Scott McCall+Season 4

4x01 - The Dark Moon

Scott has positioned himself inside the Calaveras' club with Malia and Kira. It is unclear how they got inside since Stiles and Lydia had to have a pass card to be allowed entry. Scott takes out one of the hunter guards and informs Stiles via the guard's radio to reduce their offer for Derek by $10k. He, Malia, and Kira head toward Araya's office, but Severo releases wolfsbane smoke into the hallway. While Scott is struggling to remain conscioius, Araya comes to taunt him. It's then that he realizes that they don't have Derek. When Scott comes to, he's in a cell with everyone but Lydia. Scott tries to pry the door open but fails. When Severo returns, he tasers Scott and then chains him into a chair attached to electricity. As Scott fails to answer Araya's questions, Kira will be forced to turn the electricity up. Scott assures her that it's okay, even though she doesn't want to do it. Araya then leads Scott through a series of questions about who could have taken Derek. Who had a vendetta against the Hales? Who could shapeshift? Who could have turned without getting a bite? When he's being electrocuted at maximum voltage, Scott remembers overhearing Chris tell Kate that a deep scratch could do it, and that's when he realizes that Kate is alive and took Derek. Araya then explains to him everything that happened. 


Araya warns Scott that if he makes a wolf, she'll hunt him down. She lets the pack go and gives them Braeden to lead them to la iglesia, where Derek is being held. Along the way, Malia demands to know who Kate is. None of them want to talk about it. Scott explains how Kate managed to be alive and what the Calaveras did. The Jeep hits something and dies, but Braeden insists that they have to get to la iglesia before nightfall. Stiles tells Scott to go ahead without them and get Derek. He agrees, and he and Braeden enter la iglesia. Scott asks if she cares that the Calaveras will kill Kate. Braeden doesn't and isn't sure why Scott would. She also says she'd kill Scott for enough money. Together they venture into the catacombs. Braeden asks Scott why he didn't kiss his girlfriend, and Scott stumbles trying to explain that he and Kira aren't officially an item. She clearly thinks that's crap. Scott can hear something behind them but he doesn't know what. Eventually he decides to alpha roar, which scares the creature away. They turn around and find a room with an Aztec seal on the wall. Behind it, Scott can hear a heartbeat. He breaks through the wall and pulls out Derek. He carries him outside and is met by a shocked Stiles when he sees that Derek is de-aged.


4x02 - 117

It's raining as Scott, Stiles and Lydia bring Derek to the animal clinic. Deaton is baffled by his condition. He suggests leaving him until he wakes up. Lydia stays with Derek. Stiles and Scott go home. Scott comes home to find all of the furniture in the dining area has been moved. A metal bowl is catching drops from a leak in the roof. Scott noties his dad asleep on the couch. While watching him, Scott trips over a toolbox. Rafael McCall wakes up and asks Scott the time. Scott lies and says it's 12am when it is really 4:05am. They make a 'dinner date' for tomorrow night. Scott and Stiles show up at school a few hours later. Stiles is worried that Malia knows he’s not telling her something (that Peter is her father) and Scott agrees that they need to tell her but he doesn’t know how. In class, Scott's phone rings-Mr. Yukimura tells verybody to turn off their phones. Stiles phone rings- Mr Yukimura again tells everybody to turn off their phones. Another phone rings, this time it's Mr Yukimura's. A text says "Scott call Lydia". Scott and Stiles go to the animal clinic. Scott doesn’t want to lie but Stiles and Lydia try to convince him to hold off on telling Derek that his family is dead. Deaton points out that if Derek gets to the house first they won’t have to tell him.  Stiles and Scot show up at the sheriff's office where young Derek is.In his office, the Sheriff looks terrified and asks if the boys have been time traveling saying “because if time traveling is real – I’m done. You’re going to be driving me to Eichen House. Scott explains to the Sheriff that Derek has been aged backwards and can't remember anything. The Sheriff agrees to let Scott and Stiles talk to Derek.


