Scott McCall+Season 1

1x01 - Wolf Moon

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Late at night, Scott is working out in his bathroom. He tightens the mesh net on his lacrosse stick. Scott hears a noise outside. Scott walks outside onto the porch of his mom's house with a baseball bat. A person falls, hanging upside down from the upper level. It's his best friend, Stiles Stilinski. Stiles convinces him to crash a crime scene where they found half of  dead body. In the Beacon Hills Preserve where the crime scene is. Stiles is caught by his dad, the Sheriff, though Scott hides. He drops and loses his asthma inhaler. He finds the top half of the dead body. He hears a sound behind him. He sees a wolf-like creature. It attacks him. Scott runs as fast as he can onto the road, where someone in a SUV nearly runs him over. He looks at the bite wound on his side.


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Scott heads to school the next morning. He hears a phone from outside from the beautiful new girl Allison Argent,he hears she forgot a pen. He gives her one. Scott is determined to make first line on the Beacon Hills lacrosse team, though he's a bench warmer. His new abilities allow him to suddenly excell, becoming a sports star attracting the notice of popular girl Lydia Martin but the ire of the competitive big man on campus Jackson Whittemore. He tells Stiles all about his new talents. Stiles jokes he's a werewolf. Scott sees Derek Hale has returned to Beacon Hills. Scott works as an assistant to Alan Deaton at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. He sees Allison outside. She brought an injured dog to the clinic, and Scott puts the animal's leg in a splint. Scott and Allison have instant chemistry. He successfully asks her to Lydia's party. Scott feels his life is perfect, he makes first line on the team. He feels amazing.


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Stiles however, is convinced Scott is cursed, and is a werewolf, and it's a full moon. Scott reacts angrily at Stiles' behavior. Scott sees Derek at the party, and a dog growling at the both of them. Derek suddenly impossibly disappears. Scott dances with Allison, the date going amazingly. Suddenly, Scott loses control and transforms into a werewolf. Scott painfully tells Stiles that Derek is also a werewolf, that he's the one who killed the girl in the woods. Stiles tells him Derek was who drove Allison from the party. At that, Scott loses all conscious control and runs into the woods fully transformed. He comes across Allison's scent. He runs into Derek and they brawl, but Derek is much stronger, but in total control, easily beats him. Derek suddenly listens. He tells Scott to run. Scott is then shot by a man with a crossbow leading two others, and Scott is pegged to the tree by the arrow. Derek saves him and they flee.


Scott is having a hell of a night asking who those people back there were. Derek tells him they are hunters who have been hunting werewolves for centuries. Scott realizes he is cursed. Derek tells him the Bite is a gift. Scott retorts he doesn't want it. Derek tells Scott he needs Derek if he wants to learn how to control his shapeshifting. And so tells Scott he and Derek are brothers now. Derek heads off. The next morning Scott walks out in the woods. Stiles picks him up. Stiles reassures Scott they'll get through this new supernatural situation.


Scott apologizes to Allison for leaving her at the party. He hopes to get a second chance. Allison sees her dad and leaves. Suddenly, Scott sense of smell kicks in. Allison's dad is the leader of the hunters from the previous night.


1x02 - Second Chance at First Line

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Scott’s lack of control causes him an array of problems. He must lie to people regularly, particularly Allison. And his newfound prowess on the Beacon Hills High School Cyclones Lacrosse team is a constant source of danger. While his werewolf abilities make him the best player on the team, the competitive nature of the game, as well as his rivalry with Jackson Whittemore, cause him to shift uncontrollably. When Scott shifts, he is unable to control his bloodlust, which puts everyone else in danger as Scott discovers when he almost attacks Stiles. Scott's protectiveness of Allison and sense of jealousy also make him a loose cannon.


