2x03 - Ice Pick

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Allison’s at the gas station at night when the lights suddenly shuts off. Worried, she gets in her car to see that her keys, which she left in the car, are gone. She gets out to see if she dropped them when she suddenly has something put over her head.


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She comes to tied to a chair and gagged. Chris is across from her, also gagged and tied, and there is a narration about what would happen if one of them was bitten. Chris gets himself free and is given an iPhone by a guy that Allison noticed at the gas station. The phone shows that what she is hearing is a recorded narration. This turns out to be a training exercise, and Chris explains that the women make the hard decisions in the Argent family, and she’s next. He gives her a single arrow and she has to get herself out. She succeeds after two and a half hours. She’s discouraged, but the man working with her father tells her that it took him three the first time. It’s revealed that they took her the Hale House. After Allison drives away (her car was brought by one of her father’s men) the other hunter, Bennett, is cut across the next by something appearing reptilian. He walks a bit for collapsing, and reptilian claws are shown.




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The BHHS gym class is climbing a rock wall. Allison and Scott are on the wall together, and Allison kicks Scott off when he uses his werewolf abilities to constantly surpass her, causing him to drop down to a foot above the mat on the harness. Stiles and blond named Erica are sent up next, and Erica looks incredibly worried. She struggles as Stiles goes up and back pretty quickly. Erica begins to cry, and then hyperventilate. Coach Bobby Finstock and her other classmates beging to worry. Erica insists she can keep going, but Allison tells Coach that she’s epileptic and Coach instructs her to just let go and let the harness bring her back down. She does, and Erica feels humiliated and miserable.


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Later she’s seen going back to the wall, wanting to prove to herself that she can do it. Coach makes an announcement in the locker room about Isaac, and Jackson overhears that he’s “Derek’s problem now”. We see Erica doing the climbing wall and getting much further this time, but she’s not harnessed. Back in the locker room Stiles and Scott are having a conversation before Scott feels something weird and appears just in time to catch Erica after she falls off the wall from a seizure. Ms. McCall is taking care of Erica in the hospital.


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A darkly clad figure, later revealed to be Derek pushes her gurney away into the morgue. Derek has her medicine and is talking about the horrific side effects, refusing to tell Erica who he is and why he’s there, and is in her space from the start. They discuss her seizures. He asks “What if I told you that all of this could go away?” He appears to be using sex appeal to get to her, and she asks how can he make it go away. The scene cuts right after his eyes go red.


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Jackson and Matt are in a bio lecture and Matt is yelling about the cracked lens in his camera. Jackson is distracted by a video on immunities. After the video he approaches Lydia yelling at her about immunity. He’s talking about the bite, but she doesn’t know that, and she’s frightened. Jackson thinks that he’s made her immune and is angry. Lydia’s next seen crying in the bathroom when she notices a man’s bare feet under the stall and is creeped out. Once they’re gone she leaves the bathroom, and follows a barefoot figure. The figure stops in front of the athletic trophy case and reaches out toward one of the trophies before leaving. Lydia sees that it was Peter Hale’s, and suddenly remembers him from the night of the winter formal.


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Stiles approaches Boyd, who is alone at lunch. Boyd gives him a set of keys, but demands his payment first. Stiles tries to negotiate a lower payment, but Boyd’s not buying it, and gives him the keys for fifty bucks. Stiles then gives them to Scott. Apparently they have plans to visit a ice rink later. The newly turned Erica enters the cafeteria in leather, extremely high heels, and heavy makeup looking like a bombshell and everyone stares. She makes an entrance, steals a kid’s apple, and walks out. Stiles and Scott follow Erica out to see her getting into the Camaro with Derek, who’s gives them an unnerving smile before speeding away.


Scott drops a container at work and Deaton asks him if he’s got a lot on his mind. Scott says that everything is slipping through his fingers. Deaton tells him that it’s all about perspective and Scott asks if they are going to talk about “the thing they need to talk about,” referring to the current werewolf situation, but Deaton just offers him a raise, which they agree on.


