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Aiden Steiner, as well as his twin brother Ethan Steiner, is a born werewolf. The brothers have the talent to merge into the werewolf form, Voltron Wolf. In Season 3, Aiden, alongside his brother, has alpha status and are part of the fearsome alpha Deucalion's Alpha Pack. The alphas are present in Beacon Hills, California to assault then coerce local alpha Derek Hale into joining them and later, to recruit Scott McCall after his potential to be a True Alpha is revealed. As their part of the mission, Aiden and his brother enroll at Beacon Hills high school as new students, and Aiden start an affair with Lydia Martin to gain leverage over Scott and Derek. Aiden follows and carries out Deucalion's orders to undermine the local pack members without question all while sleeping with Lydia, but after he helps murder Vernon Boyd, she confronts him and he displays remorse. Aiden and his brother as Voltron Wolf battle Jennifer Blake, the Darach, but they lose. The twins survive but lose their merging talent, alpha power, and they regress to omegas. Aiden and his brother decide to stay in Beacon Hills and atttempt to join Scott's pack, but Scott refuses. Aiden continues his liaison with Lydia but he shows more of a conscience when she puts distance from him over his past actions. Aiden and his brother become allies to Scott's pack against the threats of the Oni and Stiles Stilinski being possessed by the Nogitsune. Aiden and his brother take Derek's advice that to become part of Scott's pack, they fight for his cause, standing with him against the nogitsune to save Stiles' life. Aiden and his brother fight off the oni and manage to destroy them but Aiden is killed. Aiden dies being held by his brother Ethan, humbled and that Lydia knew he did good.



More spontaneous than his brother, Aiden is impulsive, cocky and prone to violence. Most likely to being abused and mistreated in his youth by his own pack members, Aiden does whatever is necessary to survive, eagerly engages in violence and indulges in using his alpha powers as part of the Alpha Pack to dominate and bully those who were weaker than him. Though the more bloodthirsty of the twins, Aiden does care for his twin and eventually shows remorse when Lydia tells him he is a bad guy. Like his brother he has a sense of honor, as he displayed fealty towards Scott's allies for their conflict with the Alpha Pack.


+Last name

Ethan and Aiden's last name was never revealed throughout the show. Teen Wolf writer Will Wallace revealed on Twitter their surname - see here.



Season 3

  • English, with Ethan and Scott
  • Biology, with Lydia and Danny


+Season 3


At night, Aiden and Ethan are out on the streets of Beacon Hills, attempting to recapture teenage beta Isaac Lahey, who had escaped from the alphas' lair back at the bank with the help of the mercenary called Braeden. They pinpoint their targets' location and move on a high-speed chase through the streets.


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Ethan has eyes on Braeden and Isaac riding away on a motorcycle just as Aiden catches up to his brother. Going neck and neck with the bike, Aiden and his brother alternate between slashes to the bike trying to run it off the road. Aiden and his brother manage to back her into a dead end. Ethan charges in and Aiden attempts to scare their quarry into submission by taking a high jump to the sky and descends down towards them, but Braeden changes out onto a side-road and the alpha's punch lands in the granite cracking it.


The chase continues throughout the district until the twins chase Braeden's bike through a window. Isaac, exhausted droops on the woman's shoulder and they fall to the ground. Aiden and his brother then move in on their targets, walking in tandem, zeroing in on the weaker werewolf. The twins continue to advance on Isaac determined to snatch and bring their hostage back. Claws out, they rip off their tops, taunting Isaac. The weaker werewolf can only just crawl but resolutely stares back at his tormentors.


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Ethan suddenly gets down on one knee and hand, then Aiden impales his twin in the back with his claws and this triggers their merging talent. Seconds later after withstanding the backlash of the merge the twins stand before Isaac and the injured mercenary as Voltron Wolf. Snarling, they move in to attack Isaac and Braeden, knowing their exponential strength now far surpasses his.


