Malia Tate


Evelyn Tate, Henry Tate, Peter Hale, The Desert Wolf

Younger sister - adoptive sister


Toyota Camry



In Season 3B, Malia Tate is a fully transformed werecoyote, having lived in the wilderness for eight years as a coyote. She is restored to human form by Scott McCall's Alpha Roar. Scott's Pack take Malia in and help her with integrating back into human society, highschool and she becomes Stiles Stilinski's girlfriend. In Seasons 4 and 5, Malia readjusts to her humanity. She overtime learns she's adopted, and her biological parents are Peter Hale, and an unnamed woman known as the Desert Wolf.



Due to living as a coyote in the wilderness for eight years, Malia is, at first, very in touch with her animal side. She is brash, quick to fight and anger, still feral in more ways than one and tends to speak her mind. She displays a fight-or-flight, as well as a survival-of-the-fittest, mentality.


Nevertheless, after seeing life through human eyes, becoming a member of Scott's Pack, and maintaining her relationship with Stiles, Malia demonstrates a quick mind, as well as a close camaraderie, and keeps an open-minded view for those she cares for, accepting Stiles after their relationship crumbles.


Malia struggles with the guilt of her out-of-control shapeshifting that caused the deaths of her adoptive mother Evelyn and little sister. Though she's close to her adoptive dad Henry, and follows, respects the Scott's ideals and morals as her Alpha, Malia fears a killer is all she ever will be, due who her biological parents being Peter Hale and the Desert Wolf.



Malia was 9 years old when she became a victim in a car crash in 2003. Her body was never found. Her family was found three days after their deaths still trapped in the car and seemingly mauled by coyotes.  


She is still feral in many ways and considers the world the way a coyote would. She has no concept of friends and does not feel any moral compunction about leaving people behind in order to escape a dangerous situation. She is, however, particularly attached to Stiles and claims that she would never leave him.


Malia is quick to fight and handles pain well. She has difficulty focusing her hearing and other enhanced senses as a human.


+Season 3
Given new information about the existence of werewolves, the Sheriff reevaluates the case and thinks that the car crash may have been caused ...

+Season 4

The Dark Moon

Malia has accompanied Stiles, Lydia, Scott, and Kira to Mexico to find ...