2x06 - Frenemy

19673 original




19672 medium
The video tape from the night of the full moon shows Jackson sleeping. Eventually, he sits up and starts to thrash on the bed and transform. Danny sends Jackson a message letting him know that the video is restored and he hasn't watched any of it. He tosses his tablet into the back of his car.


Derek is chasing the kanima through the warehouse district


19674 medium
Allison drops Lydia off at her house. She asks Lydia to keep her and Scott's relationship a secret. Lydia doesn't think there's anything to keep a secret about. Allison begs her to remember what it feels like to see her boyfriend standing down the end of the hall at school and you can't breathe. Lydia says she's never had that feeling. Then she gets out of the car.


19675 medium
Derek chases the kanima into a first level parking lot. Stiles and Scott show up quickly, but there's a spike strip that keeps Stiles from driving closer. Scott jumps out of the car to join Derek. Derek and the kanima fight, roaring at each other. The kanima climbs up toward the ceiling and then pulls on some power lines, which throws out sparks and blinds Derek enough to give the kanima an advantage.


19676 medium
Just then, Chris Argent shows up and shoots the kanima numerous times. The kanima seems like it's dead, and Chris looks around for Derek. But while he's distracted, the kanima gets up and attacks him from behind. He's empitied his entire clip, so he can't shoot back, and the kanima throws him into a wall. Stunned, he looks back toward the lights of his truck and sees Gerard and the kanima facing each other, but the kanima doesn't attack. Scott shows up and tackles the kanima, and he and Gerard stare at one another before Scott takes off after the kanima again. 


19677 medium
Scott follows it to the Jungle, a gay bar. Stiles sneaks up behind him. Scott claims to not know where the kanima went, because it doesn't have a scent. He says it's going to kill someone, and Stiles replies, "Ah, that explains the claws and the fangs and all that. Good. Makes perfect sense now." Scott gives him a look, and he replies, "I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is only defense." They talk about whether they're sure that it's Jackson. Stiles asks how Jackson passed Derek's test and then surmises that maybe it's either or. "When's the kanima not the kanima?" "When it's Jackson." 


Stiles looks up and sees the kanima's tail in the window of the upper floor of the bar. Scott suddenly claims to know who the kanima is after. Stiles asks him if he smelled something, and Scott looks at Danny in line to get into the bar. "Armani," Scott says, recalling the time in 2x02 - Shape Shifted when he sniffed all the lacrosse players trying to find the new Werewolf.


19678 medium
Stiles tries to open a back door, but it's locked. He tries to think of another way in, but Scott just grabs the handle and rips it off. He casually hands it to Stiles, and they head inside. The club is all strobe lights and lasers. "Dude, everyone in here's a dude. I think we're in a gay club," Scott says.


19679 medium
Stiles looks back at him from the middle of a huddle of drag queens. "Man, nothing gets past those keen Werewolf senses, huh Scott?" He doesn't look terribly thrilled at being petted. Scott spots Danny at the bar getting a drink. Danny looks at a guy out on the floor dancing with someone and then turns around, upset. The bartender tells him he's better off without that guy. "Still doesn't feel good," Danny says. The bartender directs him to a shirtless guy on the dance floor, and Danny goes to meet him. 


Stiles and Scott go to the bar and try to order two beers. The bartender asks for IDs. The bartender smirks at their fake IDs and offers them two cokes. Stiles says, "Rum and cokes, sure!" But the bartender glares at him, and he pretends that a normal coke is fine as he bops to the music. A guy at the bar pays for a drink for Scott, and Stiles tells him to shut up. "I didn't say anything." "Yeah, well your face did." They turn around and scan the crowd. Stiles spots Danny, while Scott spots Jackson. 


19680 medium
Meanwhile, Lydia takes her dog outside. It's a papillon named Prada. When the dog doesn't come back when called, Lydia walks through the pool area to look for her. Young Peter Hale appears carrying the dog. 