Since Derek Hale is the only other werewolf Scott knows of, he believes that Derek is the one who bit him and is the murderer responsible for the girl in the woods. When Scott goes to the Hale House to confront Derek about talking to Allison, he smells human blood and spots a freshly dug grave. At night, Scott and Stiles dig up the other half of the body and get Derek arrested. They discover wolfsbane at the grave and learn on the ride back into town that proximity to it causes Scott pain and asthmatic-like symptoms. He seems unable to control his shifting, as well.


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At the game, Scott attempts to control his shifting. He holds well, except that popular girl Lydia says she'll introduce Allison to all the "hot players on the team" if he proves to disappoint, her coaxing Allison into cheering for Jackson, and overhearing Jackson trying to sabotage his playing by convincing the other players not to pass to Scott pushes him to the limit. He lets loose when the team is losing, leaping and catching the ball in mid-air and ripping through the other team, scoring the goal. Next, his Wolf part dominates an opposing player to pass him the ball, and throws the ball straight through the opposing goalie's mesh net, impressing his mother and Allison. When he has the final strike in sight, his bloodlust completely takes over. He hears Allison's voice, which pulls him back, and shoots the winning goal. Scott completely loses it in the locker room. He exerts enough control and pulls his transformation back. He sees Allison, but has changed back. She congradulates him. They eventually share a kiss. Scott is completely beside himself with amazement. Stiles tells him Derek has been let out of jail, and that the dead girl found in the woods was Laura Hale, Derek's own sister.


1x03 - Pack Mentality   

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Following a dream about Allison in which he tries to kill her, Scott is deeply unsure about his ability to control his violence, and especially worried that he will hurt Allison. When they discover a crime scene that looks exactly like the dream, Scott is consumed by guilt and believes he really did try to kill someone, even though it wasn't Allison. He goes to Derek for help. Scott learns, using his werewolf senses, he was actually trying to protect an innocent bus driver, but Derek was the one who attacked the driver.


Scott ends up on a bowling date with Allison, Lydia, and Jackson, which is uncomfortable but gives Allison a chance to boost his self-esteem. Jackson reiterates his determination to find out Scott's secret. Scott takes Allison home. Stiles tells Scott the bus driver succumbed to his wounds and has died. Derek eventually convinces Scott that another werewolf, a more powerful, more animal Alpha, is responsible for Biting Scott, attacking the driver and committing the murders.


1x04 - Magic Bullet

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Scott witnesses a woman with Allison's father late at night. Derek enlists his help to find a bullet of the same variety. Allison invites him over to her house. They start kissing, but Scott manifests his claws. His relationship with Allison becomes more complicated after her father catches them making out instead of studying. Chris tries to chase Scott off, but Kate Argent the woman from the other night and Allison's aunt, newly arrived in Beacon Hills and on the hunt for the Alpha, invites Scott to stay for dinner instead. Kate had shot Derek with a wolfsbane bullet the night before, leaving him injured and near death. Scott is the only one with access to the Argents' House to get Derek the cure he needs, a cure Scott isn't sure he owes Derek at all. Scott is embarrassed when Allison admits she took a condom from Kate's bag, but is then ultimately elated. When Derek is recovered, Scott insists that he leave he and Stiles alone. Scott wants to ask the Argents for help, but Derek shows him his burned and vegetative uncle, Peter, to explain to him why the Argents can't be trusted. He insists hunting them is what Allison will do.


1x05 - The Tell

Despite the alpha murdering a video store clerk, Scott continues to try to distance himself from this new supernatural world. He wants to live a normal life and be with Allison. Derek insists that the Alpha will only give Scott until the next full moon to kill with him and join his pack. Derek says he's going to teach Scott how to control his abilities so he can help find the murderous Wolf. He gives Scott a rough time, breaking his arm justifying it will heal, to teach him that pain keeps him human.


