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A darach is an evil Druid, one who has abandoned his life's oath of following and keeping the balance of nature.


This corrupted individual will channel his or her affiliation and understanding of nature itself in the name of obtaining power, and pursuing their own worldly passions and nefarious goals. In Gaelic, "darach" literally means "dark oak."


A darach will commit murder, human sacrifices, or call upon animals to sacrifice themselves so to imbue the individual with powers. As they fall more and more into their maliciousness, the once benign druid practioner's appearance will become deformed, inhuman.



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Jennifer Blake turned from an emissary after her alpha Kali nearly killed her. Jennifer swore vengeance on Kali and all of the Alpha Pack.


Tapping into the laws of nature, Jennifer called upon the sacrifices of animals, and throughout Season3A, ritualistic murders to imbue herself with an arsenal of powers - telekinesis, mind control, super-strength, healing power, psychic abilities and most prominently glamour.


Human Sacrifices

  • The first virgin sacrifice is Stiles's childhood friend Heather. It was her 17th birthday, and she was planning to lose her virginity to Stiles in the wine cellar when suddenly the wine bottles started exploding. She is abducted through the basement window, and all the destruction appears to have been a mirage.
  • The second virgin sacrifice is a lifeguard, who Lydia found dead at the pool wearing a purity ring.
  • The third Emily, who was on a date with her girlfriend Caitlin in the woods. They were going to have sex for the first time.

  • The first soldier sacrifice is Kyle. He was ROTC and got caught after taking his dog to the Animal Clinic.
  • The second soldier sacrifice is the band teacher, who was taken from the band practice room at school while he was playing the piano.
  • The third soldier sacrifice is Mr. Harris, who was ex-military.

  • The first of the sacrifices is the ER attending, unnamed, who never arrived for work. The attending was male. His body is found while Sheriff Stilinski is taking the report on the kidnappings. Aiden, Deucalion, and Chris Argent are present at the crime scene. He died of asphixation, though he was not strangled.
  • The second is Dr. Hilyard, who was taken on her way to work to fill in for the ER attending. When her body is brought to the morgue Melissa McCall asks Sheriff Stilinski if she has ligature marks on her neck. When he says no, she shows him the ER attending's body and the deep cuts on his wrists. She believes he was hung by his wrists and eventually ran out of strength to pull himself up to breathe.
  • The third is Alan Deaton. Deaton calls Scott as soon as the moths appear in his office, telling him that he's going to be taken and he needs Scott to find him. Deaton is suspended from the ceiling in a Beacon Hills First National bank vault and surrounded by a mountain ash circle.

  • Deputy Tara Graeme was the first sacrifice. Before she was a cop, she used ot teach middle school. Scott sees her body on top of the high school's sign after Lydia calls them all because she ended up at the school when she was intending to go somewhere else.
  • Mr. Westover, the history teacher, is the second sacrifice. He is taken out of the school in the middle of the day. Lydia finds herself outside his room and write a 2 in the five-fold knot drawing that appeared where his class notes had been. Allison, Isaac, and Chris find him while the Darach is still tying him up.
  • The third sacrifice is an unnamed pianist at the memorial concert. She she plays, the piano wire breaks and slices her throat open.