Derek is wary of Scott and Stiles. Scott explains that there was an accident and Derek lost some memory but that they can help him get it back. Scott flashes his Alpha red eyes at Derek but he is still not convinced that he should trust them and demands they tell him about his family. Scott says there was a fire and then lies saying the Hale family is fine but had to move out of Beacon Hills. He promises to take Derek to them as soon as he gets his memory back. Derek agrees. Scott doesn’t like lying to him. He explains to Stiles that things always go better when they tell the truth. Scott tells Stiles to take Derek to Scott's house and keep him there.Shortly after dark, Scott arrives at Derek’s loft on his motorbike. Malia is there, she heard that Scott was going to visit Peter, figures he shouldn’t go alone. Malia and Scott enter the loft,Malia says she sense something wrong with Scott, his heart is pounding like crazy and he wonders if he is nervous. Peter pipes up and says he's just bad at introductions. Scott then awkwardly introduces Peter and Malia.  Scott asks what Peter knows about turning people with a scratch. Peter says the claws would have to go very deep and it’s a one in a million chance that it could happen. Scott is trying to work out why Kate regressed Derek to his earlier age. Peter works out that it was to get Derek back to an age where he would trust her, before the fire and before Derek knew that Kate was responsible. Trying to get ahead of Kate’s next move, Scott calls Lydia to help him figure it out. Lydia explains about the body at the gas station and sends Scott pictures of the murder scene. Peter, Malia and Scott go to the school where the Hale vault is located. The Berserkers attack them at the school. Derek runs out of the vault to help fight the berserkers. When Derek is fighting the Berserkers, Kate calls to the Bersekers by growling and they leave. Derek turns around to face Scott, he is an adult again.


4x03 - Muted

Scott is first seen being reassured by Stiles that he is still team captain. Scott says he texted Chris Argent about Kate's return, but he hasn't gotten back to him yet. He says he would have called but he can't afford a phone call to France. Stiles says they have big problems, but lacrosse isn't one of them. Scott disagrees, pointing at Liam in goal, who isn't letting anything past him. Stiles and Scott decide that they need to practice before tryouts. In the locker room, Stiles and Scott confront Liam about his performance in goal. Liam tells them that he transferred from Devenford Prep. Scott, listening to Liam's heart rate, realizes he's lying. He guesses correctly that Liam got kicked out. Stiles gets a news alert on his phone saying : TRIPLE HOMICIDE, DEVELOPING. He tells Scott after class but Scott's mom had rang and told him earlier. Stiles wants to go investigate but Scott tells him that their parents want them to stay out of it.Scott asks Coach whether he is still captain. Coach replies with "all positions are open".


At tryouts, Scott performs poorly on the field. Coach has Stiles and Scott cover goal. The successfully block all comers - except Liam. Malia calls for a do-over, then yells "10 bucks on Scott and Stiles". On his second run, Scott goes under Liam and flips him over. Stiles and Scott take him to the hospital. Scott feels guilty about hurting him. Lydia then calls Scott and tells him to find Sean Walcott at the hospital. Scott races to find Sean. He see's blood in the stairwell and hears Liam scream. He races up to the roof where Sean is holding Liam in a chokehold near the edge of the building and faces Scott. Sean pins Scott arms behind him. Liam begins to slip. Without a free hand, Scott bites down on Liam's arm to stop him falling. The Mute then hachets Sean in the back, killing him. Scott helps Liam back up onto the roof.


4x04 - The Benefactor

Scott and Stiles arrive back at Scott's house. Scott has already brought Liam back earlier. He had wrapped him in duct tape and put him in the bath tub. Stiles tells Scott that he sucks at coming up with plans. They decide to move Liam from the bathtub to a chair in Scott's room. They take the tape off his mouth. Scott trys to explain to Liam that the bite will change him and Liam begins to cry so Scott and Stiles untie him. Liam then hits Scott with the chair and punches Stiles in the face. Liam makes a run for it. Scott and Stiles chase after him, but they just end up in a cluster at the bottom of stairs. Liam escapes and Scott points out that Stiles' plan sucked too. The next day at school, Stiles and Scott corner Liam. Scott tries to explain the situation to Liam but he doesn't know what to say. He repeats some of the lines that Derek said to him when he was first bitten. Later still at school, Scott, Stiles, Kira, Lydia and Malia are discussing what to do with Liam. They decide to to use Lydia's lakehouse. for the full moon.


Scott arrives at the lakehouse on his dirt bike. Stiles tells Scoot why Liam was kicked out of his old school. Scott, Stiles, Lyida and Malia are waiting when Kira and Liam arrive. They fill Liam in on the supernatural situation. People start showing up for the 'party' outside. Malia and Liam begin to transform. Scott and Kira bring Liam down to the boathouse. They struggle to hold him down as they try to chain him up. Kira ends up smacking Liam on the head with a boat paddle, knocking him out cold. After finishing tying up Liam, Scott and Kira watch over. They end up slow dancing to music on Scott's phone while they were alone. While they are dancing and talking, they hear Liam growl He breaks through the chains, runs past Kira and Scott and jumps through the window. Scott follows Liam out into the woods. He loses sight of him. Liam then comes from behind Scott and pins him to a tree. A fash bolt arrow hits the tree and Liam runs away, blinded. The arrow was fired by Chris Argent. He explains that he has set a trap for Liam in the nearby clearing. The trap is a circle of Ultrasonic Emitters. Scott finds Liam in the centre of them and turns them off. Liam is crying. He says that his parents can't see him like a monster. Scott says "You're not a monster, you're a werewolf, like me." His eyes flash red as Liam looks up at him.


