4x10 - Monstrous

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Satomi’s pack are running from the assassins who are shooting at them with arrows. Kira arrives and helps Satomi’s pack escape by blocking the arrows and taking them all somewhere else where she thinks is safe, so she can meet up with Scott to come up with a better plan.


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As Scott is getting ready to go out the door to meet with Kira, he throws a helmet to Liam, telling him briefly what’s happening. Liam remains where he’s standing and questions Scott about the assassins whether they’re different than the ones who tried to light them on fire. Scott sees that Liam is uncomfortable with coming to help, so he offers to drive him home instead. Liam declares that he isn’t like Scott, or the rest of his pack, “I don’t mean I’m not strong, or I’ll never learn to be in control. I mean everything else, you and your friends try and protect everyone. Have you been doing this the whole time? I mean, how are you all still alive?” he says. Scott replies, “Not all of us are,” and pushes the offer to take him home.



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Meanwhile, Stiles is in the hospital with a concussion from when Brunski punched him for trying to help Lydia block out the sounds of the tape while they were trapped in Eichen House. He tries to leave, insisting that he is fine, but Melissa makes him stay until he gets a CT scan, “Even if I let you go, what would you do?” Giving in, Stiles drops himself back down on the bed and requests that Melissa gets him a tape player. When Melissa leaves the room, he takes out a tape from his pocket labeled Lorraine Martin.


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Back at the sheriff station, Sheriff Stilinski exits his office and right away Lydia asks “What did she say?” The sheriff replies, “Hard to tell, there were words, but I’m not sure if they were actual sentences.” Lydia takes that to mean nothing. The sheriff suggest that they need a psychologist, or a medium, and picks up the phone.


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Lydia questions whether Meredith is competent enough to even be charged with something, and the sheriff answers, “If Meredith is the Benefactor then that means she was competent enough to trick Kate into opening the Hale vault, competent enough to trick Brunski into helping her, competent enough to create a hitlist and payout money for its completion. This girl is practically a criminal mastermind.” Lydia and the sheriff decide that they don’t only need to stop the dead pool, and that they also need to stop the money.


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Scott and Kira find each other in what looks to be an office. They make out for a moment before Scott breaks the kiss to ask about Kira’s mother. Kira tells him that she is okay, and healing. When Scott asks if Kira is okay, she replies with, “Right now, very.” They kiss once more before Scott asks if they found a member of Satomi’s pack, and Kira tells him that she found all of them and then shows him. Satomi says that she knows who Scott McCall is. One of the girls asks if they are safe there, and Scott looks around the room and examines how many there are. “We’re going to need help, a lot of help,” he says.


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Chris Argent throws a man down through a door in what looks like a warehouse as he walks in holding a gun, ready to fire it. A man comes up behind him, and Argent knocks him out with his elbow. He walks through the aisles of plants and comes to a yellow wolfsbane plant.


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Back at the sheriff station, Sheriff Stilinski is still trying to get something out of Meredith. “I thought I told you to go home,” the sheriff says to Lydia. She replies, “And I thought I told you, I wasn’t going anywhere. Did they get anything out of her?” “Should have gone with the medium,” Stilinski says. Deputy Parrish reports to Stilinski about checking everything in Brunski’s office and informs him that they found nothing. He also asks Lydia about not going home yet. Lydia tries to convince the sheriff to let her speak to Meredith.


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Stiles, still in the hospital, is waiting to get his CT scan. Melissa knocks on the door, and Stiles expects to get the tape player he asked for earlier, but instead Malia walks in, and Melissa shuts the door and leaves the two alone with some privacy. Malia tells Stiles that she heard that he almost got killed, and Stiles say the same to her. She asks if he is okay, and Stiles says that Brunski punched him in the face, and that he’s the serial killer. “What about you?” he asks Malia. She informs him that they were almost set on fire, but that everyone is basically okay.