Scott has to attend a parent-teacher conference as his grades are slipping because of the werewolf drama. Scott learns that it's Allison's birthday. Allison is embarrassed, but Scott gets she had to repeat a year because she moves around so much, which earns him a sweet kiss from Allison. Scott convinces Allison to play hooky. The two of them cut school and spend the day in the woods. Scott gets a call from Stiles who says Scott has to do something because of everything that's happening. Scott is perplexed at what he has to do. He and Allison tturn off their phones. Scott forgets that it's parent-teacher conference day, and he and Allison return too late for him to attend the meeting with his mom. During the commotion of the school parking lot, Chris Argent shoots a mountain lion which was the cause of the problem. Scott looks at the dead animal and realizes the seriousness of the situation.


1x06 - Heart Monitor

Derek surprises Scott with a training session in a parking garage and warns him that Allison is a distraction but it turns out Allison is Scott's anchor. Stiles figures out that Allison calms him down, which helps him maintain control. The Alpha follows Scott and leaves a spiral in the frost on his car. Scott then has to save his boss, Alan Deaton, from Derek who believes he is the Alpha.


1x07 - Night School

Scott decides that he's had enough of running from the Alpha and summons him instead. The Alpha werewolf immediately puts Derek out of commission and then toys with the teenagers. As a result of his manipulations, Scott, Allison, Stiles, Lydia and Jackson get trapped in the school with him. Scott believes it's his responsibility to try to get them out, so he goes to face the beast alone. The Alpha kills a janitor and then forces Scott to transform. While under the Alpha's thrall, Scott nearly kills his friends, but Allison's voice calls him back. Scott can't explain to her why he risked his life, so Allison breaks up with him because she can't trust him anymore.


1x08 - Lunatic 

Scott is heartbroken over his break up, which only intensifies the effects of the full moon. He hallucinate during a test at school and almost has a panic attack. Scott is made co-captain of the lacrosse team and lets Stiles know that he could smell the jealousy coming off Jackson. Stiles asks him to see if he can detect arousal on Lydia, and Scott ends up kissing her. Stiles feels betrayed and both punishes and tries to help Scott by handcuffing him to a radiator to keep him from killing anyone. Scott escapes and heads for Allison. He sees her and Jackson in a car together and hallucinates that they are kissing and tries to attack them. Derek appears from nowhere to stop him, and Scott surrenders when he realizes he's out of control. He begs Derek for a cure, and Derek tells him that the only one he's ever heard of is killing the alpha that Bit you.


1x09 - Wolf's Bane

Scott still believes he should be with Allison and tries reconnect with her, both for his emotional needs and because they need her pendant. Jackson figures out that Scott is a werewolf and threatens to expose him if he doesn't get Jackson the Bite as well. At a lacrosse game, Scott overhears the Argents discussing the possibility that one of the students might be a werewolf and realizes they think it's Jackson.


1x10 - Co-Captain 

The alpha, Derek’s uncle, Peter Hale, tries to convince Scott to join his pack by giving him memories of the fire. He hopes that Scott will by sympathetic to his cause once he sees how much he suffered. Scott refuses. Scott then interrupts Chris Argent's ambush of Jackson and tells Jackson he doesn’t understand the implications of what he’s asking. Scott claims he can't protect Jackson, too, because he's already having enough trouble trying to protect his real friends. Allison comes to Scott's house to try to make up, but they’re interrupted by Peter Hale arriving to take Scott’s mom on a date.


1x11 - Formality

Scott wakes up in his boss's clinic, completely healed of his wolfsbane infection. Alan steadies him. Scott picks up Peter's presence. Alan is however unafraid of the murderous Alpha. Peter is somehow unable to enter. Peter says there are others who are more defenseless to get Scott to join him. Scott figures out he means Allison. Scott leaves having no chance to ask his boss how he's connected to werewolves.


He comes home and alerts Stiles, but can't seem to find his phone. Scott starts watching over Allison around the clock. Scott learns from Coach he's banned from the winter formal due to his failing grades. He asks Jackson to go with Allison to keep her safe. He wolfs out in Jackson's face when the latter refuses out for his own safety. Jackson agrees, but Scott decides to go anyway. While his mom fixes up his suit, he tells her that he really loves Allison, and she advises him to tell her "anything and everything" he wants. She doesn't know it, but Scott takes her advice to mean that he should tell her about being a werewolf.


