4x12 - Smoke and Mirrors

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Kira wakes up in the dungeon on top of bones. The door to her cell is open, so she goes to investigate, calling Scott's name warily. She can't see and feels her way down the passage, not noticing a berserker hiding in an alcove. The berserker lifts his head and steps out to follow her. Kira sees what looks like a way out, but as soon as she starts to hurry toward it, she sees a berserker blocking her path. She turns to go back, but the other one is right there.


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He grabs her as she screams and slams her against the wall. As they struggle, Kira sees the tattoos on the berserker's arm and realizes that it's Scott. He throws her to the ground but stops at the sound of Kate's growl. Kate saunters in and says that she'll have to do a better job of hiding Scott's tattoo


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Kira asks what she did to him, but Kate corrects her. "How. That's the better story." She explains that when she first escaped the Calaveras she had no idea where to go but she felt drawn to La Iglesia, to the temple of Tezcatlipoca. "His name means Smoking Mirror, and this a temple of the smoking mirror." She draws her fingers along a slash mark on the wall. "Obsidian." She says that when she got to the temple she found the berserkers waiting for her. "They helped me survive, and I didn't know quite why until just recently. Until I decided to trust someone I never thought I would trust."


The implication is that she trusted Peter, but this is not explicitly stated.


She found out that in addition to controlling berserkers, she could create them. "They call me La Loba, the bone woman." She explains to Kira that they let her out because she needed to test Scott's loyalty. Scott's been through a lot without having to kill, but Kate wants to change that. Scott then pulls an antler off of his outfit and stabs Kira in the stomach with it. 


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Sheriff Stilinski closes his office door and turns on Stiles. "You are not going to Mexico." "Dad, Scott and Kira have been kidnapped and taken to Mexico. I think that's a pretty good reason for a trip to Mexico." Instead the Sheriff thinks he should alert the proper authorities. "Dad, I can't just wait around for the wheel of bureaucracy to start spinning in five different offices. Someone needs to go down there right now, find them, and rescue them. I'm going."


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The Sheriff tries to say that he can keep Stiles from going, but Stiles insists that even being locked in a cell will not hold him. The Sheriff asks Stiles to give him enough time to verify that they've really been taken beyond a vision by a guy with a third eye. He says he'll call every agency all the way to Mexico and if nothing turns up book two flights. "Okay. Okay, great. Do I get a gun?" The Sheriff squints at him. "No."


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At the loft, Braeden is checking her gun while Derek looks at the table full of weaponry. "I still don't like relying on these things," Derek says. "I get it. You miss your power. I would, too." Derek looks a little confused. "It's not about power. It's about being able to help. I don't like feeling helpless." Braeden gives him a look and says that she's human. "Do I look helpless?" She slaps a clip into her pistol.


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Derek humors her and says that she's a much better shot than he is. Something in his expression wipes the smile from her face and she asks him if he really thinks he won't be coming back. "Not... alive." Braeden puts down her gun. "You know I'm not okay with that." Derek looks at her and then moves in close to kiss her. He presses their foreheads together. "I am. If it saves Scott and Kira."


Derek ends the moment by turning to the table of weapons and saying that he's not sure they have enough firepower to take down even one berserker


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"Not even close," Peter says, and walks down the winding staircase. Apparently he was watching them make out or something. "Killing a berserker is next to impossible. Not just the firepower. It's breaking the animal spirit from the human." Derek says that the one person they know with the proper experience is Chris Argent and he isn't answering his phone. 


Peter replies that they're going to need help, like Malia, maybe Liam, and definitely him. 


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Stiles rifles through Scott's closet and tosses Malia a shirt. She sniffs it. "Fabric softener." Stiles realizes that they can't use clean clothes to get Scott's scent, so he rushes to the bathroom and opens the hamper. He pulls out a pair of boxers, but Malia just makes a face at him. Instead she turns and grabs a pillow from Scott's bed. "Yeah, that works, too," Stiles says.