4x05 - IED.

Scott and Stiles take the partial list of potential victims along with all of the evidence about the murders to Sheriff Stilinski. They explain that Allison's name broke a third of the list and that there are two more keywords that will unlock the rest of the list. They explain that Lydia has been at the lakehouse all weekend trying to get further messages. The Sheriff is worried that there could be hundreds of names on the list but the boys don't think so. They think that the numbers add up to the $117 stolen from the Hale Vault. They explain that The Benefactor stole the money to finance the murders and wants every supernatural in Beacon Hills dead. Stiles figures out the weapon from the latest murder was a lacrosse stick. Kira, Stiles and Scott pull apart the teams lacrosse sticks looking for the weapon. Scott eventually says it's pointless because most of the lacrosse players use their own gear, Kira suggests that they cancel the match, but Scott disagrees saying that it's the best way to find the killer.


Later Scott and Stiles see Liam begin to 'wolf out' in front of the Devenford Prep lacrosse team. They rush him into the school and hold him under the shower. Scott tries to convince Liam to sit out for the game, but Liam refuses. Liam then realizes that Garrett paid for the keg. During the match Garrett eyes Scott, but doesn't make a move. Liam is flipped by Brett and Scott hears the click of Garrett's knife. He checks Liam but it appears as though Garrett has missed. Lydia then call Stiles and says that Liam's naem isn't on the list, but Brett's is. Scott rushes into the boys locker room to find Brett still alive. Violet jumps Scott from behind looping the red wire around his neck and pulling but Scott gets his hands between the wire and his neck and pulls back. He easily yanks the wire away and grabs her around the neck. He throws her down, rendering her unconscious.


4x06 - Orphaned


Scott is first seen talking to his dad who is apologizing for missing the game and promises to be around more often. Liam then enters and tells Scott that Kira took off after learning that her mother was on the second part of the deadpool. Scott then breaks into Garrett's locker while Liam keeps watch. He finds a bag filled with money, but tells Liam that he found nothing. Scott is next seen at home. his mom is talking on the phone. The electricity is turned off because Melissa cannot afford to pay the bill. Scott glances at the bag of money under his bed. Later on, Scott notices that Liam is missing, after being attacked by Garrett. He and Mason Hewitt go to Coach to ask about Liam. Coach tells them that Liam skipped class. Mason leaves as Scott gets a call from Liam's phone. It's Garrett on the phone. Scott offers Garrett the money he took from the locker in exchange for Liam, but Garrett wants the moeny and Violet. Scott meets Garrett in the bus parking area. His plan is to break Violet out while the police are transferring her by car to a federal facility. Garrett says he stabbed Liam with the wolfsbane poisoned blade and once it gets to the heart bad things will start to happen.


Scott is next seen talking to his dad at the Sheriff's station. Scott tries to talk his father out of transporting Violet saying it’s dangerous because Garrett is still out there.  Agent McCall says no. He then tells Scott that Sheriff Stilinski is accompanying him. Violet is led out of the Sheriff's station and smiles at Scott. Scott tells Garrett that the plan won't work when they are in the car later. Garrett says that all Scott has to do is stop the car and he will do the rest. They reach the Sheriff's car, but it is rolled on it's side. Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski are lying on the side of the road. Berserkers come out of the shadows and attack. Garrett tries to fend them off but another Berseker appears and stabs Garrett with a bone, killing him. Scott runs to help but is hit from behind. He wakes up on the exam table at the vet clinic. There is a large bone sticking from his side. Chris Argent pulls it out. Deaton explains that Scott’s dad and the sheriff are at the hospital. Argent says the berserkers move fast and don’t leave much of a trail to track. Deaton suggests they use the bone knife to catch a scent. The secnt leads Scott and Chris to the Argent Warehouse. Upon entering, they hear Kate Argent. The Berserkers attack and Chris fires at them. Scott is thrown through several walls by a Berseker. He lands in a room with Violet's dead body in it. Kate, however, calls off the Berserkers before they kill Scott or Chris. Liam howls loudly from the well, and Scott hears him from the warehouse. Scott rushes to the well and helps Liam to safety. The episode finishes with Scott and Stiles counting the money in the bag from Garretts locker. A cassette tape falls out of the bag.


