4x06 - Orphaned

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Four weeks ago, Kate wakes up in the back of a Chevy Camaro Super Sport in the middle of a rain storm. There's a razor on the door, likely the razor she used to escape the Calaveras. She hears the radio playing static and uses her shotgun to turn the radio off. The tape deck ejects a tape at her, which she takes and turns over in her hand. It says "Play Me."


She puts the tape back in and it begins mid-sentence. "...eventually settling in a small town in Northern California. This family used their wealth to rebuild the community around them, while remaining isolated from it. This was sometimes more a choice than necessity as not all of their children would become werewolves." The tape explains that the born wolves used a "sacred object", a triskelion to learn control. Without control extreme violence was inevitable.


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Time flashes forward to the present-day site of a massacre. Men lay dead on the ground with motorcycles overturned and cars on fire. Kate walks through the destruction, mocking the assassins she's just killed. One remains alive and in the hands of a berserker. She asks him who The Benefactor is. The guy swears he's never seen or spoken to him. Kate mocks him again. "It's all done electronically. I can't help you. Please, I'm bleeding to death. Please stop, it hurts." She shows him the tape and asks if he got one. He tells her that The Orphans did. 


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Kate suddenly gets shot and turns around to see one assassin still alive. She rushes over to shoot him before he can reload, but she doubles over in pain. She shifts without meaning to and attacks the guy, tearing him apart. She turns to the captive still being held by the berserker and tears him apart too. 


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At the school, Finstock keeps the lacrosse team from going into the locker room, which is now a crime scene. He tells them to notify the police if they see Garrett. Liam finds Scott talking to Rafael McCall. McCall apologizes for not being there because he promised to be at the lacrosse games, but Scott assures him that it's fine and that scrimmages don't count as games. Still, Rafael promised to be around so that Melissa could pick up double shifts at the hospital. "You're here now," Scott tells him.


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Meanwhile, Parrish leads Violet out of the school in handcuffs. She notices his name tag and asks him his name with a knowing smile. He scowls, "Deputy Parrish." Violet and Scott glare at each other as she walks by. Agent McCall sees the evidence bag in Sheriff Stilinski's hand an asks him if it's the weapon. The Sheriff shows him the thermo-cut wire, and McCall instantly recognizes it as a weapon used in a series of unsolved crimes. He goes to talk to Violet while Liam talks to Scott. Liam reports that Kira took off home after they heard from Lydia that she cracked the second part of the deadpool and her mom was on the list. Liam says that everyone is on the list, but Scott points out that he isn't. "Not yet," Liam replies. "There's still another third, right?"


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Scott overhears Agent McCall asking Violet about a dozen murders. She claims to not know what he's talking about. "I just go to school here." "Maybe we should call your parents then." "Oh, no . . . that's right. You don't have any parents. That's why they call you The Orphans." Violet glares at him, and then Parrish leads her away. McCall tells the Sheriff that they need to find Garrett, now that he's figured out who they are. Sheriff Stilinski asks Coach for Garrett and Violet's locker numbers and asks someone for bolt cutters.


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Stiles and Derek have taken Brett to the Animal Clinic and are trying to hold him down so Deaton can make an incision. Brett is seizing and foaming yellow at the mouth. "What the hell is happening to this kid?" Stiles asks. Deaton replies that he's been poisoned by a rare wolfsbane. As they struggle to hold him, Stiles sarcastically asks Derek to "apply a little werewolf strength. Derek glares at him. "Yeah I'm not the only one here with "werewolf strength". Stiles gives Derek a surprised kind of look while Deaton tells them that if they can't hold Brett still the incision might kill him.


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Brett jerks and throws both Stiles and Derek off. Brett gets up and starts to run, but Peter cuts him off and punches him in the face, knocking him out. Derek watches Peter with cautious awe, and Peter looks at him with glowing blue eyes. "I guess I still have a little "werewolf strength" myself." "Yeah, maybe more than a little," Derek replies, which makes Peter smirk. Derek looks down at the claw marks on his arm, which aren't healing


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Stiles kneels next to Brett and claims that he isn't breathing. Deaton cuts the center of Brett's chest, releasing a puff of yellow gas. 


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Peter watches as Derek's wounds heal, and Derek looks incredibly relieved to find out that that power isn't entirely gone yet. Deaton says that Brett will be okay but probably unconscious for a while. Brett starts to mutter something and after a few seconds it's loud enough to recognize as the same mantra Demarco used: the sun, the moon, the truth. Deaton tells them that it's Buddhist, and Peter realizes that their alpha must be Satomi Ito


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At the school, Scott breaks into Garrett's locker while Liam plays lookout. He finds a bag at the bottom of the locker filled with cash. "You find anything?" Liam asks. "No, nothing," Scott replies. 