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They head downstairs to find Liam waiting for them. Stiles tells Liam to go home because he isn't coming. "Why not?" "Because, it's a full moon and I don't feel like driving all the way down to Mexico just to have you rip my throat out." Liam was hoping they could chain him up in the back seat, but Malia reminds him that he tore through the last set of chains. "We'd have to freeze you in carbonite to get you down there," Stiles says.


Liam thinks that's a great idea! Because he, too, hasn't seen Star Wars. Stiles gives him a squinty look. "Seriously? You haven't seen it either?" 


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Stiles tries to explain to Liam that he doesn't have to help them and doesn't have to put himself in danger, but Liam wants to. There has to be bigger chains or a bigger trunk to keep him in. Stiles decides that maybe there is.


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Stiles, Malia, and Liam meet Derek and Braeden in a warehouse. Braeden got a prison transport van. Stiles asks her how and she says she's a US Marhsal. Stiles thought that was just a cover, but it's apparently true. Derek gets out of his car and motions to Liam. "We really bringing him?" Stiles motions to Peter. "We're really bringing him?" "We're bringing everyone that we can," Peter says, "and considering Scott and Kira were taken the night before a full moon, we should probably get going."


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Peter says that if Kate took Scott to the same temple where she took Derek, she could be planning to do the same thing to him. Liam asks why she'd want to make him younger. Derek suggests it could be to take him back to before he was a werewolf. "A werewolf can't steal a True Alpha's power, but maybe a nagual jaguar with the power of Tezcatlipoca behind her... maybe she can." Stiles looks distressed at so. Peter goes on, "So if everyone is sufficiently freaked out, I say we get going." 


Stiles declares that they can't because they don't have Lydia


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At the school, Lydia goes into Kira's locker and gets a jacket. "I hope this works," she says. Then she hears growling and ducks just as a berserker punches the locker. 


In the garage, Stiles calls Lydia again while Peter paces. Derek asks what she's doing at the school. Malia explains that while they got Kira's sword they need something with a stronger scent. Stiles comes back and reports that Lydia isn't answering. Braeden suggests that they leave and let Lydia catch up. Peter is all over that. Stiles doesn't agree because Lydia not answering might mean Lydia is in trouble. 


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Peter suggests Stiles stay and find her while the rest of them go on without him. Liam offers to call Mason Hewitt, who has a study group at the school and could look for her. Derek gives Stiles a look suggesting this is a reasonable idea, and Stiles agrees. Stiles then tells Malia that he's going to ride with Derek and Liam because he's got some experience dealing with out of control teen wolves. He asks if she'll be okay riding with Peter. "He is my father. Maybe we can do some bonding," she replies. Stiles tells her to play the radio loud so no bonding happens.


As they get ready, Peter tells them all that while they may see human eyes behind the skulls, they should not assume that there is any humanity left. Liam looks worried, and Peter picks up on how terrified he is. "Don't worry, my friend, it is that fear that will keep you alive. A reminder to everyone, you do not fight berserkers to survive. You fight to kill." 


Mason checks the parking lot and confirms that Lydia's car is there. He offers to look around the school for her. 


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Braeden drives the van with Derek, Stiles, and Liam in the back, while Peter drives Derek's car with Malia. Derek locks Liam down with handcuffs. "All good?" Liam tests them, and then Derek tells him that he brought something to help him. He pulls out the triskellion. "This has been with my family for centuries," he says. Stiles gives him a confused look as he explains that it's a very powerful supernatural talisman. "We use it to teach betas how to control themselves on the full moon." Derek hands the triskellion to Liam and then looks to Stiles, urging him to corroborate his story. "Yes... it's powerful. Very powerful." 


At the school, Mason Hewitt wanders around checking empty classrooms. He eventually finds Kira's jacket and Lydia's phone in the stairwell. He tries to turn on her phone and gets a photo of a berserker. A shadow falls over him, and he looks up to see a berserker in real life. 


