Liam Dunbar+Season 4


Liam was hoping to make captain as a freshman, and his competitiveness sparked rivlary with Scott, who hit him hard during tryouts and broke his ankle. While at the hospital, Liam was grabbed by Sean the wendigo and they both are at the roof of the hospital. Scott follows them up to the roof and attempts to save Liam. Sean doesn't let him and Liam ends up on the edge of the roof hanging with his two arms. Scott catching him and attempts to pull Liam up but Sean pulls Scott's arms so that Liam would fall off. Scott couldn't hold on any longer and bit Liam's arm and Sean gets killed by the Mute.


The Benefactor

Scott kidnaps Liam and throws him in his shower tied up. Scott calls Stiles because he doesn't know what to do. They take Liam out of the shower and tie him up to a chair and explain what's happening to him. Liam fake cries and punches Scott and pushes Stiles and ran. Stiles and Scott catching up to him they end up tumbling down the stairs. Scott thinking he's got Liam and Stiles thinking he's got Liam both ended up in them getting each other. Liam runs out the door and goes home. Tomorrow at school, he looks ok and heals from the bite thus Scott ends up having to tell him what he is and how to control it.


Kira, Stiles,Malia, Scott, Lydia huddle up between two busses and talk about how to help him because today was the full moon and werewolves transform. Lydia plans a get together at her family's lake house and figures out how to get Liam to go to the party. Lydia tells Kira that she's a vixen and Kira acts hot coming down the stairs that is near the class Liam gets out from. Kira falls and Liam instantly comes and helps her up and Kira tells him that she's having a party.>


The scene fast forwards to Kira and Liam in a car and Liam starts having side effects of the full moon. Liam starts getting suspicious and asks her who would be coming. Kira answers, "Everybody!" They both soon arrive at Lydia's lake house. No one is there and Liam asks "Where is everybody?" Kira answers, "We're just here really early." They both enter the lake house and only Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia are there. Liam trys to make a run but Kira blocks the door and apologizes to Liam for lying to him.


Scott explains to him what would be happening and explains who everyone is. Malia shows Liam who she is by glowing her blue eyes and Liam asks, " how did she do that?" Scott answers, " you'll learn how to that soon." Malia starts going crazy and Stiles accompanies her down to the basement. Lydia spots car headlights and asks everyone who they told about the "party." Liam  not knowing this was set up, texted everyone he knew about the party and Lydia becomes the host while everyone else leaves.



Liam is bench pressing 180 pounds in the weight room. Mason Hewitt is in there with him and discusses how Garrett borrowed his hoodie and never returned it back. Liam adds 90 pounds to the barbell and continues pressing. Mason Hewitt points out that Liam's been acting strange. Running to school for no reason and dissappearing at parties. He says Liam used to be his bestfriend. Liam adds an additional 90 pounds to the barbell and Mason Hewitt asks if he's on steroids. Mason Hewitt wants to know if Liam is worried about the lacrosse game. He says he’s not but then Mason points out that the opponent will be Liam’s old school, Devenford Prep


Liam is angry as he enters the locker room. He throws down his gym bag and looks for his lacrosse stick, only it’s missing. He hears the sound of a stick being scraped along the sides of metal mesh lockers in another part of the room. Derek has a stick. He asks if it’s Liam’s then breaks it in two. Liam wolfs out and sprints toward him, but Derek picks him up by the throat and pins him to the wall of metal lockers.


Scott calls to Liam who can barely hear him through the rage haze he’s in. Eventually he calms down enough to be released. Scott points out that the stick Derek broke was not Liam’s and hands him an undamaged one. The bell rings and Scott orders Liam to get to class. Scott and Derek mention Liam in their talk about his anger issues.


Liam calls out to Brett Talbot as he walks up, and extends his hand saying “have a good game.” Brett laughs in his face and mocks him saying that he must have learned the move in “anger management.” Brett says the team plans to break Liam in half for demolishing “coach’s car.” Scott notices that Liam is clinching his fists so tightly that blood begins to drip from between his white knuckles. He and Stiles quickly move in and pull Liam back. Stiles begins to shuck and jive, welcoming the “prep students” to their “little public high school.” He too extends a hand to Brett who doesn’t respond. They rush Liam from the area and back into the school. They cram him into the running shower as he snaps his fangs and roars his anger. Liam explains about the car he destroyed, how it belonged to his lacrosse coach and he trashed it after the coach benched him for the entire of the season.


A psychologist diagnosed Liam with I.E.D. which causes him to rage uncontrollably. He is supposed to take a medication  but doesn’t because it makes him tired and keeps him from playing lacrosse. Scott tries to convince Liam to sit out the game but he refuses. Liam says he can stay in control, especially if Scott is there. They explain that there is an added danger with the assassin on their team. Liam realizes that, while he doesn’t know who ordered the keg from Demarco, he knows Garrett paid for it.