19681 medium
At the Jungle, Scott tells Stiles to get Danny. Stiles asks what Scott's going to do, and Scott whips out his claws. Stiles gets a little lost on his way toward Danny, and a fog machine obscures the kanima crawling on the ceiling so Scott loses track of him. The kanima drops into the crowd and starts slashing people to paralyze them. It gets Danny. Scott calls Jackson's name, and Derek appears out of the fog. Scott tells him not to, but Derek attacks the kanima and forces it outside. Everyone inside starts to scream as they realize there are people on the ground. Amusingly, the scream track has a lot of female voices. 


Scott follows Derek outside and follows a trail of blood down the alley. He finds Jackson returned to human form lying between some cars. Stiles quickly catches up, and Scott asks him what they should do.


19682 medium
Lydia asks Young Peter Hale if there's a non-rapist explanation for him being in her yard in the middle of the night. He tells her that he heard Prada barking and that he lives in the house out back. She thanks him for bringing Prada back, and he asks her if everything is okay. She wants to know what damage he's implying and asks if he's referencing the other day in class. He shrugs like yes. She claims that she's not crazy. "At least I'm not one of those Vicodin-popping wristcutters at school." He asks her if that's what the other girls are like and steps closer. She backs up. He asks her why she moved away. "You stepped forward." "Maybe I wanted to kiss you." "Maybe I don't want you to." "Does that mean maybe I could?" She threatens him, so he asks if he can hold her hand. She scoffs at him, so he picks a flower off the trellis behind her and asks if he can give her a flower. He makes her promise to keep it. She tells him that if she doesn't have it tomorrow, she'll lie. 


19683 medium
Scott rushes to check on Danny. He asks him if anything else weird happened to him today and if he's okay. Danny asks Scott if his ex got attacked too. "Then I'm great." Scott goes back to Stiles's Jeep and Stiles asks if they can leave for a deputy spots them. They have Jackson asleep in the back seat. As he goes to start the car, his Dad drives up and blocks him in. "Oh my God, oh my God, can this get any worse!" Jackson then moans, and Stiles whips around. "That was rhetorical!"


19684 medium
Scott tells Stiles to get rid of him, and Stiles points out that they're at a crime scene and he's the sheriff. Stiles gets out to talk to his dad while Scott tries to keep Jackson quiet. Stiles tells his dad that they were out clubbing. "Not exactly your type of club," the Sheriff says. "Well, dad, there's a conversation we need to have." "You're not gay." Stiles is offended. "I could be!" "Not dressed like that." Stiles doesn't see what's wrong with his clothes, and his dad tries to get closer to the Jeep. Stiles stops him and his dad tells him that it's the second crime scene that he just happened to be at and he's been fed so many lies he's not sure he knows his own kid. Scott punches Jackson out to keep him from drawing attention. Stiles tells him "the truth" which he says is that they were there with Danny who just broke up with his boyfriend. They were trying to take him out and get his mind off of it. The Sheriff tells him that they're good friends and lets Stiles go.


The Argents are also at the scene. Chris reports that there were seven people paralyzed. The story is that it's drugs, probably a hallucinogen, since people reports seeing a demonic monster on the dance floor. Chris tells Gerard that he doesn't believe he just let the kanima circle around him without attacking. Gerard replies that if the creature is what he thinks it is, it plays by certain rules that don't bend easily. Chris asks if they need to stop hunting Derek in order to take on the kanima. Gerard asks if it's the first time he's seen him since Kate died. Chris replies that it is. Gerard points out that the only other tie to him they're aware of is Isaac Lahey. Gerard asks Chris what the best way to eliminate a threat is. "Get someone to do it for you."


Scott and Stiles try to figure out where to take Jackson now that they have him. Stiles suggests killing him. "We're not killing him!" Stiles then has an idea. Scott asks if it involves breaking the law. "By now, don't you think that's a given?"


19685 medium
Jackson wakes up chained inside a sheriff's department transport van. He immediately shouts "Stiles! McCall! I'm gonna kill you!"  


19686 medium
Stiles goes into the van to give Jackson some clothes. Jackson demands to be released. Stiles informs him that he put the pants he's wearing on him one leg at a time. "Getting up close and personal with your junk wasn't exactly a highlight of my day, so don't think this is fun for me either." Stiles explains to him that he's killing people and they're going to keep him locked up until they can figure out how to stop him. Stiles offers him a choice between ham and cheese and turkey club sandwiches. Jacksons tells him that his parents will be looking for him, but Stiles already handled that by sending them a text from Jackson's phone. 