4x07 - Weaponized

Scott and Stiles are listening to the tape, but neither of them can make sense of it. They also don't understand The Benefactor's motive for paying people to kill the supernatural. They start to discuss what to do with the money, but Malia walks in and they stop. She explains that Derek found Satomi's pack dead. It's Saturday and Scott, Malia, Stiles and Kira are taking their PSAT's. When they enter, they have to place their fingerprint on thier answer sheet. They are then given their booklets. During the exam, a girl collapses onto the floor. Mrs. Martin notices that she has red spots on her wrist, but the girl doesn't know how it got there. Mrs Martin leaves the room. They hear her shout from the hallway and rush out. She returns them to the exam and calls the CDC. When they arrive, Mrs Martin explains to Scott that the CDC re going to isolate the sick. Scott then goes and comforts the girl, and tells her that she will be okay. Melissa McCall, at the hospital, realises that the 'virus' was invented to kill werewolves.


Back at the school, Scott is partially transformed. He tells Kira's dad to get Stiles. Scott and Malia can't control their transformations any more. Stiles decides they should go to the vault, so that nobody will see them. Malia opens the vault. While in the vault, they discuss the money from the Hale Vault. Scott and Stilles are at the door listening to outside. Scott says that they need to tell Malia the truth about Peter being her dad. Stiles then leaves to go and cover for Scott, Malia and Kira's disappearance. Malia reaches into the pocket of Stiles Jacket, which she is wearing. Scott realizes that it is the deadpool. He goes to stop Malia from reading it, but doesn't have to as Malia has been blinded from the virus. Scott's eyesight is also starting to get worse. Kira then loses her eyesight, while Scott struggles to stand. Stiles can then be heard from outside the vault. He says that the antidote to the virus is reishi mushrooms and that there are some inside the vault on a shelf. Scott, struggling to stand and using his werewolf vision, can see them glowing brightly on one of the shelves. He struggles to get to it, but when he does he manages to smash the jar, filling the air with the mushroom spores. Stiles is leaning against the door when Scott opens it, cured.


4x08 - Time of Death

 Scott is standing outside his dad's office in the Sheriff's Station. He comes out and apologizes to Scott because he will miss his lacrosse game. Agent McCall says that Scott and his friends aren't reacting to the tragic events around them they way they should be. This makes him think that they know something that he doesn't know and he says he wants them to tell him when he gets back from San Fransisco, where he has to do a report on the "The Chemist|Chemist]]. Scott, Stiles, Kira and Liam are in Scott's kitchen. They have several laptops open and are using for a plan. Stiles says the plan is dangerous, so Scott gives Liam the option to not take part, but Liam says he's not scared. They think that if someone on the Deadpool dies and there is no proof, then The Benefactor will come to seek proof, which will let the group learn the identity of the Benefactor.An unseen patient is brought by ambulance to Beacon Hills Hospital. The doctor calls time of death at 21:02 hours and asks that someone page Melissa McCall. Scott is lying dead on the exam table.


Earlier in the afternoon, we see that Scott, Liam, Kira and Noshiko Yukimura were gathered around Scott’s bed. Noshiko tells Kira to put her hand over Scott's heart and uses her firefox to electrocute Scott. Back at the hospital, Melissa goes into the morgue where Scott's body is. Noshiko explains that they have 45 minutes until Kira has to wake up Scott or else he dies. Scott wakes up in one of the vaults in the morgue. He crawls out and falls onto the floor in school hallway. Liam throws a lacrosse ball at Scott before jogging down the hallway into a classroom. There is a laptop open on the desk. Scott enters his own name as a keyword and a list of names come up (the mute, the orphans and the chemist). Liam says that Scott has to kill them because he iss the alpha. Scott turns around to see the Mute removing his tomahawk from Liam's back. The dream ends. Later on, Scott gets a similar dream. He wakes up in the morgue and then falls out onto the hallway floor in Beacon Hills High School. Liam throws a lacrosse ball at Scott who catches it with his claws. They are both in the locker room. Scott is looking at his fangs in the mirror. Scott turns as the tomahawk is removed from Liam's back.


Scott has a third and final dream. He is in the vault in the morgue. He climbs out and falls on the floor in the school hallway. Liam yells "catch" as Scott catches a bloody tomahawk. Liam is then lying at Scott's feet with a tomahawk wound in his chest. The Mute is suddenly behind Scott showing him how to use the tomahawk. Scott then attacks Liam on his own. The dream ends as Scott wakes up in the real morgue. He asks if the plan worked but the others say no. Later on in Scott's room, he and Kira are talking. Scott says that the Benefactor didn't come to the hospital but knew that he wasn't dead. Kira realizes that Scott is implying that The Benefactor is a banshee.