back so quickly. "I was set on fire. All of me should be gone," Parrish says. "Not if you're like us," Scott points out. Parrish doesn't know what he means, and Derek doesn't think he's like them. In fact, he doesn't know what Parrish could be. "But you  knew about Jackson and Kira," Scott says. "This is a little out of my experience," Derek replies. He suggests they look in the bestiary and asks if they've contacted Chris. Scott would have but he can't find him. 


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Parrish tells them to stop and asks what a bestiary is. "Actually, that's not even my first question. Just, just tell me one thing. Are all of you like Lydia? Are you all psychic?" Derek is amused, and Scott tells Parrish that's not exactly it. "Okay, then what are you?" Parrish asks. Scott and Derek exchange a look, and Scott has to give the werewolf demonstration. 


Sheriff Stillinski and Stiles are at the hospital, where the Sheriff is filling out paperwork before his surgery. The doctor explains that they have him scheduled for surgery first thing in the morning. The Sheriff asks about the parts of the hospital stay not covered by insurance. He asks if those are expensive parts, but the doc says that's between him and his insurance company. As he leaves, the doctor tells him that he'll start feeling the morphine in a minute. 


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Stiles gnaws on his thumbnail, and his dad yells at him for it. He tries to assure Stiles that they're not in dire straits. Stiles replies that he knows about the bills. "I know about the collectors calling about Eichen House. I know about the advance from the department. About the credit cards." The Sheriff asks Stiles if he's going through his stuff, and Stiles readily admits that he is. "Especially when you keep things from me." "I keep things from you because you don't need to know everything." "Yes I do. I have to know everything. How the hell else am I supposed to take care of you?" "You're not supposed to take care of me! I'm the dad. You're the son. You get it? Dad. Son. I take care of you!" Upset, Stiles takes a seat and looks at his father. "We're supposed to take care of each other."


The Sheriff tries again to assure Stiles that they will be all right, but he admits that he doesn't know that for sure. The morphine kicks in and he starts getting loopy. 


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In Derek's loft, they've explain some things to Parrish. He asks what a kanima is again, but Scott skips over that and tells him that the important thing to know is that everyone with some supernatural ability is on the deadpool. "But I don't even know what I am," Parrish complains. "I'm pretty sure they don't care," Derek replies. Parrish asks how many people are after them, and Lydia says they've lost count. Scott wonders if it's even just professional who are after them now. Parrish doesn't think Haigh has ever tried anything like this before. They realize that if Haigh had the deadpool then the number of people who could be trying to kill them just went up to basically everyone.


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Liam is in his room unable to sleep when his printer suddenly starts printing. It's spitting out updated copies of the deadpool, with those who are dead crossed out. Liam tries to get his printer to stop and ends up having to unplug it.


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Lydia explains to everyone at the loft that Meredith was only at the lake house once but once was enough. Derek asks how her grandmother knew her. "She didn't. She found her because of another woman named Maddy. The woman she loved." Lydia shows Scott a picture of young Lorraine and Maddy. She says she never met Maddy but she saw her name everywhere. There were plaques and trophies in the lake house from all the regattas Maddy's yacht racing team had won. 


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Parrish asks how Maddy died, and Lydia replies that how isn't the story, it's what happened right before. Lorraine used to work in San Francisco for IBM. She was in on a weekend catching up on work when she started hearing a sound. It sounded like rain, but all she saw out the windows was blue sky. The sound of rain and thunder kept getting louder. Finally, she screamed. "Like a banshee," Derek says. Lydia continues that Lorraine called Maddy who was planning on taking one of the boats out on the lake, but Maddy said the sun was shining there, too. Lorraine didn't tell her about what she'd heard. 


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There was accident, and it took them four days to find Maddy's body. It took decades to figure out how Lorraine knew. She brought in parapsychologists who set up the white room. Nothing worked, so she tried more occult things like psychics, tarot, but all of those were failures, too. But then they found Meredith at Eichen House, a fragile girl who didn't understand the things she heard. 