However, Braeden comes to, and shouts at Isaac to duck, while Ethan and Aiden rush forward with their attack. Braeden fires her modified military grade taser, and an electric bolf hits the merged twins square in the chest. The merged wolf falls back from the shock, spliting back into two separate individuals. In the electrical flash, Aiden and Ethan however, recover before Braeden and Isaac can regain their senses.


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The following day, Aiden enrolls at Beacon Hills High School with his brother as part of their assignment to gain leverage over Scott's friends, their appearance looking youthful enough to get away with it. They also lie in wait for Braeden to possibly show up, prepared to alert the other alphas.


The twins eventually spot Braeden talking to Lydia Martin and Allison Argent. They disperse and rally their superiors to the high school.


The twins with the rest of the alphas chase Braeden down at the school, They corral her into the locker room. All five alphas attack the mercenary who puts up a good fight nonetheless, but she is eventually incapacitated. They then hand Braden off to Deucalion.


Chaos Rising

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Aiden and his twin are seen at school, walking by the underpass. Scott passes by them, briefly picking up their scent though shrugs it off as nothing.


The twins are then seen in the library. His brother makes friendly with Danny. Aiden is seen in conversation with Lydia Martin. He later revealed that the only reason he talked to Lydia was because he knew that she may be important to Scott.



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It's the juniors' gym class and are out on the cross country race track. Aiden comes upon Isaac Lahey from behind, letting the beta pick up his presence. His brother shows up beside him, intent to ganging up on Isaac again. Once the coach blows the whistle, Aiden and his brother rush ahead, leading Isaac on and the beta falls for their bait. The twins, sneering with satisfaction run ahead of the rest of the class, luring Isaac out of plain sight.


Once they have an opportunity, they rush off the track and mask their scent. Once the beta rounds the corner and looks around they ambush him, sending him tumbling across the terrain.


The alpha brothers then capture Isaac in an unrelenting hold. Isaac stares back up at the bullies with contempt.

Aiden: "Ethan, I always forget. How many bones in the human body?

Ethan: "I don't know. Let's count.

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The two alphas prepare to put the hurt on Isaac bad, but Ethan is handed a right-hook by Scott coming to Isaac's defense. Aiden growls at Scott. The four snarling werewolves prepare for a two-on-two face-off. They are all suddenly interrupted by screams.


Both parties regroup with the class, with everybody looking in horror at a young male murdered and strung up against a tree. Aiden shares a look with his brother knowing it's a druidic sacrifice.


Later in the day, the twins draw Isaac out with scent again during class time. The alphas side by side face down the beta in the hallway. A fuming Isaac charges towards the brothers, eager to get back at them.


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Aiden snarls at Isaac, then clobbers Ethan instead to Isaac's confusion. Aiden continually punches Ethan but Ethan shrugs off his brother's punches, not feeling pain but lets himself bleed and Aiden is in on it. Aiden then slams Ethan against the school's lockers, throws Ethan at Isaac's feet then walks off somewhere else. The class then come out of chemistry, and the twins effectively frame Isaac for Ethan's injuries, landing him in lunchtime detention.


Aiden is next seen flirting with Lydia, asking to meet with her tonight, within Scott's hearing range, now plotting to get on the other beta's nerves. Later on when Isaac is assigned to restock the supply closet with Allison Argent. The twins have now shoved a vending machine against the closet door, knowingly triggering Isaac's claustrophobia so he'd have a meltdown, and this nearly has him savaging Allison if not for Scott's interference.


Aiden and his brother are both in the last class of the day, Jennifer Blake's English class.


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Scott sits down next to them, then pulls motorcycle parts out of his bag. The alpha twins know he's meddled with their bikes. The werewolves then hear one bike revving close by, and Aiden discerns from the sounds it's his. Angered, he runs out of the classroom into the hallway and sees Isaac riding the bike. He runs up toward the bike and stops the ride just as Isaac pulls on the brakes.

Aiden: "Get off my bike!!"

Isaac: "No problem.

