The Mute

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The Mute is an unnamed male astomi and a military grade trained professional killer. In Season 4, the Mute is an assassin hired by the Benefactor to kill off the supernatural population of Beacon Hills, California by collecting bounties of the Deadpool. The Mute first targets the Walcotts, a family of wendigos. He assassinates the parents and the elder brother, but the youngest Sean Walcott, escapes to Beacon Hills Hospital. The following night, he locates and kills Sean, then leaves, but not before being witnessed by Scott McCall. The Mute then targets Derek Hale, first assaulting Peter Hale in Derek's loft, then leading Derek and Sheriff Noah Stilinski into Beacon Hills High School. He is beaten, then Stilinski attempts to arrest him, but Peter shows up and slaughters the Mute.



The Mute is a run-of-the-mill contract killer. He displays a militaristic mindset and a cold-blooded killer side. He is cold, calculating, efficient and when executing his targets, is always prepared, and cool under pressure. Though he was a hired hit man, the Mute displayed traits of a sadist when he taunted Sean Walcott over having killed his family with a door between them. He is ruthless when carrying out his hits as he planted a landmine inside a public high school without any emotional qualms.


Skills and Abilities

As a contract killer, aware of the supernatural world and able to outmaneuver and assassinate supernatural creatures, the Mute was shown to be in top physical condition.


The Mute had expertise in several forms of weaponry to assassinate his targets, including his specialty, tomahawks, able to wield them and expertly throw them at a moving target, as well as set up a landmine for an unsuspecting target, undetected.


Season 4


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In the Walcotts' residence, the Mute silently breaks in. Quickly and unseen, he slaughters David and Christina Walcott and their elder son Michael. He slaughters the wife while she screams.


Moments later, the Mute walks out into the upstairs hallway, taking with him his bloody tomahawk from butchering Christina and comes into plain view of the youngest in the family, Sean Walcott, standing in the doorway of his room. Sean stares back at the assassin petrified. Afterwards, Sean ducks back inside his room, just as the Mute flings his tomahawk across the hall landing in Sean's door. The Mute then enters Sean's room, where the youngest wendigo has taken refuge in the joining bathroom. The Mute silently walks towards the bathroom door taunting his prey, then slowly tries the locked door.


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He then sadistically challenges Sean communicating using the miniature keyboard strapped to his wrist and a computerized speaker on his person.

Mute: "Hello Sean. I just killed your family. Do you want to die like them? Begging for your life? Or do you want to fight? I'll give you some help. Wrap a towel around your fist. Smash the mirror. Use one of the shards to defend yourself. Go ahead. I'm waiting.

The mouth-less assassin waits a few seconds, then taunts Sean again, asking if he's ready. He tells the wendigo he's coming in. 


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The Mute hears  the sound of breaking glass. Kicking open the door, he enters the bathroom, tomahawk in hand. He notices the mirror above the sink isn't broken and Sean is nowhere to be seen. He turns around, and sees the window is broken instead. He then looks out the window, down the street and sees Sean running for his life. The astomi assassin stares resolutely after his escaped target.


At his hideout, the Mute looks over a laptop displaying a computer code which comprises the deadpool. In need of nutrition, he then takes out a tap screwed into his neck. He then inserts a rubber tube into the opening at his jugular. The tube is wired up to a device that pumps blood into the tube.


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Later at night, the Mute appears on the roof of Beacon Hills Hospital, having tracked Sean there. During the scuffle between Sean, Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar, the Mute makes his move hurling his tomahawk into Sean's back. The wendigo dies in minutes.


His job finished, the Mute backtracks along the roof, when Scott notices him. The Mute motions at Scott not to make a sound, his finger over his mouth, and leaves the roof, while Scott deals with Liam.


The Benefactor

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At Derek's loft, the Mute breaks in to assassinate Derek, but Derek is nowhere to be seen. Peter Hale walks into the loft calling out to his nephew.


The Mute remains hidden and catches Peter off-guard, hurling his tomahawk into the werewolf's chest. The weapon is laced with wolfsbane. Peter falls to the floor, while the astomi comes out of his hiding place.

Peter: " ... -Derek-

The Mute: "Don't worry, Peter. Derek is next."

Peter survives however and fights back, though the tomahawk slows him down, takes the Mute's communicator from him and the Mute is forced to retreat.


Derek and Sheriff Noah Stilinski arrive at Beacon Hills High School where the Mute's communicator had its wifi configured. The Mute has set a trap for them to take out Derek, wiring a landmine to a door where blood has been spilled.


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Derek almost triggers the trap, but Stilinski stops him from, insisting he opens the door. The sheriff catches sight of the wire, hooked up the claymore, and stops opening the door. The Mute appears to their left in the school hallway, and hurls one of his tomahawks right at the sheriff's head, but Derek pulls him out of the way, saving his life. The astomi jumps out from behind the stairway and with a second tomahawk in hand, goes in for the kill.


The astomi engages Derek and Stilinski in a scuffle. Stilinski is incapacitated while Derek fights back against the tomahawk-wielding assassin. The werewolf manages to subdue him, kneeing him in the torso, and pinning is arms behind his back.


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Stilinski rises and holds his sidearm to the Mute's face and the astomi surrenders glaring back at Stilinski.


Stilinski starts to mirandize the astomi, then prepares to cuff him from behind his back. Peter then arrives at that moment and charges towards the three of them.


The werewolf tackles them all and Derek and the sheriff are knocked to the ground, then Peter comes upon the Mute and violently claws the Mute to death for attacking him earlier.