Marin Morrell

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"I can't decide whether I admire your sentimentality, or despise it." - Marin to Alan Deaton

"I know that you've always been suspicious of us, of what we can do." - Marin to Deucalion

"I'm going to do what I always do. Maintain the balance." - Marin to Stiles Stilinski


Marin Morrell is a guidance counselor, the sister of Alan Deaton and a druid emissary. Prior to the series, Morrell served as the emissary to the alpha Deucalion, then turned against him after he went rogue. In Season 2, Morrell works as a French teacher a guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School. She, like Deaton, is aware of the supernatural events that are happening. Marin counsels Lydia Martin after her being assaulted and during her being haunted by Peter Hale, then Stiles Stilinski after the hostage situation at the sheriff station. Morrell, alongside her brother, then track down Gerard Argent after the latter is incapacitated by mountain ash. In Season 3, Morrell moonlights as an emissary to the Alpha Pack, but also works against them to maintain balance by hiring the mercenary Braeden to rescue Isaac Lahey, she actively advises Scott's Pack so to take action against both Deucalion and Jennifer Blake. Morrell tells Scott McCall to find the nemeton so to find Jennifer's last victims for the Guardians' sacrifice, Melissa, Sheriff Stilinski and Chris Argent. After Deucalion and Jennifer are defeated, Morrell works as a therapist at Eichen House advising Stiles whilst he is possessed by the Nogitsune as well as providing group therapy for Meredith Walker and Malia Tate then leaves after Stiles is rescued.




She has a master's in Behavioral Psychology and has done over 300 hours of field work.


She worked against the alpha pack by having Allison hide in the Beacon Hills First National bank on the night that Derek and Scott were going to try to rescue Boyd and Cora.


She also hired Braeden to help Isaac escape from the alpha pack after he'd found where Boyd and Erica were being held.


In 3x11 - Alpha Pact, Deucalion has his pack hunt her down for being a traitor. Marin insists that Braeden was doing what emissaries have always done: maintain balance. She informs the alpha pack that Duke killed Ennis, and when she challenges them to test Duke for lies, he throws the blade end of his cane into her chest. Scott protects her from the alphas, and she tells him to find the nemeton to find their parents.