They brought Meredith to the study with the record player and almost killed her. "She was hospitalized for over a year. She never really recovered. My grandmother drove her insane. And I drove her to suicide." 


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Lydia then unfolds the note Lorraine left for her and admits that her grandmother created the code for the deadpool. Scott asks if Lorraine left a cipher key, and Lydia shakes her head. Parrish leaves Derek's loft and stares at his hands before driving away. 


Lydia heads to Stiles's house, where he puts Lorraine, Maddy, and the new code up on the case board. 


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Scott wanders over to Derek's bed and sees a pistol sitting on top of his jacket. "Careful with that," Derek tells him. "I thought you didn't like guns," Scott replies. Derek takes the gun back, and Scott asks him about his eyes. "My eyes, my strength, the healing..." Scott is stunned to find out that they're all gone. Derek says that whatever Kate did to him is still happening. Scott tells him that his name was the third cipher key, and if the deadpool was made by a banshee and the two other names are people who are dead, "It could mean that you're in danger." Derek doesn't even look surprised. "Scott, banshees don't predict danger. They predict death." 


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The next morning as Scott is leaving for school he notices the bag under his bed is pulled out and the corner zipper is open. He suspects that someone has taken some money and dumps it all out to count it. All the money is there. Satisfied, Scott puts the bag back under his bed. 


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At school, Liam is having difficulty. He's nervous and keeps seeing people like they're moving in slow motion. Mason Hewitt asks him if he's going to the bonfire, which is a Cyclones tradition, but Liam doesn't want to go. Mason Hewitt insists that they're going to find Liam a nice girl that he can embarrass himself in front of and find him a lacrosse player. Liam thinks he sees a berserker in the hallway and tries to block it out. He eventually agrees to go to the bonfire just to get away.


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Meanwhile, Stiles and Lydia are in Stiles's room trying to figure out the cipher. Stiles suggests trying Maddy, which Lydia thinks is far too obvious. Then they try Lydia, Natalie. None of them work. "You have any beloved family pets?" Stiles asks. 


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At school, Coach tells the team that he's aware that the bonfire is a big deal for all of them and that it gets out of hand with all the alcohol. The team cheers, and Scott notices that Liam isn't cheering. Coach continues that while he can't stop them from getting drunk, Scott will be there to keep an eye on them and narc on them. He orders them all back to class.


Scott follows Liam.


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Stiles points out that the ashes were left for her and the code was left for her. "You're supposed to be able to figure this out." Stiles's printer beeps again that it's out of paper and he can't take it, so he shoves some paper in. It immediately starts printing. Stiles realizes that it's supposed to be about Lydia but their password guesses so far have been about Lorraine. He thinks they need to guess something that's about Lydia. "What do you remember doing with your grandmother?"


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Lydia says, "We read." "Okay, what did you read?" "The Little Mermaid." Stiles stares. "You read that movie?" "It was a book first. Hans Christian Andersen." Stiles suggests typing in the title of the book, but that doesn't work. Lydia doesn't understand because they read that book every night. She got so obsessed that for three months she wouldn't respond to anything but Ariel. Lydia realizes that her grandmother thought that was adorable so she tries Ariel as the key.


The list opens. 


Tamra Johansen

Alice Duffy

Paula Brasch

Trey Lockhart

Josh Morris

Elisa Chin

Peter McElroy

Taylor Freeman

Terrance Shuman

Lorraine Martin


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Scott finds Liam sitting on the steps messing with his lacrosse stick and asks him if he's okay. Liam tells him about his printer acting crazy and then shows Scott what it was printing. Just then they hear Coach shouting and find him staring at his printer as it spits out the deadpool


Stiles asks Lydia if she recognizes any of the names on the list, but Lydia only knows her grandmother. Stiles finally checks on what his printer is doing and tells Lydia that they need to call Scott. 


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Scott looks at the list that Liam gave him and notices that Derek isn't on the list anymore. "And I'm not worth 3 million," Liam says. "It's 18 now."


