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Ennis, a decade before the series' time, was the lead alpha of his pack. He was recruited by the corrupt alpha, Deucalion to form the Alpha Pack. Ennis accepted the offer, killing all of his betas and his emissary to take their power to join, alongside fellow alpha Kali whom he was romantically involved with. In Season 3, Ennis, as part of the Alpha Pack, arrives in Beacon Hills having taken notice of Derek Hale's rise to Alpha status and Scott McCall's True Alpha potential. Ennis goes along with the alphas to assault, manipulate and dominate Derek's Pack for their own ends, kidnapping Derek's Pack and family Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale, offering Derek a place with them and igniting an all out battle with the Beacon Hills werewolves to this end. Ennis is injured in the scrap, then is betrayed by Deucalion who uses him to further his own plans for Derek and Scott and to take his own augented power, killing him.



Ennis is the strong, silent type, not very talkative, and prefers to take action instead of being diplomatic and reasonable. As the leader of his pack, he was arrogant, pompous and proud. An extremely aggressive werewolf, Ennis made amoral, barbaric decisions. He declared war with the Argents' hunter clan with the excuse that they killed one of his, eschewing responsibility that his beta made unwise decisions and had killed two of their people. He also decided, that to replace his fallen member, he'd recruit an innocent teenager, Paige Krasikeva, who was blind to the supernatural, viciously Biting her without her consent, with the insinuation he'd be in good graces with Talia Hale, because of Paige's tie to Derek Hale. Ennis' aggression and violent tendencies are proven further by his murdering his remaining pack to take their power, showing he could be corrupted and manipulated similarly to Kali, traits that obviously were the reason Deucalion recruited him. Ennis' pride and arrogance were only made worse by his place as part of the Alpha Pack.



Ten years, give or take, before the events of the series, Ennis was the lead alpha of his Pack. At some point, a naive and dangerous beta of his unwisely came to be in the company of two of the Argents' people, and he accidentally killed them.


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Ennis' beta was later hunted down then killed by the Argents in retaliation.

"They dragged him here. An arrow in his throat. They hung him. Cut him in half. They killed one of ours!" - Ennis

A vengeful Ennis sought the aid of neighbouring packs including Talia Hale, Deucalion and Kali to strike back and left a revenge spiral carved into the wall of the abandoned distillery as a message, swearing revenge. When his beta's body was detained in the hospital morgue, Ennis demanded the corpse be released to him. He nearly beat up a hospital employee until he was calmed by Deputy Stilinski, saying they weren't related. Ennis talks back saying he was family to him.


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Ennis, needing a new member for his Pack and wanting to be in good grace with Talia, was sought out by Peter Hale to give Derek Hale's girlfriend Paige the Bite. Paige died instead.


Some time later, after the declaration of war upon the Packs instigated by Gerard Argent, Ennis was recruited by a corrupted Deucalion to form what would become the fearsome and dastardly Alpha Pack. Ennis accepted. He murdered the rest of his Pack, his Emissary to subsume all their power, and joined. Kali also accepted as she was involved with Ennis.


Season 3


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The Alpha Pack infiltrate the hospital to capture their targets, beta werewolf Isaac Lahey and the mercenary Braeden. Isaac has been wheeled into surgery but is later taken out because of his healing factor taking care of his wounds. Ennis, disguised as a nurse, rolls Isaac on the gurney out of the operating room. He then wheelchairs the unconscious werewolf towards the elevator.


Just as he enters the elevator Ennis detects someone behind him. The teenaged werewolf Scott McCall makes eye contact with Ennis with a captive Isaac, identifying the older werewolf. Scott claws out, growls and rushes to protect his friend, but Ennis smirks, displaying his own claws, accepting the challenge. He allows Scott to rush into the doors.


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Once the elevator closes, Ennis fully shifts, unmasking his heightened alpha power, to which Scott pulls back slightly. Ennis then beats Scott up in the scrap. He lifts Scott up by the throat with one hand, gloating and threatening him.

Ennis: "Don't you realize what you're dealing with? I'm an alpha!"