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Night falls while they're still on the road. Peter asks Malia if he can turn the radio down, and then he does. He asks her if she's worried about Stiles. "I'm worried about everyone," she replies. "Do I need to be worried about you?" Peter asks. They have to go through the berserkers to get to Kate and then through Kate to get to Scott and Kira. It's going to be messy. Malia informs him that Scott says they don't kill people. Peter asks her if Scott would kill to save Kira. "Would you kill to save Stiles?" She doesn't have an answer for him and looks at the full moon instead. It's still affecting her, but Peter says that's good because she'll need that power.


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Braeden checks on Derek, Stiles, and Liam in the back of the van and Liam suddenly jerks in pain. His claws are out, and he grips the triskellion tightly. "Whatever you're going to teach me, I think you better start," he says to Derek. 


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In La Iglesia, Kira is on the ground, wounded. She hears her mother talking to her. "It's all right to cry. It's no measure of your strength." Kira replies that she's not strong and she needs to get up. "How do you know you can't?" Noshiko asks her. "Because I'm not healing." She complains to her mother that she said she'd learn to heal. "Then learn," Noshiko replies. Kira says she can't because she doesn't know how to start or what to do. Noshiko advises her that foxes and wolves are similar creatures. She asks how wolves would make themselves heal, and Kira remembers that it's through pain. Even though she's clearly already in pain, Kira smashes an obsidian pane next to her and grabs a piece of glass. She squeezes it, making herself bleed more, and her eyes glow orange. 


53111 medium
At the school, Lydia reaches out and touches Mason Hewitt's face. He wakes up with a start. He starts describing the berserker to her, and she just nods. Their phones are gone, too. Mason Hewitt asks what the berserker is going to do them, but Lydia doesn't know. "But it definitely doesn't want us to leave." "Lydia, why do you keep saying 'it'?" 


The berserker then growls, and they both turn to look down the hallway toward it. Mason Hewitt asks what it is. "Not human," Lydia replies.


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Derek tells Liam that they have a mantra that they use. "You repeat it, you focus on the words. It's like meditating. You say the words until you feel control coming back to you." Liam glances at Stiles as Derek speaks. Then he winces in pain and asks Derek what the words are. "Okay, look at the triskellion. See the symbol? I have a tattoo on my back. It's the same thing. Each spiral means something." Stiles adds, "Alpha, beta, omega." "It represents the idea that you can always rise to one and fall back to another. Betas can become alphas." Stiles continues, "Alphas can become betas." Liam looks at them, "Can alphas become omegas?" Derek nods silently. 


He tells Liam that all he has to do is say the three words and with each one tell himself that he's getting calmer. He urges Liam to try it. "Alpha, beta--" "Slower." Liam tries again. He repeats the mantra, gasping, and Derek tells him to say it again. Liam does, but there is more growl in his voice, and Stiles scuttles a little further away and tells Derek that he doesn't think it's working. Liam's eyes glow, and he lunges toward Derek, roaring. It throws the van around, and then Liam breaks the handcuffs and goes for Derek.


53113 medium
Derek wrestles with him. Braeden calls back in concern, and Stiles tells her that they're going to need to go a little faster. Derek tries to hold Liam off. 


53114 medium
Malia takes deep breaths, and Peter asks her if she's trying to stay in control. "Trying to stay human," Malia replies. "That's exactly your problem. Scott has you thinking that control and humanity are the same for us. Allow me to give you some fatherly advice. If you're going to face something as animal as a berserker and try to win, you're going to need to focus on the animal inside you. You're going to need every ounce of savagery and ferocity that you can muster. You'll need it all."