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The next morning, Melissa is on the phone with the electric company. She says that she knows she's a month late, and they inform her that she's three months late on the bill. She begs them to turn the power back on so she doesn't lose $300 worth of groceries. Upstairs, Scott is listening to her talk with the bag of money underneath his bed. He looks down, clearly contemplating using it to fix their financial troubles. 


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Mason Hewitt and Liam are running down a street in a wooded area. Mason Hewitt is weirded out by the fact that they were friends with these killers. "They were using us for their cover. I mean professional killers were using us. How are you not freaking out about that?" Liam replies that he's freaking out about a lot and then starts running faster. He runs away from Mason Hewitt, who has no chance at keeping up. After a while, Liam realizes what he's been doing and stops to look back. When his back is turned, Garrett runs into him with his car. Garrett approaches Liam with his lacrosse stick knife and apologizes for missing movie night. "But don't worry, I got something else planned," he says. He attacks, but the scene cuts away.


When Mason Hewitt finally catches up, he doesn't see Liam anywhere and doesn't notice the blood on the ground.


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The bell rings but Malia is the only one in math class. Ms. Fleming asks her where Stiles, Lydia, and Kira are, and Malia offers to try catching their scent. The teacher marks them down as absent, and then Malia hears a male voice whispering her name. Just as class starts, Malia grabs her bag and leaves to find the source of the voice. Ms. Fleming asks her if she needs to be dismissed, and Malia simply say "Yeah" on her way out like this was obvious. 


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She finds Derek waiting for her in the hallway. He says that since Brett's still unconscious he needs her help in finding his pack to warn them about the deadpool. He's asking for Malia's help because Satomi Ito's pack has a secret meeting place in the woods and she knows the woods better than anyone. Derek does not say that he needs her help because he's lost his sense of smell. Derek brought Brett's shirt so Malia can use it to follow his scent, but she claims not to be very good at that yet. "Try it. I'll teach you," Derek says. He has her focus on the different scents, some of which are tied to identity and others to emotion


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Stiles and Lydia follow Parrish into the sheriff station. Parrish tells them that the Sheriff should be back within the hour if they want to wait, but they're not there for him. Stiles admits that they want to talk to Parrish privately. The three of them go back into Stilinski's office, and they show Parrish the deadpool list. Stiles asks him if he recognizes any of the names. Parrish says the Sheriff had him runs the names last night. Then they flip the page over and show Parrish his own name. He says it's a little terrifying and asks what the number means. "That's how much you're worth," Lydia says. "I'm worth five dollars?!" "Five million," Stiles corrects. Parrish points out that he only makes $40k, so maybe he should kill himself.


Parrish asks why he's on this list, but Stiles dodges the question in lieu of the reason they're actually there, which is to get the third cipher key. They want Parrish to take them to Eichen House to talk to Meredith. "The last time you saw her you almost gave her a nervous breakdown," Parrish says. 


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Coach Finstock downs some cough medicine and tells Mason Hewitt and Scott that Liam wasn't in class. He figures maybe he's sick like Coach seems to be. Mason Hewitt says that Liam didn't look sick on their run, and they both are worried that Liam isn't responding to their texts. The bell rings, and Scott assures Mason Hewitt that he'll find him. Just then Scott's phone rings from Liam's number, but it's Garrett on the line. Scott asks him where Liam is and then offers to give Garrett the money back in exchange. Garrett wants more, though. He wants Scott's help breaking Violet out. 


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Liam is at the bottom of a well with a cut in his chest from Garrett's knife dipped in wolfsbane


Scott meets Garrett out by the buses. He asks what he wants him to do. Garrett says that he's not getting help from a Werewolf because he wants him to talk to someone. He wants him to attack the car that they'll be transporting Violet in. "You're an alpha. If you can't stop one little car, then one little beta is going to die." Garrett tells Scott that he poisoned Liam with wolfsbane


Liam calls for help, shouting Scott's name, but the well is deep in the woods.


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Derek and Malia arrive at the preserve, and Derek explains that Satomi Ito is one of the oldest Werewolf alive. She's a bitten wolf, so she had a difficult time learning to control herself. "She did something a long time ago that changed her," Derek says. We are shown Satomi Ito throwing the molotov cocktail at Rhys. He explains that the quote her Werewolf repeat is a mantra that helps them with control. 


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Malia stops suddenly and says that she smells gunpowder. She takes a few steps forward and finds spent shell casings on the ground. Derek picks up the casing and declares that if Brett's pack is out there, they're hiding. 


Scott goes to his dad and tries to convince him to postpone taking Violet to the federal facility because Garrett is still at large. "I appreciate the concern, but after what happened with Katashi and losing evidence off an armored truck, I'm not letting this out of my sight. He's also taking Sheriff Stilinski with him. 


