Stiles Stilinski+Season 2


Stiles has been staying in the hospital to keep an eye on Lydia while she recovers from the Bite. He's there when she goes missing. He, Scott, and Allison track her scent to the Hale House, where Stiles triggers a trip wire that captures Scott. He and Allison run while Scott talks to Chris. Stiles gets stuck in detention and is late to Kate Argent's funeral. Later, he's with his dad when Lydia comes wandering out of the woods. Stiles nearly faints at the sight of her naked. 


Shape Shifted

Stiles has a plan for the next full moon and shows Scott the chains he has in his locker. Scott realizes there's another Werewolf in the locker room and determines it's Isaac just before the Sheriff comes to arrest him for killing his father. Stiles points out he'll be in holding during the full moon. Stiles and Scott get themselves sent to the principal's office so that they can listen to the Sheriff interviewing Jackson about Isaac and his dad. They discover that Gerard is the new principal, and Stiles takes the fall and gets detention. Afterward, he helps Allison stop a hunter who was going to the sheriff station to kill Isaac. Stiles picks up Derek and they head to the station. Derek distracts the woman at the desk to Stiles can sneak in and get the keys to the holding cell. They're too late and Stiles gets captured by the hunter. Isaac has already shifted and attacks the hunter. He goes to attack Stiles, but Derek protects him. Derek and Isaac escape, leaving Stiles standing over the knocked out hunter when his dad arrives.


Ice Pick

Stiles is in gym class doing the rock climbing wall. He scales the wall quicky but Erica freaks out halfway up. The next day, Stiles pays Boyd $50 for the keys to the ice rink, so he, Scott, Lydia, and Allison can have a double-date there. Newly turned Erica shows up, and everyone stares. They go to the ice rink that night and Stiles tries to tell Lydia that he likes her by talking about how unlikely combinations can sometimes be really good. They skate around, but Lydia sees a flower in the ice. She sees Peter's face under the ice and starts screaming, much to Stiles's dismay. When they figure out that Boyd is the next person Derek is going to turn, Stiles goes to his house to talk him out of it, but Erica is there. She knocks him out and throws him in a Dumpster.



Stiles is at Armor Tire getting his Jeep fixed when he encounters the kanima for the first time. He gets paralyzed and has to watch the mechanic get killed. He edits his report of what happened when his dad shows up to the scene. At school, Stiles delivers messages back and forth between Scott and Allison and they decide they have to get the bestiary from Gerard. They need his keys to get into his office. While they are at the lacrosse game, Allison steals the keys and hands them to Stiles. He heads for the office but encounters Lydia crying and wants to help her. He's running out of time, though, and has to leave her there. Erica finds him in Gerard's office and brings him to the pool for a meeting with Derek. Derek tries to intimidate him to get him to talk about the creature he saw. The kanima appears, and Derek protects Stiles from it but gets paralyzed. Stiles tries to carry him to safety, but they fall into the pool. Stiles spends several hours making sure Derek doesn't drown. Derek thinks he's only doing it for selfish reasons, and Stiles gets annoyed at him. He lets go of him once to try to get to his phone and call Scott. He dives down to get Derek before he drowns. They are about to sink when Scott shows up and pulls them out of the water.


Later, Scott and Stiles are looking through the bestiary when Derek and Erica show up. Derek explains the difference between Werewolf and kanimas, and Stiles finishes his thought, calling it an abomination.



Stiles learns that Isaac is back at school, but by the time he finds Scott, Isaac is already sitting in class. Jackson asks Scott and Stiles what a kanima is because Derek tested him to find out if he was one. He also tells them that Isaac and Erica are going to do something to Lydia in Chemistry. Stiles is sure that Lydia isn't the kanima. They spend Chemistry class trying to protect her. Mr. Harris insults Stiles's intelligence and makes fun of him during class. Stiles threatens Isaac. They aren't able to stop the test, although Lydia passes. Stiles, Scott, and Allison hatch a plan to get Lydia out of the school while Scott distracts Derek. They take her to Scott's house. While Lydia and Jackson go upstairs, Stiles and Allison try to decide what to do about Derek and his betas outside. Stiles suggests shooting Derek. Isaac comes into the house and starts fighting. Scott shows up to deal with the Werewolf, and they all see the kanima running away at the same time Lydia comes out of the house.



Stiles drives while he and Scott chase the kanima. Scott jumps out of the car to help Derek fight it and then takes off after it. Stiles catches up with him at Jungle. They break in, and Stiles immediately ends up with a bunch of drag queens being petted. They try to get drinks, but the bartender knows they're underage. They're unable to keep Danny from being attacked and end up having to pick up Jackson from the parking lot after Derek slashes his throat. They stuff Jackson in the back of Stiles's Jeep but aren't able to leave before the Sheriff shows up. He asks what they're doing there, and Stiles pretends like he's going to tell his dad that he's gay. His dad doesn't believe him, and Stiles is offended. He then tells him that they were there for Danny, who just broke up with his boyfriend. They don't know where to take Jackson, so Stiles steals a police van and they chain him up inside. Stiles brings Jackson clothes and food and tries to tell him that he's killing people. Stiles has been sending texts to make people think Jackson is okay, but Allison shows up to tell him that they know the texts are fake. He throws away the phone and they move the van.


When night falls, Jackson escapes and it becomes clear to everyone that they're in over their heads. Scott and Stiles go to tell the Sheriff the truth about everything but discover that Jackson and his father are already there pressing charges.