53115 medium
Stiles yells at Derek that he doesn't think Alpha, Beta, Omega is resonating with Liam. "Do you know any other mantras?" Derek shouts back. Stiles thinks for a second, and he actually does. "Liam, what three things cannot long be hidden?" Liam looks at him for a second and then goes back to attacking Derek. Stiles pulls on Liam's arm and demands that he look at him. "What three things cannot long be hidden? What three things?" Liam stops fighting long enough to start answering. "The sun, the moon, the truth." Stiles glances at Derek and then tells Liam to say it again.


Liam repeats it, and he's already starting to shift back. Braeden checks in again, and Derek informs her that they're okay. Liam keeps saying the mantra. Stiles claps Derek on the arm, and they all breathe in relief. 


53116 medium
They arrive at La Iglesia. Liam says that he can't believe he did it. "For a minute there, I thought I was going to tear the two of you apart." Stiles nods at him. "Yeah, that would have made for an awkward ride home, so thanks." Derek asks Liam if he can bring the same level of control and strength into La Iglesia. Liam flicks out his claws, and Stiles replies that they might actually be able to do this. 


53117 medium
Derek opens the back of the van and is immediately met with a berserker. It throws him on the ground and then throws him down onto a rock wall. It beats him and stabs him with one of its antler daggers. Braeden shoots it enough to chase it off and then runs to check on Derek. He falls onto the ground. Peter rushes forward and slides to a stop. Stiles gets out of the van, stunned. "How bad is it?" Peter asks. "I'm fine, I'm fine," Derek says too quickly. "Just get to Scott. Just find him. We'll be right behind you. Go. Go!" Peter is the first to leave. Malia and Liam linger behind Stiles, but then also leave. Stiles is the last, still staring at him. "Hey, hey. Save him," Derek says to him. Then Stiles turns and leaves, too, but he stops after a few steps and turns back for one last look. 


53118 medium
Braeden kneels over him just shaking her head. Derek tries to laugh. "Lydia was right." 


53119 medium
Inside the church, everyone follows Peter. He suddenly brings them to a halt and insists they figure out where they are, then they have to figure out how to find Scott and Kira. Stiles's phone rings, and looks down at it. "How the hell do I even have service. Hi, dad," he says. Peter motions to him and looks at the others like WTF is this? Stiles tells his father that he knows he's angry but-- "Oh, I'm beyond angry. I have reached a level of fury that you could not possibly comprehend." Stiles offers that he can ground him when he gets back. The Sheriff replies that he's going to hobble him and then asks if he's okay. "Tell me that you're safe." "You want me to lie?" The Sheriff gives up and asks how he can help instead. Stiles tells him about Lydia and Mason because they haven't heard back from either of them. "I dunno, dad. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just-- I'm trying to save my friends." 


The Sheriff says he'll find Lydia and Mason. Stiles warns his dad that if there's a berserker at the school, he's going to need a lot of firepower. 


Stiles rejoins the others, and Liam asks what they should do now. Malia glances over and then says, "Duck!" A berserker attacks and they run further into the ruins. 


53120 medium
Outside, Braeden asks Derek if he can still pull a trigger. Breathless, he says yes. "Stay with me. You're gonna be okay." "It's a mortal wound, and right now I'm feeling pretty mortal." She gives him a serious look. "I'm not gonna let you die." They hear something and Derek says she might have to concentrate on saving herself. Braeden takes her shotgun and goes to have a look. She glances down a street but doesn't see anything, then checks in with Derek. He motions for her to look again, and this time she sees Kate and a berserker. Braeden pumps her shotgun and prepares for a fight.


53121 medium
In the school, Lydia and Mason are pressed side by side against a wall, hiding. Lydia doesn't hear the berserker so she wants to go. Mason tells her that there's only one way out from this side of the basement. She knows, but if they don't get out then someone's going to die. Mason asks how she knows, and she sighs that she just does. Mason leans out to see if the berserker is blocking the exit, and he walks into view. 


Peter, Stiles, Malia, and Liam run into the main room of the temple. Malia tosses Stiles Kira's sword and tells him to go find Kira and Scott. Stiles goes, and the three of them turn to face the berserker.