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Stiles and Lydia go to the sheriff station with the new list of names. Parrish tells them that it's not another deadpool. It's a list of the already dead. They all died within the last 10 years. They were all suicides. And they all died at Eichen House


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Back at the school, someone sets an armature of a cyclone on fire, and the party starts. There's music, and everyone dances. Deputies move around the crowd as security, although apparently they can't spot teenagers drinking, and Scott walks around keeping an eye on everyone. He spots Malia drinking from a flask and goes to talk to her. He asks what she's doing. "Getting drunk." She asks what he's doing. "Trying to make sure no one gets hurt." "That sounds fun, too." Scott then tells Malia that they can't get drunk because their healing gets in the way. Malia suggests Scott tell Liam that.


Liam is pouring alcohol into his soda bottle. 


At the station, Stiles points out that they can't just go to Eichen House and check out the files. They need a warrant. Lydia insists that they have to get a look because her grandmother left her the list for a reason. She asks if there's anyone there who'd be willing to help them. Stiles doesn't think so but he thinks someone would take a bribe. 


53387 medium
Mason Hewitt watches skeptically as Liam puts more alcohol into his drink. Liam eyes him and then asks whether he's going to tell him to slow down. On the contrary, Mason Hewitt was going to tell him to keep drinking so he'll get drunk enough to tell him the truth about what's really been going on. Mason Hewitt says he isn't asking because he wants to know, he's asking because he wants to help. Liam looks over at Scott and Malia and then declares that he's going to get another drink. He drops his bottle on the ground and stumbles a little and claims he's getting drunk.


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Stiles and Lydia are in Eichen House in Brunski's office. Brunski wants $1k to open up the file room. Stiles thinks he's out of his mind. "When you get the keys, you make the price." Stiles asks if he thinks they have that kind of money. "I know you don't. If you did, Daddy Sheriff would've paid the bill by now. That's why I'm talking to her." He looks at Lydia, and she rolls her eyes as she opens her purse and offers $500. 


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After she drops the money, Brunski turns around and flips over a mix tape in tape deck. Lydia and Stiles give each other significant looks, but they follow him to the file room anyway.


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Scott tries to talk to Malia. She's not particularly interested. He says they didn't tell her about Peter to protect her, but she gets that. "That's what Peter said you would say. And guess what he said next? That you were right." Scott looks confused and admits that it makes him wonder what Peter wants. "Malia, we need to stay together. You, me, Stiles..." "I don't want to talk about Stiles." She tells him again that she just wants to dance and get drunk. She stumbles, and Scott catches her, looking concerned because she does seem to be acting drunk. He looks at Liam and finds him stumbling and falling down, too. 


53391 medium
Once Stiles and Lydia are inside the records room, Brunski closes the door. Stiles asks Lydia for the list of names and then asks why she wrote his name on it. Brunski is suddenly next to them. "It was the tapes, wasn't it?" He then tasers Stiles and Lydia.


53392 medium
At the sheriff station, Haigh is in an interrogation room handcuffed to a chair. Braeden comes in and identifies herself as a US Marshal working with the department. Haigh asks her how she got her scars, and she answers truthfully. "A werewolf. How'd you break your nose?" He starts to question her and she punches him in the face. 


Malia is having a hard time standing up, so Scott asks her what's in the flask. It's just vodka. Scott notices a deputy watching them and tells Malia to stay on her feet and keep moving. He slings her arm over his shoulder and brings her over to Liam and Mason. 


53393 medium
Parrish looks through the records of the dead people from Lydia's list and notices that all the suicides also had the same person delivering them to the morgue: Brunski


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In the records room, Lydia screams for help while Stiles struggles. "Lydia, there's a lot of people screaming for help in a place like this. I don't think anyone's listening." Lydia asks for better ideas because all the suicides were murders. Lorraine predicted her own death. The door opens, and Brunski comes in. He says they weren't murders. "I am not some serial killer like Ted Bundy going around cutting up college girls." "Nah, you're just an angel of death." Brunski gets in Stiles's face and says that there are people in Eichen House who don't just need treatment they need release.


