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Kitsune are known to have enhanced strength and speed. They are able to exert greater strength, run faster, jump higher and react quicker than what should be humanly possible. Using these superhuman traits in tandem, Kitsune can be efficient masters in combat.


Kira discovers her enhanced speed in Letharia Vulpina, outrunning every one of her fellow students during a cross country session. She also discovers her capacity to fight utilizing her strength and reflexes in combat against the Oni later in Season 3. In Smoke and Mirrors, she punched a wall, breaking off a piece of obsidian.


They also have an enhanced healing factor. They are able to heal and repair their cells faster than that of a regular human.


In 1943, Noshiko Yukimura never contracted pneumonia during an outbreak at Oak Creek during WWII. Noshiko was later shot by massive gunfire and was only rendered incapacitated. She was able to heal herself over a matter of days.


In Smoke and Mirrors, Kira activates her healing ability by causing herself pain. She saves herself from a near-fatal chest wound, recovering over a day.


+Super Coordination

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Kitsune naturally possess an enhanced coordination that supplements their enhanced strength and reflexes.


They are able to easily learn how to use weapons or any kind of tool they can get their hands on. They can wield their tool with intuitive proficiency in speed, power and skill. With this superhuman coordination, Kitsune easily become masters in weaponry.


This coordination also supplies the Kitsune's weapon with supernatural properties.


In Season 3, Kira Yukimura, a young Kitsune just coming into her powers, realizes she has a natural aptitude for wielding a katana sword. In Letharia Vulpina, she's able to put up a fight against Oni after touching one for the first time. After a few days of practising with a katana, she's able to twirl, utilize a blade with expert precision and skill, naturally coming into her capacity for swordswomanship.


Kira's mom, Noshiko is a kitsune who's recently sacrificed her Tails, and consequently lost her powers. She still wields natural skill with a blade nonetheless, engaging Kira in a training session in Strange Frequencies.


Kira also wields other particular weapons with similar skill. Using nunchakus, she incapacitates a hunter in The Dark Moon. In Condition Terminal, she throws a shuriken slicing and disabling a burglar alarm. She easily uses a lacrosse mesh stick in Muted.


One known supernatural property of a weapon being wielded by a Kitsune is exorcising of a nogitsune. In 1943, Noshiko Yukimura exorcised a very powerful nogitsune from Rhys' corpse. The power from the exorcism shattered the sword.


In The Divine Move, Kira performed the very same technique on the same nogitsune spirit. Because the nogitsune was already being exorcised from Scott McCall's Bite, the blade remained intact this time round.



Kitsune can wield, use and perform a unique form of magic. This is called FoxFire, their signature talent.


Using FoxFire, Kitsune can conduct rituals, perform functional magic etc, according to their will, and so they are sufficient magic users. The FoxFire of a Kitsune corresponds to what variety of Kitsune he/she is. Foxfire of a single Kitsune can also affect other types.


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Kira, being a Thunder Kitsune, wields Thunder FoxFire. She is naturally immune to electricity, she can absorb, dispell and manipulate this form of energy in whatever manner she likes.


In Galvanize, Kira unintentionally absorbed the megawatts of the electricity upon being electrocuted by serial killer William Barrow. The Nogitsune had arranged the whole ordeal so Kira's burst of Thunder FoxFire would supercharge the Nogitsune's power and possession over Stiles' body.


Kira is taught by her mother Noshiko how to utilize her Thunder Foxfire. She shows her how to use a bolt of lightning to reforge her katana in The Fox and the Wolf, and electrocuting Scott physically suppressed his heartrate, sending Scott into a vegetative state in Time of Death.


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The FoxFire of a nogitsune, or a kitsune of type Void, is suited to a Nogitsune's hunger and cause for chaos and pain.


A very powerful Dark kitsune wielded a Foxfire that manifested as supernatural house flies, his animal motif. Properties of this Void Foxfire included mind control that could be inflicted upon other beings by the flies physically infiltrating the bodies of such people. Victims of this FoxFire were under the nogitsune's control similar to that of possessing a host, though to a lesser degree.


Because the nogitsune was immortal, had rescinded his humanity and no longer possessed a physical human form, his FoxFire allowed him to realize his very being as a house fly.



Kitsune are capable of realizing and projecting illusions upon others. The villainous nogitsune of Season 3 is the only known kitsune to have exhibited this power. He was able to perform this talent to near-perfect precision.


In Riddled, the nogitsune trapped his host Stiles Stilinski in an illusion within his own subconscious, while the teenager is still asleep. Stiles sees himself in the basement of Eichen House and his left leg is caught in a steel-jawed trap. The void kitsune is able to alter the reality of the illusion while psychologically torturing Stiles. Suddenly the trap is on Stiles' right leg before switching back to his left.


In De-Void, he traps Lydia Martin and Scott McCall in illusions of their past: Lydia was taken back to the night of the school formal (Formality), and Scott was enagaged in a passionate encounter with Allison Argent during the time of Currents. Lydia was snapped out of the illusion by receiving Peter Hale's voice on the banshee frequency, and Scott broke himself free of the manifestation by remembering he and Allison weren't together at the time.


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The Nogitsune performs his most impressive illusion in The Divine Move. Scott, Lydia, Stiles and Kira are present at the school in real-time, where they open the school's front door.


Suddenly, they're present in a reality consisting of a Japanese garden, where it's snowing. The Nogitsune, as his original host incarnation, communicates with them while mystically representing his real-time counterpart, Void Stiles. Scott and Kira are convinced they are fighting off the Oni. Stiles is finally able to deduce the reality is an illusion upon seeing reflections of school property on Kira's katana. Though they feel the pain and exhibit wounds from the Oni's blades, they eventually overpower the Nogitsune, which breaks the illusion.


Upon the reality's dissolution, Scott's Pack eventually appear at where they left off, the school's entrance heading into the building.