53122 medium
Braeden empties shots into the berserker. When her shotgun runs out, she switches to pistols. It doesn't slow down and grabs her by the throat, holding her up in the air. Kate asks her how much they paid her. "Way more than you're worth," Braeden replies. Kate smiles, then hears engines coming up behind them. Two vehicles pull into view, carrying the Calaveras. A third pulls up with Parrish and Chris Argent. Parrish shoots from the driver's seat, while Chris gets out with an automatic rifle. 


Somehow, a giant hole through his abdomen is not as debilitating for Chris as it should be. 


Kate and the berserker run. The Calaveras give chase, running by Braeden. 


53123 medium
Stiles searches the tunnels for Scott but finds Kira instead. "It's Scott. Stiles, it's Scott. The berserker. It's him. Kate did it." "What are you talking about?" "She made him into one of them. I don't know how, but it's him. And if they don't knwo it, they could kill him." Stiles realizes that that's why Lydia isn't there, because she would know if Scott was about to die. 


Peter, Liam, and Malia take their turns attacking Scott. 


53124 medium
Outside, the Calaveras drive Kate and the berserker back toward Braeden's van. Derek is still alive, watching the fire fight. The berserker takes out a few men while Kate runs for cover. Braeden checks on Derek again. He turns to her and tries to smile as he looks at her, but then he dies. 


53125 medium
At the school, Lydia finds a basket of bats. She picks one up. "Are you serious?" Mason Hewitt asks. "Very." "Baseball bat? Against that guy? Thing? Or whatever it is?" "My friends are in trouble. And so is Liam, your best friend. They need me. I'm going for it." She takes the metal bat and marches toward the berserker. Mason Hewitt suddenly comes running passed her, yelling, and takes a swing. The berserker backhands him, throwing him all the way down the hallway. Lydia takes her shots, and then she too gets smacked down the hall. 


53126 medium
The berserker starts coming for them. "Excuse me," the Sheriff says suddenly. "Catch." He throws something at the berserker, and it catches it. It's the claymore mine he and Derek found in the school earlier. Lydia and Mason Hewitt take cover, and then the Sheriff blows the  mine. The berserker explodes into dusk and pieces instead of meat and blood splatter. The Sheriff picks up the skull and pours some of the dust off of it. Lydia tells him that the berserker wanted her to stay in Beacon Hills. "I think this is all some sort of distraction." "Because you know they were trying to kill someone." "Kill who?" Mason Hewitt asks. Lydia's eyes well up. "Scott."


53127 medium
Malia, Liam, and Peter continue to fight Scott. They manage to knock him down, and then Peter tosses Malia one of the antler daggers from the altar. "Take him!" he says. "Aim for the skull! Kill it! Kill it now!" Peter and Liam grab Scott and haul him up against the wall. Malia raises the dagger, ready to stab, when Stiles runs in and yells for her to wait. Kira rushes in and cuts the dagger apart. Malia stares at her. "It's Scott," Stiles says. Liam then looks behind the mask and sees Scott's eyes.


Peter is not surprised by this news. Scott throws both Peter and Liam off and then punches Malia. He goes after Liam. Kira calls to him, begging him not to. "Scott, it's me," Stiles tries. Scott backhands him, knocking him down. They can only watch as Scott picks Liam up and holds  him against a column. Peter watches, looking pleased.


53128 medium
The Calaveras fan out to find Kate. Araya has a knife in her hand. Braeden cries over Derek, holding his head in her hands. Kate is hiding around the front of Braeden's van. A Calavera comes close, and she comes out. He shoots her a few times, but she quickly disarms him. A second one gets dragged under the van. Everyone starts shooting at her, and Braeden steps back, shooting with tears in her eyes. 


