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Basic Shape

The most basic shift for a werewolf are a change in their eye color. As per normal behavior for a shapeshifter, a werewolf will change their eye color to identify themselves to their fellows and establish their rank and power in standoffs.


This initial transformation is followed by their fingers or toenails lengthening into claws and their teeth sharpening into fangs. This default transformation will appear when a werewolf takes action to defend himself or activate his powers.


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The most commonly seen werewolf transformation is a near-human shape that includes all of the above features. Further changes consist of a ridged brow, an alteration of body or facial hair including sideburns on their faces, a lengthening and sharpening of their ears. They also acquire the ability to lop, run using both their hands and feet.


As werewolves grow in experience, mature or they were to undergo an evolution, they can develop the ability to shapeshift further. An alpha is supplemented in this talent due to his or her inherent spark of power, a beta most likely by the strength of their pack. Depending on their power and character, a werewolf's transformation could also manifest as either an quadrupedal beast, or an bipedal creature.


Beastial Werewolf Shapes

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Peter Hale, a born and experienced werewolf, was burned alive in the Hale House fire, placing him in a coma for six years. During this time he was driven mad by what happened to him and his pack and became obsessed with revenge for the massacre of his family. He killed his niece, Laura Hale, to take her alpha spark so he could fully heal himself, then moved on to kill the arsonists and conspirators involved in the fire. In his quest for power, and revenge, and with his new alpha power, Peter's shifting manifested as a grotesque, hulking, beast that could stand upright, and run on all fours.


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Sebastien Valet was a psychopathic serial killer in eighteenth century France. He showed no conscience or remorse for killing innocent people. After he transformed into a werewolf, Sebastien ravaged and killed his way upwards to 500 victims. He was proud of his carnage and reveled in his unrivaled notoriety and the terror and fear he inspired, becoming known as "la Bete du Gevaudan." Sebastien's sadistic, twisted personality affected his werewolf transformation, resulting in a quadrupedal werewolf, larger than Peter's alpha form. His body was oil black, thickly muscled, outfitted with red veins and he has an overlarge lipless mouth. Sebastien could transform into a beast mystically after his body became shrouded in dark shadows that he could summon, forming his werewolf body. His clothes could also assimilate as part of his transformation.


Demon Wolf Shapes

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Deucalion, an experienced alpha, was once a idealistic leader and visionary who became corrupt and savage after he lost his eyes in a faux peace summit with Gerard Argent. He became a fanatical power-monger, narcissistic, and obsessive. He desired a pack, all of whom were of alpha status, completely submissive to him. When he discovered that alphas can consume the powers of their betas by killing them, he went on to murder everyone in his previous pack, then coerced other alphas to do the same. As a result of his heinous legacy, Deucalion became the most fearsome werewolf in the region over a span of ten years and a super-powered shapeshifter. He could effortlessly transform into a human shape with dark blue-gray skin with more demonic than wolf-like features.


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Scott McCall experienced a more monstrous transformation and gained additional fangs. In 4x10 - Monstrous, Scott was in the heat of battle against a team of assassins who were out to kill fellow werewolves for profit. Scott saved young Lori Talbot from being executed by an assassin and then attempted to kill Lori's would-be murderer out of rage. Giving into his bloodlust, Scott began to transform into a more demonic shape with black-gray skin and a darker alpha eye color. When he regained control and spared the man's life, Scott reverted back to his normal form.


Twin Merge

A unique transformation exists in the case of twin siblings. Werewolf twins, born or bitten, have the ability to merge their bodies into a singlular more powerful werewolf shape. This is symbolic that identical twins are both halves of the same zygote from birth.


One benefit of this talent is that when one of the twins feels pain, their sibling will feel the other's pain.


Ethan and Aiden Steiner being identical twins had the ability to merge and because they'd killed their alpha whilst merged they both rose to alpha rank.


Full Wolf Shift

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Some werewolves are able to shift into a full natural wolf form, but this level of shapeshifting is extremely rare. A werewolf with this ability is the most powerful they can be. Their abilities, strength, and speed having reached their zenith.


To be able to shapeshift into this form, a werewolf must find the balance between their humanity and their inner werewolf nature. This form can also be achieved after evolving. Initially, the only two werewolves known to shapeshift into a full wolf were Talia Hale and her elder daughter Laura, both of whom had alpha status.


In Season 4, Derek Hale, most likely as a result of surviving, learning and moving forward from the multiple trials in his turbulent life, underwent an evolution necessary for this shapeshifting ability.


The evolution initially manifested first as Derek's werewolf eyes changing back to gold. Thereafter he began to lose all his abilities, his senses, strength, speed, healing, and even shapeshifting over a matter of weeks. He was completely brought down to his human guise. Later on he died after being stabbed by a berserker. Minutes later, Derek revived as a fully transformed wolf, all his powers returned and increased. Then he was able to completely intimidate and overpower both Kate, a werejaguar and her berserker. Derek realized losing his powers and dying were because "(he) was evolving."



Because a werewolf's senses are immensely attuned to his own kind, particularly with those who are of the same Pack, they're able to communicate with their fellow members very effectively and over immense distances.


They're able to use their voices to snap fellow Pack members out of non-responsive states such as a purely animalistic bloodlust or a health-related unconsciousness. In Unleashed, Scott McCall growled Isaac Lahey's name at the latter. Isaac then snapped out of a state of bloodlust. In Required ReadingLiam Dunbar, using the same technique, enthralled Scott out of a psychosomatic-enabled asthma attack.


The most particularly common werewolf voice is the roar of an Alpha, with is used to restrain, or force the shift upon, other lesser canine shifters.



The extension of fangs, is one of the first steps in a shapeshift for a werewolf. The fangs can be used as a werewolf's last resort defense mechanism as in Raving, Derek Hale bites Victoria Argent to disarm her during his faceoff with her when saving Scott's life.


The fangs are most commonly used by alphas to transform a human into a new werewolf through the Bite or to wound other were-creatures and hinder their healing.



Claws, along with fangs, are one of the first shifts in morphology to take place when a werewolf shapeshifts.


The fingernails thicken and become hooked and pointed. The claws can become detached from the werewolf, as in Lunatic one of Scott's claws became lodged in Jackson's car (though they can apparently grow back in later transformations) and a particular set of claws from Talia Hale were stored in the Triskele urn after her death.


A werewolf's claws are their primary instinctive offensive tools, like how fists are for human beings. Alphas, using their claws, can hinder the healing factor of other beings.


An Alpha's claws can also be used to transform a human into a were-creature with a scratch, similar to the Bite, though it is less effective.


Werewolf claws are also used in the process of mind melding.