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Later, Garrett and Scott are waiting in an SUV for the transport SUV to drive by. Scott doesn't think this plan is going to work, but Garrett assures him that all he has to do is stop the car. Scott pulls up the hood of his black hoodie as Garrett starts the car. 


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Parrish, Lydia, and Stiles are at Eichen House waiting for the orderly to open Meredith's room. Brunski catches them and takes the keys away. "You do not just open the door for anyone with a badge." Parrish says they need to talk to Meredith about a murder investigation. Brunski says Parrish can talk to her by Lydia and Stiles, especially Stiles, have to go. "They're crucial witnesses in an ongoing murder investigation. I wouldn't have brought them here if it wasn't absolutely . . . crucial." Brunski gets in Parrish's face and tells him to come back with a court order. He then turns on Stiles and tells him to come back with payment in full. "I guess those government jobs aren't as reliable as they used to be, huh?"


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Parrish cuts in, "But they do help when you need a favor. Like how a month ago Canaan PD helped you get home after blowing a .1 on a breathalyser." Which means he apparently researched Brunski sometime recently. Stiles is thrilled by this revelation, and Brunski backs off. He hands Stiles the keys, and as he walks away, Lydia gives him the middle finger. Stiles paws at Parrish. "You. You? I like you. I'm gonna keep you."


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Scott pulls his hood back off and goes over the plan. He's supposed to take out the tires with his claws. But as they get close, they see the SUV already overturned. Scott hops out and runs for his dad. Sheriff Stilinski is attempting to pull him along the road, even though he can barely move himself. Garrett gets his lacrosse stick out of the back, which turns out to have a blade on either end. The Sheriff tells Scott, "They're still here." 


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A berserker comes out of the woods, and Garrett makes a show of telling it to attack. As Scott watches, a second berserker comes up behind Garrett and runs him through. Scott runs forward after Garrett is already dead and a berserker smacks him down, knocking him out. 


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Lydia and Stiles sit across from Meredith and ask her for the third cipher. Stiles offers that she can give it to them in numbers, letters, hieroglyphs, whatever she wants. She tells them that she can't. She gave them the second key because she wanted to help, but she can't give them the third one. Parrish warns them to go easy on her. Meredith apologizes and says "he doesn't want me to." She means the Benefactor


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Scott comes to in Deaton's clinic and sees him looming over him. "I was actually hoping you'd be out for a few more minutes," Deaton says. Scott has one of the berserker's antlers shoved through his midsection. Chris Argent is there and tells him that it's going to hurt before pulling the antler out. It hurts so much Scott lurches to his feet. He asks about his dad and the Sheriff, who are now at the hospital


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Scott tells them that it was Kate and the berserkers, but Chris already knows. "They move fast. And they don't leave much in the way of tracks." Scott insists that they have to find Kate because she has Violet, and Violet probably knows where Liam is. Deaton then offers the antler for Scott to get a scent from. 


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Derek and Malia get back in Derek's truck, having failed to find Satomi's pack. Malia apologizes, but Derek tells her that if the pack doesn't want to be found then they're not going to find them. He explains that some Werewolf have such complete mastery of their bodies that they can hide their scent. This is why no one knew about Brett or Demarco. Malia then suggests they think like Stiles. "Like a hyperactive spazz?" "Like a detective." Malia suggests that instead of asking where Werewolf hide they should ask where Buddhists would hide. Derek considers this and spies the compass on his dashboard. "When Buddha sat under the bodhi tree, he looked to the east for enlightenment," Derek says. Malia asks if there's an eastern point in Beacon Hills, and Derek says the Lookout Point


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Back in the well, Liam is trying to climb his way out. He gets fairly high, but his grip slips and he falls back into the water. He looks at the cut on his hand and it triggers a flashback to Scott bringing him back to the boathouse and showing him the window he jumped through. Scott explained that his cuts healed while he was changed and insists they need to get a grip on Liam's anger. Liam replies that his dad says when kids get angry they deal with it in one of two ways: hurt themselves or hurt someone else.  In the present, Liam rubs the wound on his hand and comes to some sort of revelation. The cut on his hand appears to be oozing yellow goo.


He goes at the wall again.


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Lydia is running out of patience with Meredith. She asks what the Benefactor's name is, but Meredith won't say. Stiles if she doesn't know or if she doesn't want to help them. Meredith replies that she can't help anymore. Lydia asks how Meredith knows about the Benefactor, and Meredith starts shaking her head in distress. Parrish tries to get them to back off. Meredith starts repeating that she doesn't know and eventually gets so worked up that she shouts. Lydia winces in pain and backs into Stiles's arms. When he checks if she's okay, he finds that her ears are bleeding. 


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Scott and Chris arrive at Argent Arms International. Chris explains that he used to work there. They owned the building. Scott warns Chris that he's fought the berserkers before and they're really strong. Chris goes into his truck and gets an assault rifle. Scott looks impressed, and Chris smirks.