The elevator doors opens and Derek Hale bursts in, having heard the fight. Derek instantly claws Ennis in the back rescuing the two Betas. Derek throws Ennis out of the elevator and the ousted alpha lands on the floor.


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Later, Ennis appears in the high school with the other four alphas where the mercenary Braeden has taken up hiding. All five alphas corner her in the locker room.


Ennis, the twins and Kali take turns in overpowering her, though Braeden puts up a good fight.


But they incapacitate her in the end and leave her to Deucalion.



Ennis and Kali break into Derek's loft and attack Cora and Derek Hale respectively. Ennis overpowers Cora easily, pinning her. He then taunts Derek, grinning.

"Ready for a rematch?"

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After Derek is bested by Kali, having a pipe thrust through his mid-section, Deucalion enters to give his proposition to Derek. The youngest alpha demands Cora be let go. Deucalion accedes, motions at Ennis as a gesture of good will. Ennis stands aside silent as Deucalion gives his proposition to Derek telling the submissive alpha he, Ennis himself and Kali have all killed everyone in their previous Packs, absorbing their power to form the Alpha Pack.



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Derek and his Pack attempt an assassination on Deucalion at an abandoned shopping complex during an impromptu meeting between him and Scott McCall, in an attempt to disable the Alpha Pack.


The lead alpha however had anticipated this, having Ennis, Kali and the twins in turn converge on Derek's pack, catching them all off-guard, Ennis himself coming up from the market's lower level with his claws and fangs out. Derek makes the first move, attempting to take out Deucalion. Immediately, an all-out scrap sparks between the two packs.


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Ennis is challenged by Boyd and Cora, and soon proves he's more than a match for the two of them. Cora moves in but Ennis catches her strike, twisting her body breaking her arm, then slashes her. He then captures Boyd in a chokehold, allowing Kali to deliver a roundhouse kick-slash to the beta. The far superior alphas have Derek's pack dominated. Ennis and the others then stand silent while Deucalion orders Derek to kill Boyd to take the first step for initiation or Kali will kill Cora.


Before Derek makes a decision, Allison Argent appears on an overhead ledge and fires flashbang arrows, blinding and distracting the far more formidable alphas turning the tide allowing Derek's pack to recover.


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Scott picks himself up and faces off against Ennis. The giant alpha charges towards the younger werewolf, both going in face to face.


Ennis crashes into Scott, but suddenly, the teenager fends him off with equal strength. Scott's werewolf eyes are now an alpha's red, to Ennis' confusion. Unbeknownst to both, Deucalion catches notice of this, knowing Scott has potential to be a true alpha. Once Scott's eye colour changes back to gold, Ennis readies to attack again, but Derek attacks from behind with a sneak attack.


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Ennis takes Derek on, the two alphas grabble, trading blows, slashes and battle snarls and growls.


The two continue to fight, their scrap edging closer and closer to the edge of the supermarket's floor. Scott attempts to give Derek his aid, and  slashes Ennis' calf from behind. This causes both Ennis and Derek who still have each other in their claws to topple over the edge. The two alphas fall two floors down, landing on a stairwell and are unconscious. Ennis and Derek are revealed to have survived the fall, but Ennis is severely injured.


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The following day, Kali and Aiden, along with Marin Morrell, bring Ennis to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to get treatment from Alan Deaton. Alan is initially unwilling to help the heinous alphas, but relents once Marin makes it clear they'll kill Scott if Ennis dies. Alan overtime manages to stabilize Ennis, saving his life, though he's out cold, just as Deucalion arrives.

Deucalion: "And the prognosis?"

Ennis: "Surprisingly optimistic. He's going to make it."

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Deucalion manages to get Ennis to rise, and the crippled alpha starts to regain consciousness. Deucalion bends over him and kisses both his cheeks.


Right afterwards, the blind alpha crushes Ennis' skull, killing his subordinate alpha instead, as well as taking his power. Right afterward, Deucalion lies to his pack, saying that Ennis died from his injuries from fighting Derek. Kali lets a grieving roar and swears revenge unless Derek is to join their pack, as her treacherous leader intended.


After the alphas depart the clinic, Morrell covers Ennis' corpse with a white sheet.