Isaac casually flips over Aiden, landing several feet away leaving Aiden standing next to his bike, just as the school sees him with his bike in the middle of the hallway. Jennifer is angry yelling at a surprised Aiden he's suspended for his apparent shenanigan. The twins glance in Allison, Scott and Isaac's direction and are pissed.


Isaac and Scott are pleased to have gotten revenge on the twins just as Aiden and his brother walk up to them with expressions that scream murder.


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Aiden glances at his brother and they both nod to give the betas a payback beating all their way. Stripping off their tops, Aiden punches into Ethan to merge into their melded form. They roar loudly at the betas, then Scott and eventually Isaac are cowed at this display.


The melded twins give chase, outmatching the two werewolves, roaring gleefully. All of a sudden, Deucalion appears, and the merged twin is immediately submissive. He dissolves back into individuals Ethan and Aiden. Their leader swiftly slashes them both across their faces with the dagger in his cane. The fuming twins then follow Deucalion out of the building, but not before giving looks at the betas promising payback.



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Aiden is shown to be having discrete liaisons with Lydia, even though it's revealed to her he's an alpha and part of the Alpha Pack.

Lydia: "Your hands." (Aiden removes his hands from her waist) "What am I? A nun? Put them somewhere useful."

Aiden: (hoists her up and cups her backside) "Is that better?"

Lydia: "Moderately."

Aiden is shown in flashbacks during the fight between the Alpha Pack and Derek's pack. He is also shown in a flashback making out with Lydia. He later helps Kali get treatment for Ennis by Deaton. He comforts her after Ennis dies.



Aiden is first seen in the episode making out with Lydia. Later, both he and Ethan hold Jennifer captivae during the attack on Derek's loft. They help with the killing of Boyd while there.


The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Aiden tells Ethan to stop talking to Danny. He is later seen making out with Lydia until she confronts him about killing Boyd. Aiden fights with Cora in the changing room until Ethan and Scott stop him. Aiden is seen at the concert with Ethan.


The Overlooked

Aiden and Ethan search the hospital looking for Jennifer Blake. They have multiple physical encounters with Scott, Derek, Peter, Allison and Chris.


Alpha Pact

Aiden and Ethan help Deucalion and Kali hunt down Ms Morrell.


Lunar Ellipse

Aiden and Kali go to kill Derek iin his loft. Ethan and Lydia go to convince them not to. While there, Jennifer shows up. The twins merge together and attack Jennifer. She breaks their neck. Deaton manages to save Aiden and Ethan. They are no longer Alphas and they can no longer merge together.


More Bad Than Good

Although Aiden and Ethan are not Alphas anymore, Scott seeks them out to help him control his werewolf side now that he is an Alpha. They teach him control and not be afraid to turn.



Aiden and Ethan try to join Scott's pack. But Scott says that he doesn't trust them and turns them down. When police say that William Barrow has been sighted near the school, the twins help Scott's pack search for him.



Trying to prove to Lydia that he is not a "bad-guy", Aiden helps Danny set up a Halloween party. While there, he is marked by the Oni.



Aiden and Ethan offer protection to Scott to try and gain his trust so that they may join his pack. They help protect him when the Oni try to mark Scott and Kira at Scott's house.



Aiden helps Lydia search for Stiles. He tells Derek of his suspicions that Stiles helped Barrow.


Letharia Vulpina

Ethan and Aiden help Scott find Stiles


Echo House

Aiden and Ethan help Scott find a scroll that belonged to Silverfinger.



Ethan says that he and Aiden might not stay in school. They become controlled by the Nogitsune and fight with Isaac, Allison and Kira.



Aiden and Ethan try to find Lydia. While looking for her, they are shot with wolfbane bullets. They are saved by Derek despite being shot by several bullets.


The Divine Move

Ethan and Aiden want to run, but Derek convinces them to stay and fight. Aiden kills an Oni with one of Allison's silver arrowheads. As he does, he gets stabbed in the stomach. It's a fatal wound. Ethan cradles his brother while he's dying. Aiden asks him if it hurts him, too. He then laments that Lydia will never know that he died as one of the good guys, but Derek vows to tell her because she'll believe him.