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Scott manages to sneak into the formal. He watches over Allison hurting that he isn't with her. Finstock catches sight of Scott. He dances with Danny to make it look like the Coach is homophobic in front of the students. Scott then maneuvers his way over to Allison, who agrees to dance with him before he even asks. The two are soon caught up in the moment, and are swaying together. Scott attempts to tell Allison everything. Eventually Scott kisses her. Allison asks why he did that, Scott answers truthfully because he loves her. Scott and Allison kiss.


Allison takes Scott out to make out in a bus. Allison goes inside luring him in. Suddenly Chris Argent and another hunter show up in their cars. They charge at Scott with their cars, forcing him to jump up and transform. Scott looks up and he has shifted in front of Allison.


1x12 - Code Breaker

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Scott stands on the hoods of both hunters' cars, shapeshifted in front of Allison. He sees that Chris Argent now knows about him. After one last look at Allison, he jumps on top of one of the buses, and flees. He runs off into the woods. He cries that Allison found out his secret in the worst possible way, sure she will never accept him now. He retreats to and hides in the animal clinic. He remembers his mom telling him to tell Allison everything. He listens to animals howling and snarling in the clinic, and makes a discovery. Scott after some time heads out to stop Peter from hurting anyone else. Scott finds out where Derek is being held by howling as they're still betas together. He rushes to the Hale House.


Scott releases one of Derek's shackles and attempts to blackmail him into helping in return for freeing him the rest of the way. Derek demands he get him out regardless. Scott shows Derek the picture of the deer with the spiral carved onto it. He tells Derek his boss told him a person, Nurse Jennifer came into the clinic asking for a copy. The picture is what lead Laura back to town: Peter and Jennifer lead her back so Peter could kill her and become an Alpha, so Peter lied when he said he'd killed Laura accidentally. Derek frees himself from the remaining shackel and tells Scott he'll help him.


Scott and Derek head out together. Kate and a resolved Allison attack them. Scott attempts to tell Allison he was going to tell her everything at the formal, and all his lies were to protect her. Allison coldly tells him she doesn't believe him. Kate moves in to shoot Scott, to which Allison protests but Chris Argent stops Kate after learning she was the one who set the Hale Fire, breaking the hunter's code from Stiles. Chris holds Kate at gunpoint to have her take her gun off Scott.


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Right afterwards, Scott senses and announces Peter, the Alpha has arrived. Peter appears and attacks everyone, Chris and Scott being knocked down. Peter kills Kate as revenge for the fire. Scott comes to Allison's rescue giving her time to escape. He and an angry Derek Hale attack Peter. Peter easily overpowers both of them in the fight. Stiles and Jackson appear with self-igniting Molotov cocktails, and Scott, Allison, Stiles and Jackson, working together set Peter aflame, with Scott giving his werewolf sire the dealing blow.


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With the danger past, and everything brought to light, Allison approaches Scott gently. She stares into his werewolf face unafraid and accepting. Allison kisses Scott, his werewolf transformation regressing. Scott mystified asks why she did that. Allison answers Scott because she loves him. Scott begs Derek not to kill Peter because if Scott is the one to kill his alpha he might be cured of being a werewolf. Derek kills Peter anyway and becomes an Alpha.


Over the next few weeks, in the aftermath of Peter's defeat, Scott and Stiles keep watch over Lydia as she recovers. They are surprised she's alive but not becoming a werewolf. Scott reconciles with Allison. With Scott exposed as a werewolf, Chris and Victoria vehemently forbid he and Allison from seeing each other ever again. To this end, when Chris catches them during one of their rendezvouses he brutally holds his gun to Scott's face forcefully having Allison promise she'll stop seeing Scott to prove his point.


Scott and Allison don't listen however, and recklessly carry on their romance in secret maintaining a facade at school with secret messages and clandestine meeting places, eventually consummating their relationship.+.