Allison and Lydia are hanging out at the Argent house when Chris shows up. Chris wants Allison to report back to him on Lydia because of the bite and her questionable immunity. Lydia’s totally aloof and taking selfies.


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Stiles and Scott use the keys from earlier to unlock the ice rink. It appears like this may be a double date with Scott, Allison, Stiles, and Lydia, although it isn’t put that way officially. Stiles offers Lydia a jacket that she refuses because it doesn’t match her clothes. He then tries a Reese’s cup instead, which she accepts. Stiles starts not-so-subtly talking about connections and unlikely pairs, which Lydia ignores. Scott is convinced that his werewolf abilities means that he is naturally adept to all physical activities, including ice skating. This is soon proved incorrect when he makes it a good four feet before wiping out. Lydia is a skating goddess and Stiles watches her, flabbergasted, before Lydia takes Stiles out with her. Lydia finds a strange flower petal on the rink. Scott and Allison take photos in the photo booth. Scott’s eyes trigger flare in the flash, but in one his eyes aren't facing the camera and they keep that one. Lydia’s petals are getting bigger and eventually lead to a plant coming out of the ice that looks like wolfsbane. Lydia thinks she see’s Peter Hale’s face in the ice and starts screaming. Stiles tries to calm her down to no avail.


Erica is checking her makeup in school the next day when she’s approached by Scott. Scott wants to know who’s next to be turned, but Erica ignores the question and tells a story about how a bunch of idiots at their school filmed one of her seizures and put it on YouTube to laugh about her and how it destroyed her self-esteem. It seems as if she’s trying to explain why she asked for the bite. When Erica notices Allison watching she gets handsy just to make them both angry. 


Victoria Argent is in her daughter’s room, and starts going through Allison’s stuff. She finds the “Because I love you”  note and gives herself a wicked cut to the arm to get into the hospital and talk to Melissa McCall about Scott. Melissa says that he doesn’t seem as heartbroken as she’d expect. 


Allison tells Scott that there’s about to be a war and that he should try not to get into the middle of it at lunch. Stiles points out that Boyd is gone. Scott and Stiles decide to go see if they can find Boyd. Stiles isn’t totally convinced that they shouldn’t stop the turning at all costs, but Scott isn’t budging. 


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Jackson is at the old Hale House looking for Derek to talk to him about why his body rejected the Bite. He breaks into the house and there are hunters with guns and no Derek. Instead he has to have an awkward conversation with Chris Argent. 


Stiles arrives at Boyd’s house, but doesn’t get an answer. Erica shows up and uses her sexuality at a tool to get him nervous before knocking him out with a car part.


Deaton arrives at the vet’s office with the alarm going off. Chris Argent has put a mauled body on the table and wants info on what killed the man.


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Scott arrives at the ice rink where Boyd is driving an ice-resurfacing machine. They have a conversation where Scott tries to convince him that getting the bite is the wrong choice and that “If you’re looking for friends you can do a lot better than Derek.” On cue Derek shows up with Erica and Isaac, who are essentially acting as guard dogs. Derek asks Erica and Isaac how the bite has changed them before prompting them to attack Scott when he refuses to cooperate. Scott incapacitates them quickly because they are young and inexperienced. Boyd watches and Derek seems amused as if this is what he planned. He then shifts and wipes the floor with Scott to make a point, pinning him to the ground with a boot at his throat before walking out. Boyd’s still just watching and is a little concerned now, but he’s already got the bite, and he says he wants to be like Scott. 


Stiles wakes up in a dumpster with a pounding headache. Scott goes to see Deaton about why the cut in his torso isn’t healing. Deaton tells him that wounds from an Alpha don’t heal as quickly.


Jackson is in the field at BHHS doing lacrosse exercises. He gets frustrated and gets in his truck to go home, but it has gotten stuck in the mud. After getting frustrated he manages to lift the rear of the truck a good two feet with minimal difficulty, suggesting that there may be something supernatural going on with Jackson.