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When Stiles asks if she is okay, she says that she is fine. Malia insists that she should go, but when she tries to leave, the door is locked. Stiles tries to get someone's attention. “I can break it,” Malia says, and Stiles suggests that she doesn’t, seeing how he already owes the hospital enough money. Both of them are confused as to why Melissa would lock the door, and Stiles defends her by saying, “Maybe she didn’t mean to . . . maybe she wasn’t thinking it through. People sometimes do things without thinking them through.” Malia says that she’s stupid. Stiles continues, speaking more about himself, “No, even smart people can do stupid things because they think that it’s the right thing, and I don’t think that we should hold it against her for the rest of her life. Especially because she tried apologizing, hundreds of times, through texts and voicemails.” Malia catches onto what he's trying to say and asks if she's going to keep begging. Stiles says that she might. Malia tells him that she doesn't have much practice with forgiveness and that she’s picking up some things fast but others, not so much. Stiles says, “Like math.” And she replies, “I hate math.” Stiles asks if she hates him, and Malia says, “I like you, Stiles. I like you a lot.” Stiles says he can work with that and they kiss, and suddenly the door opens.


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Argent is in a building with a small vault, in which he carefully places the yellow wolfsbane. He notices footsteps going into another room. He grabs his gun, aiming it toward the room, when something shoots at him knocking his gun out of his hands. Pulling out his handgun, he aims, and Brett is suddenly right there, but Scott stops Brett from attacking, informing him that this is Chris's place.


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“Scott, if you’re bringing guests, you could have called,” Argent says, and Scott tells him that there was no where else to bring him. Satomi steps up and says that she knows this man. He might not remember her, but they have met before. Scott says that he trusts them, so they should too and she questions if he is like the others. Argent asks, “What others?” Kira tells them that there was an entire team after them last night, and that they used crossbows. She hands him one of the arrows, and Scott assumes that they are hunters, but Argent tells him that they aren’t hunters if they’re killing for profit.


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One of the Werewolf asks if the assassins can find them, and Argent tells him that they may already know that they are here and are possible waiting for dark. Kira realizes that they aren’t safe, but Satomi says that they aren’t safe anywhere and have been running for days. Everywhere they turn, there is someone new trying to kill them. “They’re coming Scott, and they’re coming for you, too. You’re still number one on the dead pool,” Chris says. Scott knows, and he also knows that if Lydia has more time she can get the answer from Meredith.


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Stiles and Malia are listening to the tape that Scott found. It’s a recording of Brunski talking to Lorraine Martin. Stiles turns up the volume, and Lorraine, on the tape, says that she knows that he is making a tape, just like he taped the others. Stiles realizes that Lorraine wasn't killed in Eichen House like they thought.


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Lydia, at the sheriff station, is questioning Meredith and tells her she knows how it all happened. She says that Meredith used Brunski because she knew he’d kill people and would do it again. “He used my grandmother's code for the dead pool, he put it online, he took the money from the Hale vault, then turned the barer bonds  into cash. He made the payments.” Meredith says she wanted to help, and Lydia asks if thats why she is there. Meredith says she will only talk to Peter Hale.


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Stiles and Malia are still listening to the tape. Malia asks Stiles to turn up the tape and listen again. They figure that Lorraine went back to the lake house to listen to the record player. Lorraine is a banshee, but only once. She spent decades trying to predict something else. “What if all those years ago Lorraine predicted it, she knew that there was something in the study that could stop it?” They talk some more, and Stiles says that they are going to the lake house and grabs his keys.


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Argent is setting up sensors throughout the warehouse they are in, while everyone else waits for the assassins to show up. Kira is hoping that it’s just a false alarm. Scott tells everyone that Lydia is still talking to Meredith and Stiles is headed to the lake house. Brett says, “What if it doesn’t end until we’re all dead?” Derek replies that they will send a message. “It doesn’t matter if they’re a professional assassins, hunters, or an amateur who just picked up a gun. Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money is gonna be put on another list. Our list. They get to be put on our dead pool.”


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At the sheriff station, Peter is looking at Meredith and he doubts that she is the one who stole his money. Peter goes in and talks to her. The first thing he asks is where his money is, or what’s left of it. Meredith reaches up her hand and touches Peter's face. He quickly grabs her arm, and Parrish demands that he lets her go. “Why did you do that?” Peter asks, and Meredith notes that all of his burns are gone. Lydia realizes that they have met before.


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Back with the werewolves, Argent tells Satomi that he does remember her. She says that he wasn’t protecting werewolves back then, he was hunting them. “Three things cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth,” Argent states and asks what it means to her. Satomi says that to her it means that her kind are violent creatures who eventually will not be able to control their violent impulses. The sensor goes off and Argent announces they they are coming.