Mr. Whittemore holds his phone up for Sheriff Stilinski to read. "Stayed at a friend's house last night. Everything fine. Love you." Jackson hasn't been able to tell his parents that he loves them since they told him he was adopted 11 years ago, so his father knows something is wrong. 


19687 medium
Allison is in the principal's office with Gerard. He asks her who she's studying with that night. She tells him it's just Lydia. "We're prepping for our World History midterm." Implying that not all midterms take place on the same day. Gerard asks her if she knows the quote "Know Thy Enemy." She tells him it's from The Art of War by Sun Tzu. He tells her that the hunters are having a problem. They have an enemy they know nothing about, but it's killed one of theirs. He then asks if she heard that Jackson didn't show up for school. Gerard asks her if she knows anything about it, and she's very bad at lying to him about it. He then says that a teenager's first instinct is to protect their friends. He gets up to stand behind her and asks her another question. He puts his fingers on her neck to read her pulse while she answers. "Do you know anything about Jackson being missing?" She says no. "Is he in trouble?" She stammers when he says she doesn't know. "Does this have anything to do with Scott?" She answers "No! I don't know." Gerard tells her that her pulse jumped.


Allison gets up from the chair and tells him that he's scaring her. "Oh, I'm sorry sweetheart, I was definitely going way too far." He apologizes without really meaning it and sends her back to class. As she leaves, Allison notices all the new security cameras installed around the school. In English class, Allison tries to talk to Scott, but her mother walks in and announces that she's the day's substitute. She asks Scott to catch her up on where the class is.


19689 medium
Stiles, meanwhile, is still in the van with Jackson. He tells him that when he changes he has scales. He describes the kanima in general terms, but Jackson doesn't believe him. Stiles asks him what he did the night of the semi-final game. Jackson claims he went home. Stiles tells him he tries to kill him and Derek. And just last night tried to kill Danny. Jackson wants to know why he'd try to kill his best friend, and Stiles admits that that's what Scott is trying to figure out. Jackson threatens to prosecute them. Stiles asks him what happened on the night of his first full moon, and Jackson tells him that nothing happened.


19690 medium
The clock slowly ticks toward 4pm (an error because school ends at 3pm). As English ends, Victoria asks Allison why she's been calling Stiles. Allison tells her that if she's going to keep an eye on Lydia then she's going to have to talk to Stiles since he's had a crush on her since 3rd grade. Victoria tells Allison that she knows it's hard to be in class with Scott trying not to look at him but to focus on how strong it will make her, especially compared to the other girls who spend their whole high school career focused on whether a boy will take them to senior prom. "Can't I be strong and go to prom?" Allison asks. Victoria laughs and tells her yes, just with someone else. "Remember, so long as you stay strong, we won't have to kill a 16-year-old boy." Allison is sure her mother is terrifying and twisted and rushes to get away from her. 


19691 medium
Stiles is sending another text from Jackson's phone when Allison sneaks up on him. She tells him that everyone knows Jackson is missing. Stiles claims he's been texting them since last night, but Allison assures him that Jackson's parents went to the police. Stiles holds the cell phone like it's going to burn his hands and tries to give it to Allison, because he knows now that it will be traced. He then turns on the radio inside the truck and hears that all available units are being sent to the preserve. Stiles makes a call from the phone and tosses it out the window and then drives the transport van elsewhere.


In the hospital, Scott asks Danny if everything is okay between him and Jackson. Danny assures him that it is. Danny grumps about the cops taking his fake ID. Scott asks him if he did anything to make Jackson angry, and Danny asks for a scale. "1-10, 1 being kind of irritated and 10 being wanting to kill you violently." "Jackson's always kind of always at a 4." He claims that they're good and he was even doing him a favor recovering the video. He won't tell Scott what was on the video. Scott offers to get Danny's fake ID back if he'll tell. 