Derek and Malia arrive at Lookout Point. She grabs his wrist to stop him. "You don't smell that?" Derek tells her to wait and goes to investigate. Not far away, he finds Satomi's pack all dead, seemingly poisoned. There are at least 11 bodies. 


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Chris and Scott walk through the Argent Arms building, which has plastic dropcloths blocking their view. Kate tells them that they shouldn't have come and walks into view with her two berserkers. Scott tries asking to talk to Violet. Kate says that she knew they'd find her but she was hoping it would be later, after she learned control. She draws her claws along the plastic barrier. "Lower the gun. walk away. You don't have to get hurt," she says. She seems to be talking only to Chris and tells him to put the gun down. He doesn't, and she starts to get antsy. The berserkers break the stand-off and attack. Chris opens fire. 


Kate grabs the gun from Chris and punches him, knocking him down. He and Scott both dodge attacks from the berserkers.


46845 medium
Malia joins Derek as he looks at the field of his dead people and asks him what happened. He thinks they were poisoned. She thinks they need to get as far away from Beacon Hills as possible. As he's about to leave, Derek hears someone move. He sees a bloody hand and runs over. It turns out to be Braeden


46846 medium
At Argent Arms, Scott attacks a berserker only to be swatted down and then thrown through a series of walls. Chris tries boxing with his berserker, which gets him nowhere. The one attacking Scott picks him up and throws him through another wall, which happens to lead to where Kate was keeping Violet. When Scott looks around, he sees that Violet is dead. Chris is losing and is about to be killed when Kate orders the berserker to stop. She roars, and he lets Chris go. Kate and the berserkers leave, while Chris calls out weakly for Scott.


Scott offers Chris and hand and pulls him up. Chris apologizes, though it's unclear for what, and Scott replies that he's not going to find Liam. Chris reassures him that there's still time. 


Liam continues climbing the wall, even though the wolfsbane is starting to make him sick. He's near the top of the well, and in desperation he shouts for all he's worth. His eyes glow, and the shout becomes a howl that Scott can hear. 


46847 medium
Stiles and Lydia are in Stiles's room trying to come up with the cipher. Stiles says that they know the two previous ciphers are people that are dead. Lydia points out that they've already tried every other dead person's name they could think of. Stiles pauses to ask Lydia if she's okay. Lydia laments that Meredith is the only other banshee she knows of and she just drove her over the edge. Stiles tries to make her feel better by pointing out that he was there too. Stiles suggests that since she's a banshee, she can predict death, so maybe she should try predicting who the next dead person will be. 


46848 medium
Lydia closes her eyes and holds her hands over the keyboard. She lets herself type whatever feels right and types out a name: Derek. The list decodes, and in addition to Liam and Malia's name, it has Meredith's name. Lydia tells Stiles to call Parrish


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Liam tries to hold onto the side of the well, but he loses his grip. Just as he starts to fall, Scott reaches down and catches him. He pulls him out and hugs Liam to his chest. 


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Parrish reports to Lydia that Meredith is gone. She hung herself in her room, he says. We see Brunski remove the sheet from around Meredith's neck, looking sad. Lydia turns to Stiles and he hugs her.


46851 medium
Scott takes Liam to Deaton, who cuts the incision in his chest to let the wolfsbane out. Scott says that he doesn't want to keep watching people die. "I'm not sure you have much choice about that," Chris tells him. Scott thinks he does, but even Deaton warns him that it's a lot of burden to everyone's life in his hands. Scott vows that no one else on the deadpool dies. "I'm gonna save everyone."


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Later than night, Melissa is at the dining room table doing her bills. She looks worried and out of her depth. Upstairs, Scott and Stiles sit with the bag of money between them. Stiles asks if he's counted it yet. Scott says no. They dump out the money so they can count it, and a tape like the one Kate got falls out, too. 


Kate is down in the sewer washing off some blood. Peter says that he supposes she's hiding down there because it will cover her scent. "But I can smell a rat. Even in a sewer." Kate keeps the berserkers from attacking him immediately. Peter surmises that her loss of control is getting worse. He says that he used to get angry. As a kid he would break his toys in fits of rage. "And then I asked myself, 'Why break your own toys when you can break someone else's?'" Kate tells him to shut up and get to the point.


46853 medium
Peter says that they're in a case of mutually assured destruction, but Kate isn't so sure the scales are balanced. Peter concedes the point but thinks he knows what she's really after: returning the Argents to a place of power. But she can't do that unless she can control herself. He offers to teach her how. In return he wants his money back, but Kate doesn't think it's just about the money. Peter draws closer and smiles seductively. He admits that money only gets you so far. "What I want is what I've always wanted. Power."