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At the sheriffs station, Meredith tells Peter that it has to be kept secret. Peter is confused because they have never met before. Meredith expects him to remember, but he doesn’t. Peter stands up, pushing the table out of the way, and grabs her by the neck to do a mind meld.


A quick scene of guns firing at the building where Satomi’s pack is. The supernaturals are all taking cover while the others are firing back at the assassins.


57289 medium
Again, at the sheriff station, Lydia tells the Sheriff and Deputy Parrish that they can’t break the bond or it will kill both of them. None of them know what to do. Peter is looking into Meredith's mind and seeing what she remembers. Meredith starts whispering things, which Lydia can understand perfectly. Meredith is explaining how she and Peter were in the same hospital after the fire. Meredith could hear Peter’s thoughts. Everything in Peter’s mind went right to Meredith. It was like Peter was right over her bed talking to her about revenge. Peter was thinking about taking out every supernatural in Beacon Hills and how he would hire people to kill them all. The whole idea for the dead pool was from Peter’s subconscious, and he doesn’t even remember it.


57290 medium
Stiles and Malia are sitting in the lake house listening to the record player, but when they stop it, Malia can still hear it. They realize it’s not the record player that is still spinning. Stiles looks around and sees a wire coming out from the wall. He pulls it, tearing at the wall. He and Malia start ripping out pieces of the wall to reveal an old computer. Stiles confirms that it is the computer running the deadpool.  


The assassins are still shooting at the supernaturals and their defenders.


57291 medium
Sheriff Stilinski is ready to kill Peter, but Lydia says that this is what Meredith wants. There are three people still on the deadpool in that room. Peter says that they don’t want to kill each other. Sheriff Stilinski threatens to kill him, and Peter says that it better be a good shot because he doesn’t go down easy. The Sheriff threatens Peter again, but Peter asks how he will explain it all to the judge. “Telepathic girl overhears thoughts of a comatose Werewolf and decides to enact his plans for retribution,“ Peter mocks. Lydia says that they will have to let him go, and the Sheriff drops his gun.


57292 medium
Malia goes to smash the deadpool, but Stiles stops her and explains how it’s working and says they need a prompt or command. Malia says, “What about a key?” Stiles video calls Lydia and explains to her the situation. Lydia asks to see the floor again, and when Stiles shows her, she notices that the wine stain is gone, but wine doesn’t just come out. Lydia thinks out loud and says that the wine isn’t wine. Stiles goes downstairs to find the bottle. He shakes it and discovers there is something inside. He asks for a wine opener, but Malia just smashes it on the ground, and they find a key hidden inside. They put it in the key slot in the dead pool, and turn it, turning it off.


57293 medium
While Scott is fighting a man, nearly killing him, he realizes that his dark side is taking over. He stops to think, and someone's phone goes off. All of their phones go off, and the assassins start to back out. Scott takes the man's phone from his pocket and shows him the message that reads “All contracts terminated.” All of the supernaturals and the defenders come out from where they were and look around. Kira asks if it’s really over, and Scott nods.


57294 medium
Lydia and Meredith are talking at the sheriff station, and Lydia asks why she put her own name on a hit list. Meredith said that she had to because she heard Lydia scream in the tunnels at Oak Creek. That’s how she knew it was the right time to start over with Peter. “He’s the alpha. He’s always been the alpha. He’ll make it right,” Meredith says. Meredith says that too many people have died because of them; they are the monsters, even banshees. “Not all monsters do monstrous things,” Lydia replies. ”Like who?” Meredith asks. “Like Scott.” Meredith looks at Lydia and touches her cheek and says, “Like you.” She takes her hand away and says, “Oh god, what have I done?” in realization.


57295 medium
Peter Hale and Kate Argent are in the sewer. Kate notes that Peter looks nervous. Peter states that he isn’t nervous, just rattled, and he doesn’t like being rattled. Kate reminds him that everything is going exactly how he wanted. Maybe every game piece didn’t move exactly how he wanted, but everything still moved into place. Kate worries that Peter wants to bail on the plan. Peter says “Of course not. Not when I’m this close. Not when I’m this close to killing Scott McCall."



Eliza Hull – “Echoes” Scene: Stiles and Malia catch up on things at the hospital.