He insists that he helped them. And now he wants Lydia's help because there was something about Lorraine's death that always bothered him. He has a tape of her death and puts it in a player.


53395 medium
At the bonfire, Scott brings Malia a bottle of water, thinking she is really drunk somehow. He asks Mason how much Liam has had to drink. "Not enough to get him like this," Mason Hewitt replies. Scott realizes that something is wrong and they need to get them out of there, but just as he says it he starts to feel the same effects. Mason Hewitt asks him how much he drank. "Nothing. Not even a sip." He hears something in the thumping of the music and realizes that it's soundwaves that are making them ill.


53396 medium
Brunski plays the tape. There are the sounds of him walking into the room and then telling Lorraine that everything will be all right. Stiles starts to struggle and tells Lydia to look at him. "Just focus on my voice, all right? You don't listen to it. Block it out." Stiles gets angry and shouts at Brunski to turn the tape off. Brunski punches him in the face, knocking him over.


53397 medium
Brunski grabs Lydia's face and orders her to listen because he needs her help. "This is the part I never understood." "Please don't hurt her," Lorraine says. "Don't hurt who?" Brunski asks on the tape. "Ariel," Lorraine replies. They hear Lorraine stop breathing, and both Stiles and Lydia are in tears. 


53398 medium
Scott tells Mason Hewitt that he has to turn off the music. Mason Hewitt doesn't understand why, but he nods when Scott tells him to keep his eye on Malia and Liam. Scott starts pushing his way through the crowd, but as he gets closer, the DJ turns up the part of the sound that makes him sick. Scott collapses, and two deputies pick him up. Other deputies grab Malia and Liam. Mason Hewitt tries to stop them, but they declare that his friends are overly intoxicated. Mason offers to go with them, but the deputy shoves him down. The deputies dump the three weres in a heap in the hallway, and the ringleader dumps gasoline on them. "Haigh says we gotta burn you."


Lydia stares down Brunski and refuses to tell him what Ariel means. When it's clear he isn't going to get an answer, he gets some drugs down off a shelf and explains how they get a lot of teenagers trying to break into their drug cabinets. "Most of the time they don't succeed. But you two look pretty clever to me." He gets out a syringe and some drugs. Stiles and Lydia start to struggle again.


Mason stares at the DJ and decides to follow through with Scott's plan. He finds where the audio equipment is plugged in.


53399 medium
Scott splutters, and the deputy comes close with a lighter in his hand. 


53400 medium
Mason Hewitt pulls the power on the music. Scott quickly regains himself enough to close the lighter and break the deputy's hand. Braeden and Derek show up and fight with the rest of the deputies, easily beating them. Braeden breaks the ringleader's neck. Scott looks at Derek. "What happened to the gun?" Derek makes a face at him. "You're covered in gasoline." Derek helps Scott up and pats him on the shoulder. 


53401 medium
Brunski finishes drawing the drugs and Stiles that even though he doesn't have any talents like Lydia, he knew they were going to get to do this again. Brunski looks like he's going for Stiles, but he goes for Lydia instead. He gets the needle into her neck when Parrish appears with his gun drawn and tells him to drop it. "Young deputy. You're just a kid. I bet you've never even fired a--" Parrish shoots him, then undoes the cuffs on Lydia. She tells Parrish that Brunski killed her grandmother


53402 medium
"He was controlling Meredith," Lydia says. Lydia frees Stiles, who adds that Brunski used Meredith to create the deadpool. Brunski coughs up blood and laughs. "You think it was me? That I was controlling her? Idiots... She was controlling me." Then he dies. 


53403 medium
Lydia realizes something that makes her believe him, and as she declares that Brunski really isn't the Benefactor, Meredith walks into the room still very much alive. "And...he wasn't on my list. But he was a bad person."