Scott and Stiles are read the conditions of their restraining order. Stiles tries to play everything off as a joke, but his father isn't having any of it. Melissa grounds Scott and claims he can't see Stiles. Scott and Stiles meet up with Allison in the library where she shares that the kanima is being controlled. The only way to defeat it is to resolve whatever in its past is unresolved. They think that means his real parents. Stiles tries to ask Lydia about it, but she won't tell him anything. Erica overhears and tells Stiles his parents are dead. Stiles asks for more details which convinces Erica that Jackson is the kanima. They all end up with detention because Jackson and Scott destroyed the locker room. At detention, Erica looks up the accident report on Jackson's parents dying. They don't appear to be murdered, so it's inconclusive if that's what they need to solve. While they are putting away books, Jackson shifts and writes a warning to them all before escaping. Stiles discovers that Erica is having a seizure from the kanima venom. He and Scott take her to Derek. Stiles cradles Erica while Derek breaks her arm to encourage her system to heal



Stiles and his dad are having dinner, and Stiles tries to help him with the kanima death cases. They realize all the victims are from the same class. They think it's Mr. Harris's Chemistry class and go looking for other students. They believe the next attack will be at the rave, and Scott and Stiles need to get tickets. They can't get them out of Danny, so Isaac beats up another student for them. Now that they have tickets, they go to Deaton to get a needle of ketamine to knock the kanima out and a bag of mountain ash for Stiles to lay a barrier around the building. That evening, Stiles learns that he cost his dad his job for having stolen the van. He's upset but doesn't tell Scott. At the rave, Stiles starts laying the ash line. He doesn't have enough, but he believes and the ash circle completes. He dances and goes to find Erica and Isaac, who have captured Jackson. They are able to talk to the kanima's master and learn that he was drowned. The kanima escapes.


Stiles shows Derek that the ash line works, but Derek tells him to break it because he can hear that Scott is dying. Stiles is annoyed but he does it. 


Party Guessed

Stiles continues to investigate the kanima deaths during spring break. His dad catches him looking through the 2006 yearbook. They realize that everyone was on the swim team. It's Lydia's birthday, and Stiles shows up with a huge box for her. He explains to Scott about the swim team connection. When they realize no one is at Lydia's party, Stiles calls the drag queens he met at Jungle. Stiles encourages Scott to make up with Allison, but Scott doesn't want to. They all drink punch and start to hallucinate. Stiles pictures his dad there, yelling at him and blaming him for his mother's death. He passes out drunk, and Danielle wakes him up by dunking him into the pool. They don't know what to do because everyone is freaking out and acting strange.



After Scott sees that Matt is the kanima's master, they go to the Sheriff and tell him. He doesn't buy it, but Stiles asks him to trust Scott on this. They start investigating the one recent murder that wasn't caused by the kanima, the one in the hospital. Scott's mom confirms that Matt was there. They ask her to come to the station. When Stiles goes to the front door to let her in, Matt shoves a gun in his face. He has Stiles cuff his dad to a bar in the holding cell and then destroy the evidence that points to him. They hear a car and think it's Melissa, but it's Derek. The kanima tosses him, paralyzed, onto the floor. The kanima then paralyzes Stiles, who falls on top of Derek. They toss barbs at Matt. The kanima pulls them into another room. Stiles and Derek discuss the fact that Matt is turning into a kanima because he's been breaking the rules and killing non-murderers. Derek is trying to boost his healing by digging his claws into his leg, but it really isn't working.


When the Argents attack, Scott takes Stiles to safety but ends up leaving him in a chair. Stiles slowly regains his motor ability and crawls into the room with his dad and Melissa. 



Stiles is in the guidance counselor's office talking to Ms. Morrell. They talk about drowning and whether Stiles feels any sympathy for Matt. He admits to his own feelings of anxiety and dread, and she tells him that when you feel like you're going through hell, keep going. The next time Stiles sees Scott is at a lacrosse game. They're both on the bench. Stiles asks if something bad is going to happen, and Scott believes it is. Coach puts Stiles into the game, much to his father's joy. Stiles is terrible at first, but he finds his groove. He sees Lydia cheering for him and smiles. The lights on the field go out, and when they come back Stiles is gone.


Master Plan

One of Gerard's hunters throws Stiles into the Argents' basement with Boyd and Erica. He tries to untie them, but they're being electrocuted. Gerard beats Stiles up and then lets him go. He returns home to find his dad reporting in that he hasn't found any clues. The Sheriff demands to know who beat him up, but Stiles lies and says it was kids from the other team. He tries to calm his dad down and they hug. Lydia comes by to see him later. She's upset because Jackson is dead and they won't even let her see him. Scott tells him what their plan is, but Stiles doesn't want Lydia involved. He talks about her getting hurt and how much it would kill him. She gets upset that he's trying to make this decision for her and leaves. After she leaves, his dad comes in to talk about the game and calls him a hero. Stiles denies it. He changes his mind about Scott's plan and Jackson, though, and gets Lydia. Together they go to the warehouse. Lydia talks Jackson down. Stiles mostly watches. It's unclear at the end whether Stiles is crying because the scene is touching or because Lydia really does love Jackson. 


Later, Stiles and Scott practice lacrosse. Stiles asks Scott not to use his powers, but Scott does anyway.