Scott McCall+Season 5

 5x01 - Creatures of the Night

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At Lookout Point, Scott and Stiles are discussing, going over their plans for college, accommodation, their plans for the future. Scott advises him that maybe they should actually get into college, then figure out where to live. Scott thinks about the pack starting their senior year. He remembers the fallacy Deaton told him back in The Divine Move: regression to the Mean. Things have been really good, peaceful for the past six months, nobody has caused them trouble since La Iglesia, but at some point the scale has to tip one way or the other. It's a full moon and they are watching over Liam who lost control during the last full moon. Scott has Liam confirm he's in absolute and total control. Liam does, and once again pleads to be let go. Scott accedes. On the way back into town, Scott and Stiles are planning to get to the high school at midnight for an important event. They refuse to enlighten Liam in the know of what happens at the school because he's not a senior. When Stiles's Jeep breaks down, Scott notices his phone being faulty. They are nearly struck by lightning. Once the Jeep starts running again, they high tail it out of there.


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They pick up Malia, then make a stop at the hospital. Scott asks Liam to show him his hands. Liam sheepishly complies showing the marks from clawing them to stay in control using pain. He admits he's not in total control. Scott comforts his beta that he'll master the shift, telling him Derek once said Liam is strong for his age. Scott tells Stiles he can't reach Kira what with the cell service down. Stiles and Malia put him on a train of thought that he let Kira think she and him aren't exclusive as a couple and that she should go have fun with other guys in New York which gets him worried. Melissa tells Scott all the incoming patients are due to a traffic jam caused by a jack-knifed tractor on route 115. Because 115 is the only way back into Beacon Hills from the airport, Kira won't make it back in time for midnight. Scott heads home for his bike. He notices his note to his mom has fallen off the fridge and has finger like holes through it. Also the magnets keep falling off the surfaces, and the clock timer swindling, leaving him confused, suspicious. He hears the magnets spring back up onto the fridge. Next the ground shakes, and now he's totally alert and alarmed.


Scott cycles up on 115 through two lines of traffic to meet up with Kira while it's pouring. Eventually, he catches sight of her. She's excitedly running up to him. Scott asks his girlfriend did she have fun in New York. Kira, beaming, replies "Not really." Relieved, Scott replies "Good". The two then share a deep kiss in the downpour.


Scott and Kira make it to the high school in time for the big event. They make out under the underpass. Suddenly, Scott hears a growl. The two are then attacked by a huge werewolf-like creature. Scott and Kira, whipping out a new sword, fight back. The creature thrashes them, and taunts Scott. Scott fully shifts and roars at the creature who he is. The werewolf-creature tells him he's come for the famous Scott McCall who took down Deucalion and broke the Argents' family. He raises his enormous glowing-blue claws and engages Scott again. Scott, knocked down, is almost gutted by the creature. A new werewolf arrives, and slashes the creature before he can stab Scott. Scott takes up the fight again, but is stabbed deep by the creature's claws. Scott's alpha red eyes dim as the claws seem to absorb or siphon his power. Stiles, Malia and Liam appear beside Kira and the stranger, on the scene looking grim. Scott manages to regain his power. He musters enough strength to overcome the claws - he breaks the monster's arm, leaving the monster in pain. Scott regains his footing, ripping the separated claws from his chest. He gives the monster a choice: leave or stay and Scott will break something else. The beaten creature chooses the former.


The pack turns to curiously face the stranger. The young man says that Scott doesn't remember him. He says it has been a long time since the fourth grade. Scott recognizes the new wolf: "Theo?" he asks. Theo nods. He tells everyone know he went to grade school with Scott and Stiles. Theo tells Scott he'd heard of him becoming not just an alpha, but a True Alpha. Theo says he's come back to Beacon Hills because he wishes to be part of Scott's Pack.


Scott, along with Stiles, Kira and Malia, enter the school. Stiles is conversing that the two of them haven't seen Theo for years and he just suddenly shows up. Scott answers that he's more concerned about the creature that was just out for his blood. They meet up with Lydia. The five of them then head for the school library. All five are going to be seniors, excited to hae reached this particular milestone. They join the rest of the upcoming senior class for the big event: the Senior Scribe. In the library, they all write down their initials on a cleared book shelf to signify becoming seniors as a school rite of passage. Scott adds his initials last. A sad expression comes over his face as he comes to a decision. He adds Allison's initials next to his. The pack remember their fallen comrade. Lydia declares Allison is still with them. Scott leads the other four down the stairs, to begin senior year.


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