At the game, Liam and Mason Hewitt talk about Brett. Liam says he thinks he can take him, even if Brett is a foot taller. Mason Hewitt thinks he’s hot. He says Liam can “definitely take him… and then give him to me.” They both laugh. Scott tries to use his influence at team captain to get Coach to sit Liam out for the game. Coach laughs in his face. One of the Devenford Prep players tries to whip a ball at Liam’s head with a “think fast” but Liam snatches it out of the air with zero effort.


During the game, Brett runs into Liam and flips him, breaking his arm. Brett goes down, too. Scott resets Liam’s arm with a crack of the bone, while Brett is taken off the field. Scott hears the snick of Garrett’s stick knife and begins checking Liam for cuts believing the assassin was after him all along.



Liam comes around the corner and sees Scott talking to his father. Rafael McCall apologizes for not being at the game. He says he promised Melissa that he would be around so she could take some extra shifts at the hospital. Scott says it's okay because he's "here now." Liam tells Scott that Kira took off after learning about the second half of the deadpool. Scott understands this is because her mother is on the list. Liam worries that he might be on the, as yet, unknown third part of the list.


Scott breaks into Garrett’s locker while Liam stands look out. He recovers a bag full of money but tells Liam he found nothing. 


The next day, Liam and Mason Hewitt are out running, and Liam takes off. Once he realizes he’s left his friend, Liam stops and turns. Garrett rams into him from behind with his truck. With his dagger in hand, he apologizes for missing “movie night” but says he has something else planned.


Mason Hewitt arrives along the road where we last saw Liam. He doesn’t notice the spots of blood on the pavement at his feet.

At school, the bell rings. Mason Hewitt is reluctant to go to class but Scott says not to worry that he’ll find Liam. He says Mason Hewitt should text him if he sees Liam. Then, Scott’s phone buzzes. The caller ID says it’s Liam but it turns out to be Garrett. Scott offers to give Garrett the money in exchange for Liam but Garrett wants the cash and Violet


Liam is down a deep well in the middle of the woods with a stab wound in his chest. It oozes yellow puss as he screams for help, but he is too far into the woods for anyone to hear. He tries to climb up the sides of the well. The rocks are slippery but he manages to get about halfway up before falling back into the water. He remembers talking to Scott after the events at Lydia’s lake house; Scott explains how he broke through the window during his escape. He said the cuts from the glass healed while Liam was “changed.” Liam says that’s one good thing about being a Werewolf but Scott counters that it could also be really bad for other people. He says Liam needs to “get a grip on this.” Liam says he’s been trying for years to get his anger under control. Scott asks what advice Liam’s dad has on the subject. Liam says “when kids get angry, they deal with it in one of two ways. They either hurt themselves or they hurt someone else.”


Liam starts back up the slippery rocks toward escape. He struggles just to hang on to the rock wall of the well. One hand slips off and hangs limp at his side. His strength in the other finally goes and he falls back, but at that moment an arm from above reaches down and grabs his hand. Scott has arrived and pulls him to safety. Scott holds him close and tells him he’s okay.


Dr. Deaton makes an incision along Liam’s chest. The yellow smoke drifts out and dissipates as it did before with Brett. Scott says he doesn’t want to keep watching people die. Chris Argent says he doesn’t have much choice but Scott is adamant. He says no one else on the deadpool is going to die. "Wendigo or Werewolf or whatever,” Scott promises to save every one.


Time of Death

Stiles, Liam, Scott, and Kira are gathered in Scott’s kitchen. They have three Apple laptops out which are apparently part of a plan of some sort. Stiles describes what they’re doing as “incredibly dangerous and borderline idiotic.” Scott gives Liam the option to not take part but Liam says he's not scared.


Earlier in the afternoon,  Scott, Liam, Kira, and Noshiko are gathered around Scott’s bed. Liam is nervous about what they’re planning, and Kira seeks reassurance from Scott who says it’s going to be alright. Liam asks Noshiko if she’s done this before she says she’s “seen it done.” She says it’s a terrible idea but when Kira threatens to do it without her mother’s help, Noshiko acquiesces.


Back at the hospital, Melissa has regained her composure. She enters the morgue where Scott's body lays. She tells Stiles, Kira, Noshiko and Liam how much she hates the plan. She says it’s “pretty significantly terrifying” because Scott looks dead. Noshiko takes her hand and places over Scott’s heart. She holds it there until Melissa feels a single beat. She questions if that is enough to keep a werewolf alive and Noshiko says it is for an alpha.