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Ethan Steiner is the twin brother of Aiden Steiner. Both were werewolves from being bitten by their alpha and have talent to meld their bodies into the form, Voltron Wolf. In Season 3, Ethan and Aiden are both alphas status and members of Deucalion's Alpha pack. The twins, as part of the Alpha Pack, are initially in Beacon Hills to recruit Derek Hale and later attempt to recruit potential True Alpha Scott McCall. Ethan and his brother enroll in Beacon Hills high school and he starts going out with Danny Mahealani to gain leverage on the high school's supernaturals. The alphas carry out an assault against Derek's pack which results in fellow alpha Ennis' death, then they have Vernon Boyd killed, to Ethan's guilt. After the the Darach targets Danny, Ethan genuinely falls for him, then softens towards Scott. During the fight against the Darach, Ethan learns it was Deucalion who had actually killed Ennis and defects from the alphas. Ethan and his brother fight Jennifer Blake as Voltron Wolf, but fail. The twins survive, but their alpha power and merging talent is broken and they fall to omega rank. After the Alpha Pack's disbanding, Ethan and Aiden decide to remain in Beacon Hills. They seek Scott out to join his pack, but Scott denies them entry particularly for their part in Boyd's murder. Ethan and his brother align with Scott's allies against the threats of the oni and the Nogitsune, and eventually conform to Scott's moral code. Ethan and Aiden, taking inspiration from Derek's advice so to become part of Scott's pack, join him in making a final stand against the dark trickster. This eventually leads to Stiles being freed from posession, the nogitsune being imprisoned, and the oni being destroyed, but at the cost of Aiden's life. A grieving Ethan holds his dying brother, then decides to leave town. He parts ways with the pack on good terms as well as Danny, lighthearted that Danny knew all along he was a werewolf.



Ethan is openly gay. He is more aloof, level-headed, intelligent, sensitive and reserved compared to his twin. He is intelligent, calculating and feels guilt for his actions. Though similarly to his brother, he displays a sense of honor in joining the Alpha Pack out of fealty and later assisting Scott and his allies against the Nogitsune earning redemption. Ethan is also gay.


+Last name

Ethan and Aiden's last name was never revealed throughout the show. Teen Wolf writer Will Wallace revealed on Twitter their last name - see here.


  • English, with Aiden and Scott


+Season 3


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At night, Ethan, along with his brother, are out tracking Isaac Lahey and the mercenary Braeden, the latter having rescued the teenage beta wolf and escaped from the Alpha Pack's lair at the bank.


Braeden is riding away on a motorcycle with a bloodied Isaac sitting behind her. Ethan runs down the road giving chase at enhanced speed. Going neck and neck with the bike, Ethan swipes away at the bike with his claws to have it run over before Aiden catches up. The twins chase after the bike, attempting all manner of trying to take the bike down and intimidating Braeden into submission, but the human woman hangs.


The chase continues throughout the district until the twins chase Braeden's bike through a window. Isaac, exhausted droops on the woman's shoulder and they fall to the ground.


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Ethan and his twin move in on their targets in syncrony. Stripping off their tops, and manifesting their claws, the two wolves continue to advance on Isaac determined to snatch him and bring their prey back to the bank.


Ethan then gets down on one knee and hand, Aiden impales his brother in the back with his claws and they triggers their merging talent. Seconds later after writhing from the backlash of the merge the twin stand before Isaac and the injured mercenary as Voltron Wolf. Snarling, they move in to attack Isaac and Braeden, both knowing their power now far surpasses his.


However, Braeden comes to, and shouts at Isaac to duck, while Ethan and Aiden rush forward with their attack. Braeden fires her modified military grade taser, and an electric bolf hits the Voltron Wolf square in the chest. The merged wolf falls back from the shock, spliting back into two separate individuals. In the electrical flash, the twins however, recover before Braeden and Isaac regain their senses.


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The following day, alongside Aiden, Ethan enrolls at Beacon Hills High School as part of their assignment from Deucalion to gain leverage over Scott's allies and to set a trap for the mercenary Braeden who has escaped. They arrive at the school parking their F3 motorcycles in the school parking lot, then walk the walk through the school hallway. Together the two spot Braeden talking to Allison Argent and Lydia Martin.


Ethan and his brother rally their pack, then all five alphas converge together at the high school and corrall Braeden into the locker room. They collectively attack the mercenary eventually bringing her down and leave her to their leader.


Chaos Rising

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Ethan and his brother are seen at school underneath the underpass and pass by Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski.


The twins are then seen in the library. Ethan then makes a pass at, and makes friendly conversation with Danny Mahealani, just as Aiden flirting with Lydia. It is revealed that Ethan was originally only friendly with Danny to see if he was a possible threat to the Alpha pack's plan.



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At the juniors' gym class, the juniors are out on the cross country track. Ethan and Aiden come upon Isaac again, just before the students start running, and they intentionally let him pick up their presence.


The students take off, the twins running ahead and Isaac has taken their bait. The alpha brothers gleefully rush ahead of their classmates with their prey in hot pursuit, falling into their trap. Once they are out of plain sight, they rush off the track and preparing to ambush the beta, they hide their presence and mask their scent.


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After Isaac rounds the corner, he's lost the twins as they wanted. Just when Isaac least expects it, the twins tackle him sending him tumbling over the leaves and autumn terrain. Isaac lands flat on his chest, then the brothers quickly restrain him.

Aiden: "Ethan, I always forget. How many bones in the human body?

Ethan: "I don't know ... Let's count!" - (Gets a right-hook by Scott)

Scott: "That's one."