Scott tries to leave, but his mom confronts him in the hallway because she got a call from the school that he's failing two classes. She tells him that if he fails one midterm they're going to hold him back. He'll still be a sophomore while everyone else will be a junior. She tells him he can't fail. Scott knows in more ways than one.


19692 medium
Scott bikes over to the Jungle to check Danny's car. The lock on the trunk has been tampered with, and the tablet is missing. He goes to meet Allison and Stiles at the overlook and tells them that if Jackson can't remember being the kanima then he isn't going to remember stealing the tablet. Allison suggests that someone else could have taken the tablet. Stiles points out that only someone who knows what he is would steal the tablet because they'd know what's on the video. That means that someone else is protecting him. They try to think of who would want to protect him. Scott asks whether or not the information Stiles found about the kanima only killing murderers is actually true. Stiles says it can't be because it tried to kill all of them. But Scott points out that it didn't actually. It threatened them, but it didn't try to kill them. He suggests that maybe the kanima was trying to keep them in the pool, not kill them. Stiles feels violated, and Scott says that's because they're missing a key piece of what's really going on. 


Stiles again advocates killing Jackson. Scott points out that Jackson risked his life in the fight against Peter. But Stiles counters that Jackson only did it so that he could get the Bite from Derek, so it wasn't an altruistic act. Scott doesn't think that makes him not worth saving and claims that Jackson doesn't know what he's doing, which is something Scott's familiar with. "I had someone to stop me. He has nobody." "That's his own fault," Stiles says. "That doesn't matter. If we can save him, we should try," Scott replies. Jackson overhears their whole conversation and starts to cry. Then his skin starts to shift.


19693 medium
Night falls. Stiles goes to check on Lydia because she's still angry that he didn't come back to talk to her the night she was crying in her car. Scott gets into Allison's car. Scott asks Allison how her dad knew where to be the previous night to find the kanima. She tells him that he has people who monitor every camera in town. She figures out that Scott thought Allison told her dad. He tries not to admit it, but she knows and promises that she's on his side. They hug, and Scott says he thought things would be normal enough that he could pass his classes. She assures him that he'll pass. 


Jackson continues to change.


Scott tells Allison that he likes it when she falls asleep in his arms. "I don't. I wake up and you're always gone." He says it's because he doesn't want to wake her up. She replies that she wants to wake up with him. Scott asks her what she'd think if he could be normal. He's been thinking about how Lydia got bitten by an alpha, but Peter told Stiles that the Bite will either turn you or kill you. If Lydia is immune, then Scott thinks that suggests lycanthropy can be cured. Scott asks Allison if she'd want that. "I want anything that lets me be with you. Not just until the end of high school." Scott jokes that she better not get into too good a college, then. She tells him that it's not just until college, either, and he knows she means it. 


19694 medium
Scott and Allison have sex in the back of her car. Meanwhile Jackson shifts and breaks free. When Stiles returns, he wakes them up to show them. Allison says that she has to tell her father. Stiles says that he has to tell his, too. Scott feels responsible for Jackson escaping. Allison wonders how they'll get the Sheriff to believe them. Scott flashes his yellow eyes and says that he'll believe him. 


19695 medium
Allison returns home and turns on the light in her room. Lydia is sitting on her bed. "I've been sitting here for an hour waiting for you." Allison tells her that she can't hang out, but Lydia says she doesn't need someone to hang out with, she needs someone to talk to. Allison tells her to wait, but Lydia complains that everyone is always telling her to wait. Allison tells her that she can't expect everything right now. She needs someone to translate 5 pages of archaic Latin right now, but that's not going to happen either. "I know archaic Latin," Lydia says. Allison gives her the pages.


19696 medium
At the Sheriff Station, Stiles and Scott go to see Sheriff Stilinski. They walk in to see Mr. Whittemore and Jackson, looking smug. Sheriff Stilinski introduces Jackson's father, David Whittemore, esquire. Scott and Stiles realize they're screwed.


Lydia says that Ms. Morell's translation was wrong. The kanima doesn't seek a friend, it seeks a master. This is important because it means someone isn't protecting him, they're controlling him.