53129 medium
A berserker takes out a few more men. Parrish calls to Chris that the berserkers aren't going down. Chris's side hurts, and he drops his rifle, switching to his pistol. He drops the clip and loads the gun with one round of yellow wolfsbane


53130 medium
Scott is about to punch Liam, but Liam begs him to listen. "You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf! Like me..." The message gets through as they look at one another, and Scott lowers his arm. He blinks and stumbles back and then starts trying to get the armor off. He tears away everything, then breaks the skull apart to remove it. Scott is shifted into a Werewolf with his eyes glowing as he breaks the spell. 


53131 medium
Malia looks stunned, while Peter looks unimpressed. "You," Scott says, staring right at Peter. "The only one that knew as much as Argent about berserkers. About the nagual. You taught Kate. You helped her. All for power." "For my family's power. To be rightfully inherited by me. Not usurped by some idiot teenage boy, so incorruptible he wouldn't shed the blood of his enemies even when justified. You don't deserve your power. Not power like this." Peter's eyes glow blue, and he shifts. He roars at Scott, and Malia attacks him, but he knocks her down with one punch. "I'm sorry sweetheart. We'll talk about this later."


53132 medium
Kira swings her sword and gets ready to attack, but Scott calls her off. Peter says that Scott was his beta first. It was his bite that changed his life. "And my bite that can end it." "Then end it Peter, because you won't get another chance." They roar at each other and attack.


The Calaveras continue to get killed by berserkers as Kate makes an exit. Braeden continues shooting, with Derek's body in the foreground. Kate kills a Calavera, and then Araya approaches her. "You're next Araya! I'm coming to kill you next," Kate says. Araya whips out an electrified baton. "Come, La Loba. Let me show you how the Calaveras die." Kate roars, and then a wolf howl sounds. They both stop and turn toward the sound. Braeden looks toward the sound, then to where Derek's body was, but he's gone. 


53133 medium
A black wolf jumps over one of the ruined walls and heads straight at Kate. His eyes glow blue. He attacks her, knocking her down, and she screams. When he stops, she starts to crawl away. The wolf bears his teeth, and then Derek shifts into human form. Kate looks up at him, no longer shifted herself. Braeden, the Calaveras, and Parrish watch, stunned. "You were... you were dead," Kate says. "No, I was evolving," Derek replies. "Something you'll never do."


149169 medium
A berserker tries to attack Derek, but he moves too quickly for it and grabs its skull mask. He rips the mask apart, and the berserker underneath vanishes into dust. Derek frowns a little in confusion. 


Kate take the opportunity to get up and run. Chris manages to shoot her with the wolfsbane bullet. She sees that it was him and turns to run away. Derek watches her go. Chris lurches away from the wall painfully and follows her. 


53135 medium
Peter and Scott continue to fight. Peter eggs him on. He catches Scott's arm and throws him into a column. Scott goes down hard. "Fight like an alpha," Peter says. Scott manages to get the upper hand and throws Peter to the ground. He jumps and punches down onto his chest. Peter comes back from it and gives Scott a good beating. "If you want to beat me, you're going to have to kill me!" he says and throws Scott across the room. 


53136 medium
Liam takes a step forward, wanting to help Scott. Peter throws a pew at him, and this is the last straw for Scott. Peter attacks him again, but this time Scott easily deflects all of his punches. He moves like Satomi did, in a blur. Scott punches Peter once, sending him flying over the altar. Scott jumps up onto the bone altar, and looks down at Peter. "You were never an alpha, Peter. But you were always a monster."


Peter goes to get up again, but Scott jumps down and punches his face, knocking him out. Everyone comes out of hiding, and Scott turns to them, behind the bone altar and silhouetted against moonlight. 