Aiden snarls at Scott, while Ethan quickly recovers, angrily snapping his jawbone back into place. He and his brother then face-off with the betas, and all four werewolves prepare for a two-on-two scrap, but are interrupted by screams. Everybody regroups with the class surrounding a deceased teenage boy Kyle killed in the manner of the threefold death. Ethan and his twin share a look, knowing this is a human sacrifice.


Ethan and his brother are later seen at the high school, easily drawing Isaac out with their scent again. A fuming Isaac exits out of chemistry class and comes face to face with the twins. Isaac charges forward but then Aiden suddenly punches his brother and Isaac stops confused. Ethan stumbles from the blow, but shrugs it off and gets right back up. Isaac just looks at them in confusion.


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Aiden keeps on punching Ethan, but he takes the blows not feeling any pain at all, all the while smirking. Ethan's mouth is now starting to bleed with a confused Isaac in front of them. Aiden then slams his brother up against the locker, then throws him at Isaac's feet. Just the the rest of the class come out, everyone looks at the scene in front of them and a concerned Danny checks on Ethan.

Danny: "You alright?

Ethan: "Yeah, he just ... just came at me."

The twins succeed in framing Isaac for attacking Ethan and land him in lunchtime detention. Isaac is to restock the supply closet with Allison. Knowing Isaac has severe claustrophobia, they place a vending machine against the door, trapping Isaac inside with Allison, triggering his werewolf bloodlust. Scott subdues Isaac and the trio decide to get back at the twins.


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Ethan and his brother are both in Jennifer Blake's English class, side by side. Scott sits next to them, grinning. As the class gets started, Scott rummages in his bag getting the twins' attention, and brings out motorcycle parts. The twins piece together the parts are from their motorcycles, and are pissed. Aiden hears his motorcycle revving up close by though Ethan yells at his twin not to do anything now, Aiden runs out of the class. Scott's allies succeed in getting Aiden suspended for apparently having driven his bike into the school.


Scott ad Isaac are feeling giddy for having got back at the twins, when Ethan and Aiden corner them in the hallway, both brothers' expressions murderous.


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Nodding they strip off their tops and merge into voltron wolf, dominating the two betas. They roar, challenging the other werewolves. Isaac and Scott try to run, but merged the two outrun them in an instant, then thrash them around the hallway, roaring gleefully.


Just then, Deucalion silently shows up in the hallway. His presence alone makes the merged twins cease their attack and stand down. The merged werewolf dissolves back into individuals with contrite expressions, while Deucalion uncaps the dagger in his cane. The twins have their cheeks slashed simultaneously, then follow their leader out of the school.



Ethan is sitting with Danny on a road trip with the cross country team. Throughout the bus journey, Ethan keeps checking his phone. He says that he has a sick relative that might not make it through the night, referring to Ennis. Flashbacks throughout the episode show the Ethan and Aiden in merged form fighting for the Alpha pack.


Motel California

Ethan pairs up with Danny for rooms. The are making out when Ethan starts to hallucinate. He leaves the room to go and kill himself. Stiles, Lydia and Allison find him and stop him. The next morning, he tells Scott that he thinks Derek is still alive. He also says that the Alpha Pack blame Derek for the death of Ennis and say that he has to join their pack or be hunted down by Kali.



Ethan brings Danny to the hospital when he has shortness of breath and chest pains. While at the hospital, Ethan admits that he and Aiden went after Lydia and Danny because they knew one of them would be important to Scott. Later, Ethan and Aiden hold Jennifer Blake captive at Derek's loft. While there, they help kill Boyd.


The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Aiden tells Ethan to stop seeing Danny. Ethan reveals the twins past to Stiles and Scott; the twins were the Omegas of the pack, they were always the last to eat and first to be abused. Deucalion found them and taught them how to merge together. This allowed them to eliminate their pack one by one until they killed the alpha together, making them alpha's. Ethan and Scott then stop Aiden and Cora fromfighting each other. At the end of the episode Ethan and Aiden are seen at the concert.


The Overlooked

Ethan and Aiden searched the hospital for Jennifer. They have several physical encounters with Scott, Derek, Peter, Allison, and Chris.


Alpha Pact

Ethan and Aiden along with Deucalion and Kali hunt down Ms Morrell.


Lunar Ellipse

Ethan goes to the animal clinic to ask Lydia for help to stop Aiden and Kali from killing Derek. The twins merge together and try to fight Jennifer in Derek's loft. Jennifer breaks their necks. They survive thanks to Deaton, although they are no longer alphas. They also lose their ability to merge together.


More Bad Than Good

Although Ethan and Aiden are not alphas anymore, Scott seeks them out to help him control his werewolf side. They teach him control and to not be afraid to unleashed it when necessary.



Ethan and Aiden attempt to join Scott's pack. Scott turns them down. The help Scott and his pack find William Barrow.



At Danny's Halloween party. Both Aiden and Ethan are marked by the Oni.



Aiden and Ethan try to gain Scott's trust by offering protection. They help protect when the Oni show up at Scott's house.


Letharia Vulpina

Ethan and Aiden help Scott find Stiles. Ethan tries to save Danny from one of the Nogitsune's trap by tackling him and kissing him in the woods.


Echo House

Aiden and Ethan help Scott find a scroll that belonged to Silverfinger.



Ethan says that he and Aiden might not stay in school. They become controlled by the Nogitsune and fight with Issac, Allison and Kira.



When Ethan and Aiden are trying to find Lydia, they are shot at with Wolfbane bullets. They are saved by Derek despite being hit several times.


The Divine Move

Ethan and Aiden want to run, but Derek convinces them to stay. Aiden is killed. Ethan decides to leave Beacon Hills, California. While breaking up with Danny, he says that he knew Ethan was a werewolf the whole time.