Canine werecreature+Super-Speed

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The innate speed of a canid shapeshifter will increase when they join a pack, as will all their superhuman capabilities. They are also able to run using a combination of their hands and feet in the manner of an animal as displayed by Derek Hale and Scott McCall.


Upon being bitten by Peter Hale, Scott discovered his greatly enhanced speed. While playing goalie in lacrosse, he was able to catch every shot feeling like he had "all the time in the world". On the field, he's faster than all the other players on the field and evades them like he's dancing, displaying acrobatics while jumping over three opposing players.


In Tattoo, the twins were running at a speed that they were able to keep up with and outmaneuver Braeden's motorcycle.


Deucalion and Satomi Ito have exhibited and utilized massive speed to great effect. Deucalion appeared as a blur when he dashed from restraining Jennifer Blake over to Scott's side in Lunar Ellipse. Satomi was able to evade gunfire while facing off against an assassin in Weaponized.


In Smoke and Mirrors, Derek Hale evolved, gaining new power, new reflexes, and outmaneuvering the near-invulnerable Berserker.