53137 medium
Chris follows Kate into La Iglesia, still shooting. They face one another. "You wanna kill me, Chris?" "No. But I don't want to save you anymore, either. I don't know that you're worth saving." She complains that it's just like when they were kids, with him always trying to make her the bad guy. "Scott's not your little hero. None of 'em are.  Not when they killed Allison." Chris steps toward her. "Allison died. She died saving her friends. Who would you die for?" Kate smiles at him and declares that he's not going to kill her. She backs away and says that he's not going to catch her either. "Not you. Not Peter. And not the Calaveras." Pained, she runs off.


Chris breaks down. 


53138 medium
At dawn, the Calaveras are still at La Iglesia. Chris explains to Scott that they've given Peter enough yellow wolfsbane to keep Peter out for the trip back. He warns Scott to be careful. Scott asks if he's really going with the Calaveras. "I made a deal with the Calaveras weeks ago. To leave you alone, all of you. But only if I help them catch Kate." Kira asks what happens if he can't, but Chris is confident that he'll find her. Chris leaves with Araya, and Parrish seems to realize that he's riding back alone.


Scott hugs Kira to his side, and then Stiles, Liam, and Malia step up to join him. 


53139 medium
Derek holds the passenger side door open for Braeden. "So, you're not really a US Marshal, are you." "I was. But I spend too long looking for one person. It's hard to keep a job when part of it becomes and obsession." Derek asks who she was after. "All I know is a code name: the Desert Wolf." 


As he's walking around to the driver's side, Derek stops to look at Scott. He gives him a little nod, which Scott returns, then leaves. 


53140 medium
Back in Beacon Hills, the Sheriff is waiting in his office for Stiles and Malia. Stiles hugs his father and says, "Dad, you smell terrible." "Yep, you do too," the Sheriff replies. Malia stands by awkwardly until they offer to bring her into the hug. The Sheriff tells them that he's glad they're both safe and then offers to Malia that they get out of there and get something to eat. "Great, I'm starving," Stiles says. They all start to walk off, but Stiles finds himself handcuffed to the desk.


"Yo, daddy," Stiles calls after his father. The Sheriff ignores him and asks Malia what her favorite food is. She replies pizza. Stiles calls after them, and then asks that they bring him back a slice.


53141 medium
In school, Noshiko hands Kira something. "The hard of obsidian you brought back, Kira. There's a reason you kept it." Kira opens the package and finds the obsidian carved into a shuriken. "Do you know what it is?" "A tail," Kira replies. 


53142 medium
Liam, Scott, and Stiles explain to Coach why Scott and Kira missed the game. Liam says that they went down to Mexico to drive them back from Mexico and that's why they all missed practice. Coach glares Liam into silence and then turns to Scott. "You took Kira on a date to Mexico." "It was our first real date?" Scott offers. "In Mexico." Stiles adds that they wanted to do something special. Coach says that he believes them. "Really?" Liam asks. "Absolutely not. I've had experiences south of the border that would knock the genitals off you boys. Still. Let me be clear to you two. This kid's the best talent I've seen in years. So, he's your responsibility now. You boys are gonna stick together. You're gonna look out for each other. And you're gonna have each other's backs." Scott grins at Liam and agrees.


53143 medium
Lydia goes into the sheriff station and finds Parrish. She says that this used to be on a hard drive but they decided it might be a good idea to have a hard copy around. She sets down a copy of the bestiary. "Whatever you are, it might be in here. I'd like to help you figure it out." 


53144 medium
Meanwhile, Peter is delivered to Eichen House. They put him in cell 8, which happens to be the same cell as Valack. Peter is clearly drugged. "You actually think this is gonna hold me? You think you can shoot me up with wolfsbane, make me docile and weak and I won't find a way out!" He pants in anger and leans against the plexiglass wall. "It's not just the wolfsbane. It's the mountain ash wood framework of the cells," Valack says helpfully. Peter turns to look at him and asks who the hell he is. "I could tell you, but it's easier if I just show you," Valack says. 


53145 medium
Valack removes the bandage over his third eye, and Peter stares into it. When the third eye opens, Peter turns around and throws himself at the wall, screaming.